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Wild As The Wind is devoted to providing skincare formulations, essential oils, bath salts and skin and eco-friendly toiletries designed to make everyone look and feel amazing. All of these products are designed to support glowing health or help treat imbalances in the body that have led to ill-health.

Many of the talks will go beyond the scope of the products we sell, and will enter into the realms of European and Oriental Herbalism, and may even venture into Homoeopathy and Energy Medicines at times.

And because Hippocrates first cautioned us:

Let food be thy healer.

(Something that conventional medical doctors have all but forgotten, despite having taken the Hippocratic Oath), the subject of healing through dietary modifications will inevitably crop up on a very regular basis.

Skincare and Healthcare Talks and Workshops

Talks and workshops will begin with Rachel Wild in 2018.

We will also be inviting guest speakers and hosts to join us.

The list of talks and workshops will continually evolve to reflect the feedback and requests I’ve received from people who take an active interest in what I’m doing… Feedback is very much welcomed from everyone, so please make your voice heard. Email us, place a comment in the comments section at the end of this page, or go to our social media pages and place a post on there…

Why I’m Doing a Schedule of Talks and Workshops At All….

By Rachel Wild

Rachel Wild Profile PictureTo be honest, I never saw myself providing talks and workshops about health issues. I’m not a qualified health professional, and I possess a pretty healthy aversion to the podium… but here I find myself, in the very late stages of 2017, formulating a list of talks and workshops for the new year…

The reason is… I’ve finally admitted that what people have been telling me for years is probably right… that people, particularly women, need someone like me to get out there and teach what I’ve learned about natural health from personal experience. And, whilst I’m not a medical professional, what I’ve actually done is spend decades researching health issues for myself and my family and friends, putting protocols together for things that have been unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine. In many cases these conditions were not even found or acknowledged by modern medicine, but have come with very real physical symptoms that have made the sufferers extremely miserable, sometimes for years, or even decades, believing there was no alternative.

I’ve taken every opportunity to share my knowledge with practically everyone I meet as well as with friends and family. And, I’ve been happy to do it for free because seeing people recover really has been reward enough in itself…

Women’s Health Is On A Rapid Decline

But, I went to a Bonfire Night get-together on the 5th of November this year, and it became apparent that pretty much every woman present has a serious hormone imbalance. Three of them have PCOS, several of them have really debilitating menopausal symptoms, one of whom feels suicidal because her hormones are so out of whack, and quite a few others are having debilitating PMS or pretty serious anxiety issues… And so, I spent the entire night explaining to all these women what I had done to manage my own hormones and anxiety issues when I was cyclic, and how I had healed myself of hideous peri-menopausal symptoms soon after they started in the summer. (I was having horrendous hot flushes every 20 minutes, and I was losing so much sleep in the night that by the morning I was so exhausted I was sleeping through my alarm and being late for work… so much so, in fact, I had to quit my job at the beginning September 2017. I immediately devoted all of my time to researching my symptoms and implementing what I learned)

So, I guess, in the latter stages of the year I hit a perfect storm, where my own personal health issues seemed to converge with that of so many others, and where my life, as I knew it professionally, was over, and a new, healthier and much less stressful chapter needed to begin.

Of course, I had no idea what this was going to look like, and luckily I had enough savings to tide me over for a while whilst I fixed myself and then began trying to figure things out on the work front… but on 5th November 2017 there was no denying what life was telling me I needed to do.

Actually, by this point, life seemed to be yelling not telling… it was saying, in very urgent and determined tones…

If you don’t start doing professionally what you end up doing socially, and in your spare time, you are not going to have a single moment to relax and you can wave bye-bye to parties that feel like parties for the rest of your life!

So, this is written testimonial to the Universe, and to my friends and family, who doubtless would prefer parties to feel like parties too, instead of the party vibe inevitably falling prey, at some point, to impromptu health discussions and urgent interventions of one kind or another… (I ended up dispensing samples of a beautiful hormone balancing Chinese herb to several women at the Bonfire Night party for example)… that:


I really do!

But, needless to say, my actual research into prospective careers, really didn’t touch upon anything to do with health or public speaking, but, in the meantime, whilst I thought things through, I enrolled on two distance learning courses that I’d been wanting to do for years: Herbalism and Aromatherapy.

(Well… hello!)

Yep, and I still didn’t twig what direction I should be moving in career-wise!

But, why would I? The answer has been hiding in plain sight for many years. Why would I start noticing now? I’ve been a student of herbalism and essential oils for most of my adult life. Simply signing up for a course or two hasn’t changed very much at all, except the course material is being handed to me on a plate instead of me having to go looking for it.

So, even though the answer was staring me in the face, it took everyone else to notice it before I could recognise it myself.

And that’s it in a nutshell…I took my time, but I got there in the end!


The talks and workshops will begin in January 2018 and will continue indefinitely.

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