EMF The Invisible Killer

EMF The Invisible Killer

EMF TowerAccording to leading alt-health authorities, like Dr. Mercola, EMF is a big cover-up story similar to that of the pharmaceutical industry. And then there’s the big cover up stories that the food industry are responsible for, but perhaps not surprising as the food industry is now effectively owned by the pharmaceutical industry… so, no surprises there…!

This is particularly true of the United States, of course… but, US products are becoming evermore present within the UK in the form of Hershey Bars, Oreo’s and GMO, (genetically modified), soy and corn, that are being fed to our conventionally reared, (non-organic), livestock… all of which are causing major health issues… Although, as this article will reveal, not as many health issues as our addiction to staying up late on social media and our total reliance on blue light emitting devices are inducing…

Then there’s lectins, found in foods that are alien to us, which are now permanently available, because we are flying them in from all around the world. But, our bodies are simply incapable of ingesting these foreign foods properly.

These foods, that our ancestors never even saw, let alone ever even ate, are causing an explosion of auto-immune conditions… but lets save this topic for another major article…! We don’t want to lay the blame for all our woes on exotic fruit and veg, whilst, at the same time, letting the corporates off scot free…

Corporations have historically lied about everything, even in the face of overwhelming challenges to their version of the ‘truth’, like the tobacco industry before big pharma… and, of course, the food industry… all churning out their version of the facts, that magically prove their products are entirely safe for consumption… even though big pharma is regularly found to settle out of court, for big money, because of the very undesirable, often life shattering, consequences imposed on the users of their drugs… yes…! All of those ever so safe prescription drugs. (If you think that this kind of thing stopped along with Thalidomide and Operan a long time ago, then think again… out of court drug company settlements are still a massive, if a little un-reported, reality of modern times…)

Back To EMF

EMF is probably going to be the biggest cause of a future global health crises. It is a disaster in the making, and the producers of everything from eco-light bulbs and smart meters to Microsoft and Apple Mac are all keeping shtum!

***This is tEMF article in a series of articles about EMF within the Wild As The Wind Blog. The first article on EMF, blue light and dirty energy, and is more of an introduction to what these things are, and, the third article in the series deals more with the subject of detoxing our homes of EMF.

Blue Light Causes Blindness

We are going to have an epidemic of blindness unless we can get ourselves away from these chronic, unopposed, blue digital light sources…

Dr Mercola

Our addiction to social media, that herds so many of us onto our computers every night, will not only cause endocrine disruption, and induce adrenal fatigue, but it will lead to much greater, and much faster macular degeneration. But it’s not just our addiction to our internet devices, it’s the other sources of light we are exposing ourselves to. Energy saving light bulbs and LED lights are bad news! They produce the short-wave, blue light, similar to our computers and TV’s, that is so deleterious to our health.

Macular degeneration, also known as age-related macular degeneration (AMD or ARMD), is a medical condition which may result in blurred or no vision in the center of the visual field. Early on there are often no symptoms. … It is due to damage to the macula of the retina.


Non-digital forms of light are preferable as they emit longer-wave, ‘red’ light that does not impose such great levels of oxidative stress on the body. Halogen lamps that run on DC within 6V to 12V, and the clear, un-coated incandescent, (old fashioned), light bulbs are best, but it is still best to wear blue light excluding glasses to protect the eyes from degeneration in the evening, because the eyes are designed to be asleep at night and not glaring at computer screens in a sea of blue light and dirty energy.

AC, or alternating currents, produce dirty energy which is bad for us. Energy saving light bulbs are the most efficient means of creating dirty energy, and they place us under a major toxic burden from heavy metals also. Ahhh… progress!

Raging Infertility In Girls & Boys

In the video below Dr. Mercola interviews Dr Martin Pall who reveals an abundance of very scary statistics relating to EMF exposure, not least the almost certain sterilization of any child being exposed to large amounts of EMF on a daily basis. So, children that get addicted to gaming are at the highest risk, but, children who are academically gifted are just as likely to spend a lot of time each day on computers, thereby making them almost as susceptible.

The statistics are grim…

The Danger Of LEDs

I have already written about the toxic load associated with energy saving light bulbs, and the creation of ‘dirty energy’ within our home’s electrical circuit, when we introduce even a single energy saving light bulb into it, within my last post on EMF. But, the following interview goes into even greater detail on this subject, covering the bountious health benefits of things like infrared saunas etc…

It also expands upon the absolute importance of light for our health, even beyond what Jack Kruse has stated in his extremely important interview with Justin Marchegiani at the bottom of the article about Shungite.

Here, Dr. Alexander Wunsch, explains that the body produces 85kg of ATP a day! ATP is needed by the mitochondria in each and every cell in our bodies, which are responsible for producing all of the energy that powers our existence.

Dr Mercola emphasises the stats relating to ATP, and other vital nutrients, to illustrate how important ATP is, starting with the emphasis he places on the sheer amount of ATP that we produce daily.

Basically, he stresses the fact that we are producing 85kg OF ATP A DAY, which, he essentially says, is practically our own body weight of ATP!

He also outlines the statement of fact that Dr. Wunsch makes about how we would die if we had to go more than 15 seconds without ATP, and that when this is compared to oxygen, without which we can live for several minutes, and water, without which we can live for days, and even food, without which we can live for months… so the deprivation of ATP for a mere 15 seconds resulting in death means that ATP is more essential than any of these other ‘vital’ constituents!

Dr. Alexander Wunsch corroborates the insights regarding oxidative stress caused by blue light, which is predominantly what LED lights emit, that Jack Kruse so keenly mentions in his interview, as well as the fact that two thirds of the energy for the body is provided by good light, (sunlight), with food only supplying one third.

The regenerative part of the spectrum is not found in the blue… short-wave part, it is found in the long wavelength part, in the red and the near infrared, so tissue regeneration and tissue repair result from the wavelength that are not present in an LED spectrum.

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EMF Further Reading.

This article is part of a series of articles on EMF and 5G. You can see a full list of all of the articles in the EMF and 5G series by visiting the Household Toxicity page.

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  1. “For a quarter of a century now, the industry has been orchestrating a global PR campaign aimed at misleading not only journalists, but also consumers and policymakers about the actual science concerning mobile phone radiation. Indeed, big wireless has borrowed the very same strategy and tactics big tobacco and big oil pioneered to deceive the public about the risks of smoking and climate change, respectively. And like their tobacco and oil counterparts, wireless industry CEOs lied to the public even after their own scientists privately warned that their products could be dangerous, especially to children.”


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