“You” Is Not The New “Royal We”

Undaunted & Unelected

Serious Health Alert!The global elites have taken it upon themselves to save the world. And, the mere fact that this decision is utterly undemocratic, on the basis they are entirely unelected, has not seemed to daunt them in the slightest. That, right there, should be enough to get everyone’s alarm bells ringing!

Not a single vote of approval has been cast by a solitary member of the whole human race, but these self-appointed custodians of our future seem to think they have a right to dictate what needs to be done.

However, there’s some very serious problems with that… What a shocker!

“You” Is Not The New “Royal We”

Prince Charles is in on the act.

I actually like him. He’s a nice chap. And, I’m sure he means well… *Thank goodness for T S Eliot keeping us wise to what that really entails…

Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions

Sadly, Charlie really isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, and a life of extreme privilege has hardly predisposed him to an over-sensitivity to empathy for us commoners, and the harsh realities we have to deal with.

And, let’s face it, he’s not alone!

So, it’s not surprising when the elites present what they perceive to be the necessary reductions in freedoms and entitlements, in order to save the planet, they refer to us as “You”, instead of presenting a nice inclusive “We”!

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

This is one of eight startling predictions made in the World Economic Forum promo video below.

*The World Economic Forum, aka WEF, is also referred to as Davos.

***Davos is where the world elites fly to, on exceedingly posh planes, so they can discuss how everyone else won’t be able to fly anywhere any more…

Dovos Has Identified The Problem – It’s Us Not Them!

The Davos elites are looking to fix everyone and everything else because they haven’t yet realised that they are the problem.

Their inability to share their vast wealth to appease the suffering of humanity, and their devotion to the idea that it’s perfectly acceptable for them to own as much of the world as they want, and treat it as their playground, whilst the rest of us toil to make this possible, is essentially the basis of their very flawed thinking…

The estates that these people own use up huge amounts of the worlds resources, but, like any human, they can only be in one place at a time. So, expansive homes are heated and maintained, using evermore resources, but are rarely, if ever used…

They have fleets of vehicles, including planes, which they’ve “allegedly” been using during lockdown to visit their Caribbean hideaways…

For instance, the Royals have a different fleet of cars at each mansion, so the fact the following WEF video states that because we only use our vehicles 4% of the time we should be dispossessed of them, what does that mean for the toffs…? Will the Royals be smelting down their gold carriages and handing over the keys to their favourite ‘rides’..? Doubt it don’t you?

Asti Martini Anyone?

Interestingly, Charlie has been driving the same sporty little number from Astin Martin since he was 21… but, in a fit of the Marie Antoinette’s, he forced the manufacturer to convert the engine to run on WINE, as a more ecological alternative. (You can’t make this stuff up!)

And, the Royal train now runs on cooking fat… which is a nod in the right direction, but hardly the same as Charlie forgoing the ultra excessive, incredibly rarely used train, and taking the same bloody trains as the rest of us!

How Charles Forced Astin Martin To Make His Car Run On Wine And The Royal Train Run On Cooking Oil.

The Fat Cats Are As Sick As Dogs!

Any economic system which creates billionaires is an egregiously unhealthy system.

The two articles at the end of this passage, both published in lauded publications, paint a very grim image of the super rich.

They expose how the elite are parasitically bleeding economies dry simply due to their privileged positions. The articles illustrate how the super rich are merely rentiers who contribute nothing to the economy but have engineered a situation whereby they can extract huge amounts of the wealth for zero effort.

Their input is minimal in every direction… they contribute nothing in terms of labour, and nor are they responsible for the innovation and creativity which drives development, but nevertheless, they consistently extract a lot of the value generated by these things.

And, despite wanting to dispossess us of everything in the very near future, they have actually just got a whole lot wealthier to the tune of several trillion dollars during lockdown…

Something really isn’t adding up!

Want to know who are the biggest landowners in the world? Ah, you guessed it… it’s those Davos boys! Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Charlie et al. Or, more accurately, Bill Gates is the leading owner of farmland in the US, and Bezos is 25th. Charlie, in reality, only owns most of Cornwall, because it’s actually his mum who is the biggest landowner on the planet… with places like Australia, Canada and the Falklands in her pocket!!!

Oh the tears she must have shed when Britain handed India back!

However, the real shame of it all is that the elite parasites don’t realise it’s them who are killing the host! And, that it’s their desire for more and more, which drives them to manufacture never-ending streams of goods, built to fall apart and malfunction days after their warranty expires, which rob the earth of it’s sustenance, using evermore mind-bending ways to convince us we need all of the crap they keep on churning out…

It’s a wonder we don’t all wake screaming in our beds, yelling “Stop it! Just STOP IT!” every night.

Billionaires Are a Sign of Economic Failure :: New York Times

How billionaires extract wealth rather than create it :: New Statesman

Why Is Going To Mars Going To Save Humanity?

Both the above videos have featured space travel. But when has the copious investment in spaceships ever alleviated famine and world hunger?

The reality is, that it hasn’t… of course!

The notion of space travel is the narcissist’s ego on full-flaunt… Not satisfied with entraining humanity to live in digital cities with no freedoms or the right to own anything, and subjugating nature in the same way, (ergo Bill Gate’s vision for agriculture of the future :: digitally controlled without a farmer in sight), they want to conquer space!

Their whole game is all about control…

“Bill Gates Has Taken Control of The ENTIRE Seed Supply Of The World, Dr. Vandana Shiva

And, we are going to be expected to eat non-food, or foodless food, made synthetically in a lab, if Bill Gates gets his way… But this will only poison us!

We need the energetic frequencies from food to stay alive. We also need food to be one of our most important connections to nature, without which we will die.

Vandana Shiva is the voice of reason and passion for life, pitted against the agents of agricultural genocide…

5G Is Not Going To Save Us – It Is Going To Kill Us

I have written many articles on the extreme adverse effects of 5G, all backed up by an overwhelming amount of peer reviewed scientific research clearly illustrating how disastrous 5G is for our health.

I advocate for watching the following video with the sound turned off to measure the full impact of the future the technologists envision…

Did you see humans disappearing and robots taking their jobs?

Did you see cramped ‘smart’ cities, where people are expected to live, cheek by jowl, completely divorced from nature?

And, do you see a future where every sneeze and fart you make will be registered on a central database?

Then I invite you to turn the sound up to hear the audacious closing statement which foretells of a fairer global society where the income gap will have largely disappeared due to 5G.

It makes me want to hurl!

This is such an affront. The reality is the opposite. 5G masts will be erected next to poor residential areas and the children, who are most susceptible, will develop terrible cancers…

Unemployment ghettos will be everywhere because technology will have replaced people in the work place, and the opioid epidemic of today will look like a mere dalliance compared to the drug addiction rates of the future. Suicide rates will also be off the charts.

This chilling documentary explores what is really going to happen… and defines how little time we have to stop it… We must act NOW, or else we face a future that I personally do not want to live in. Do you?

But before you watch it, ask yourself this… “What changed?”

Why did Boris Johnson and Donald Trump do such an alarming about turn? Why did two of the most colourful Western World leaders, in recent history, go from outright nonchalance and ideas of herd immunity to everyone being imprisoned in their homes and now needing to be jabberwoked instead?

Then ask yourself… What do the elites have on them?

This article is part of the Covid-19 Crash series of articles.

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