Talks and Workshop Schedule

The talks and workshops schedule will begin with Rachel Wild in January 2018 and will continue indefinitely.

We will also be inviting guest speakers and hosts to join us, particularly speakers that have been recommended by you, or who we have invited because they specialise in a field that many of you have expressed an interest in learning more about.

Therefore, the list of talks and workshops will continue to evolve based on your feedback and requests. Your input will play a vital role in forming the direction the talks and workshops take.

Feedback is very much welcomed from everyone, so please make your voice heard.

Introduction to Workshops

Wild As The Wind is devoted to providing skincare formulations, bath salts, skin and eco-friendly toiletries and Star Child essential oils, that make everyone look and feel amazing. All of these products are designed to support glowing health or help treat imbalances in the body that have led to ill-health.

We love making these handmade products ourselves, but we also know that everyone is an individual with their own personal needs and requirements. That’s why we are more than happy to run talks and workshops to help you start making your own, very individual preparations, and to help you in your process of experimenting with complementary approaches to treating, (often difficult to treat), conditions.

Introduction to Talks

Talks will cover a broad range of health issues and are all available to both women and men. (We actively encourage men to attend the talks that appear to focus on women’s issues… because, something that affects women will indirectly affect the men in their lives, both at home and at work, and, of course, socially.)

Some talks will need to be serialised so that all of the relevant information on a particular subject can be delivered in a manageable way. Talks will last approximately two hours, with a short intermission at the mid-point. Participants will be invited to have a cup of tea and have a group chat at the end of the talks if they feel like it. We recognise some people feel the need to share their insights and symptoms whilst others prefer to be more private.

Talks will usually start at around 8.00pm and will take place in village halls and rented rooms in commercial properties. If there is a talk that you would like to see closer to home, please let us know. To make a talk in your area more viable it would help enormously if you would get a group of you together who are all interested in the same subject.

We are very keen to hear your suggestions for topics for the talks, so please post your suggestions in the comments, or via social media, and if you’d prefer more privacy, you can always email us.

Rachel Wild has already been approached by the Sanford WI and has agreed to present in the new year. She welcomes approaches from other branches of the WI as well as other organisations.

The current list of talks and workshops includes:

  • Skin Conditions Are Always Deeper Than Skin-Deep
  • Edible Essential Oils
  • Balancing Hormones At All Ages
  • Hormones And Skin Health
  • Diet And Skin Health
  • Type 2 Diabetes and Diet
  • Becoming Menopausal Gracefully
  • Leaky Gut, Causes and Cures
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • The Gut Brain Connection
  • Stressed, Tired and Confused When There’s No Need To Be
  • Depression, and What Your Gut Has Got To Do With It
  • Quitting Smoking Naturally
  • Making Delicious Dairy-Free and Sugar-Free Chocolate
  • Making Your Own Personal Skincare Products
  • Making Your Own Personal Healthcare Products





About Rachel Wild

Rachel Wild is the Creative Director at Wild As The Wind. She's been a professional writer for print and digital publication for more years than she cares to remember. She is no longer a 'writer for rent', now very gratefully, devoting all of her time to her passion... writing about health and well-being and sharing it as far and wide as she can. (Please help her!)

Rachel passionately supports creative endeavour and independent thinking. "The future, if it's good, will see a triumph of quality over quantity, substance over style and give rise to truly inspired thinking born of fearlessness and compassion."

Connect with her on Twitter.

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