EMF :: A New Man Made Evil

EMF = Electromagnetic Fields

EMF Tower

The only danger of EMF is thought to be when electronic frequencies heat up the tissue, aka ‘the heating effect’, but this is not the case. There’s a biological impact, which is happening on a cellular level, that is having a clear impact on our Mitochondria, the energy production engines in all of our cells which produce all of our energy, or ATP…

So, EMF’s, aka Electromagnetic fields, or frequencies, effectively stress every single cell in our body and cause ‘rapid ageing syndrome’, just like other major toxins in our environment.

In addition, we have voltage gated cells which are completely compromised by unnatural radio waves, and it’s the failure of these voltage gated cells when exposed to synthetic, or unnatural, electromagnetic fields which is being cited as the cause of the Autism epidemic, as well as ADD, and ADHD, not to mention the phenomenal rise in all neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Early onset Dementia etc…

We can live a couple of months without food, and up to a week without water… but, we last FIFTEEN SECONDS if we don’t have ATP, courtesy of our Mitochondria.

Arthur Firstenberg, author and administrator of the International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’ states “Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution – forms a literature of well over 10,000 peer reviewed studies.”  

Julian Rose, for the International Times

Electro Magnetic Radiation

Please read EMF The Invisible Killer containing a video interview with Dr. Alexander Wunsch, which goes into a lot more detail about how our Mitochondria are being so heavily compromised by EMF and blue light. EMF The Invisible Killer details how our Mitochondria work and how critical the Mitochondrial function is for sustaining us on an essential basis.

Also read the article on Shungite for a lot more information about what EMF is, how EMF works and why we are all being exposed to so many health risks by so many EMF enabled devices. The hour and a half video interview with Dr. Jack Kruse at the end of the Shungite page is exceptionally valuable.

But before you go elsewhere… Here’s a six minute video that everyone should watch!

Anything that adds to our toxic burden will speed up the ageing processes! The ageing process not only shortens our life, but also guarantees we will live in pain and will malfunction, usually in several debilitating ways.

This is a topic covered in more detail in The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness

This is also a very useful read: 5G Is Not The Only ‘Green’ Solution That’s Killing Us

EMF Damages Our Health

So, our safety limits are based on a wildly erroneous line of thinking. They’re based on the heat that’s emitted by devices.

But, it’s now understood heat doesn’t even have to be present, and devices kept in close proximity to the body, as well as the emission of WiFi, which will never prompt a heat response, will have a toxic impact on the human body.

These things will equally negatively impact our pets, and even wild animals and insects in our environments.

Synthetic Electromagnetic Fields

Mobile phone frequencies are the same kind of frequencies as WiFi in that they are not mimicked in nature. This makes them entirely foreign to the body. They are also emitted from smart devices, like Smart Meters and even smart fridges and toasters etc as well as WiFi routers and mobiles… and even baby monitors.

They have even invented ‘smart nappies’ to warn parents that their baby needs their nappy changing. This is utterly criminal!

Children & Elderly Are EMF High-Risk

The thick electro-smog created by these foreign frequencies are particularly harmful for children as they are still forming, and for other vulnerable groups like old people and those with impaired immune function.

The protective covering, or Mylene Sheath, around all of the nerves in our body, isn’t fully formed until we reach 21 years of age. This is why insomnia epidemics and anxiety and depression epidemics are sweeping the world along with Autism etc…

Girls Carry Extra EMF Risks

Young girls are particularly at risk as devices are often held in close proximity to their ovaries, and because females are born with all of the 400 or so eggs in tact, they are being subjected to massive amounts of radiation at a very young age. The damage is dire, as explained in this very short video: (One minute and 25 seconds.)

Boys & Men Are Not Exempt

Boys carry their phones in the front pockets. This is causing their sperm to mutate and their sperm counts to dwindle. Removing the smartphones from their front pockets will allow sperm numbers to recover… but the DNA damage done to the sperm is permanent.

Blue Light Health Risks

Our modern dependency on all things digital means that our exposure to the blue light emitted from the various screens we interface with the internet, desk top computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc, means that we have an exceptional amount of exposure to damaging blue light on a daily basis.

To understand why this is actually one of the key root causes of everything from Type 2 Diabetes through to Chronic Adrenal Fatigue I strongly urge you to watch the video interview with Jack Kruse at the end of the article about Shungite.

EMF & Chronic Ill-Health

If you have been diagnosed with chronic illness, Nick Pineault advises that you install an EMF meter. He recommends the Cornet AD8T, which will monitor magnetic fields and microwave radiation (also known as radio frequency), which includes things like; blue tooth, WiFi, mobile phones, Smart Thermostats or Smart Meters, cordless phone waves etc…

This device will quantify how much radiation there is in the home, and how much of it is internal and how much is coming from outside sources. It will, therefore allow the user to figure out how many devices need to be deactivated to obtain safe er levels of EMF.

Volts per meter is the measurement used to fetermine how much radiation there is in the air. It’s recommended that you are only exposed to 0.06 volts per meter, or less, at night!

There are ways of blocking external EMF; mitigation tools include; screens for windows, and EMF blocking paints etc.

Also read: Detoxing EMF & Environmental Radiation

The 5G Mobile Network

5G is going to be, in my opinion, a death sentence for many! And, the alt-health community believe it will be devastating also.

The plan is to have masts, in cities, on every third to twelfth building so that 5G can be potentially more than a thousand times more powerful than 4G.

Imagine the carnage!

Oh, but it’ll let you download a movie in two seconds instead of two minutes… now, that has to be considered worth all of the chronic illness and slow painful deaths… right!?

Nick Pineault advises us to avoid “participating in this madness”, by not buying the 5G enabled technology, or at least to switch this capability off and never use it.

The experts are saying that the number of people who will become ill due to electro-sensitivity will go up “tremendously”, with a “huge increase in symptoms.”

Micro-Wave Signals Increasingly Deathly

Nick Pineault reckons until the micro-wave signals become “smart signals” and can be generated in a bio-sympathetic way, or, in other words, in a more bio-compatible way, then things will only worsen.

So, cities like Bath and Bristol are becoming a whole lot more stressful since the adoption of 5G. (Perhaps this is why the ancients foretold that the people will leave the city after the red sun?)

The signals are going to be high intensity, short range, and so they will affect the external environments a lot more than the interiors. This means that they will affect surfaces, bouncing off geometric shapes and causing eye damage, dehydrating the skin and perhaps causing heart damage.

EMF & Metaphysics

Whilst, from a biological standpoint, it is easy enough to extrapolate that heart health will likely be under threat, there’s an even more apparent metaphysical correlation.

If people are kept continually engaged cerebrally in such a way that there is very little time to figure out how one feels in relation to all the information, and with rapid-fire queries, there’s no time to sense the answers. This means that the answers will have to come from the head and not the heart, then, of course, the heart will suffer… But so will the head!

The head isn’t meant to make decisions without first feeling which answer is most appropriate individually for the respondent.

To formulate answers using only the head will also completely stress the entire body. It’s a bit like trying to fly a four-engine plane with only one engine. It’s not meant to function in that way and so it imposes stressors on the entire craft that would not exist if all four engines were functioning as they should be.

Long-term stress, that 5G will inevitably inflict, will undoubtedly cause chronic health conditions.

In addition :: Man-Made EMF’s Block The Natural EMF’s We Need To Support Life

EMF & Addictions

And, I also project, (cause I’m a cheery kinda person), that addictions will further go through the roof!

Addictions run rampant if a person’s decision-making faculties are impaired. We are tolerant of about 15 minutes worth of quick-fire decision-making before our decision-making reserves are utterly depleted.

This means that all we need is 15 minutes of 5G, or 15 minutes of decision-making prior to walking past a fast-food joint, or an ice-cream shop, and we will be utterly defenseless against them! We will no longer have the ability to make the decision to refrain from indulging. Instead, we will walk, like automatons, into sweet shops, burger joints and pubs and CONSUME!

EMF & The Etheric Body

As any Physicist will tell you, everything is energy…

So what do you get when you mix EMF, dirty energy and our etheric or energetic DNA…?

Good question!

No-one knows! (Well, may be Jack Kruse does!)

No-one’s even looking into that, because most of us don’t even know that there is such a thing as energetic DNA.

But, d’ya know what? I’d be willing to bet my life that it’s very much a reality! I’m positive it exists…

And I dread to think what wireless tech is doing to us in an etheric level!

Natural Energy

All natural energies are smooth! So, this means that the frequencies that exist in the natural world (read, NOT man-made) are always bio-compatible.

It thus begs the question why we are knowingly developing disruptive, erratic energy flows.


5G Vs Airport Scanners

But, to get back to the strength of the 5G network for a second… just in case you haven’t realised why this new technology equates to a Tsunami of pain for city dwellers, and people who work in the city… it’s best to relate it to the well documented concerns around airport scanners.

5G will deliver thousands of times more radiation than airport scanners, but the difference between airport scanners and 5G is that airport scanners are only an issue for a few seconds once or twice a year, whilst 5G will be delivering thousands of times more radiation continuously!


EMF & Viruses

If you’re really willing to get to grips with the full potential risk then look into the SV40 virus and radiation. According to the lab technician tasked with developing SV40 as a biological weapon, which has been clinically proven to kill humans in 28 days, if exposed to SV40 and sufficient radiation, then there’s clearly a very real risk of death from high levels or radiation that is permenantly in our environments…

And, as Dr. Tent, in the video below, so astutely mentions, the reason SV40 is called SV40 is cause there’s 39 other viruses before that one that showed the potential for cancer when coupled with radiation…

The eminently watchable Dr Tent, has been researching this for decades and has reached some pretty clear conclusions… This video is more than two hours long… but well worth the effort, even if you attempt it in stages!

Not sure you’re going to watch it? How about if I tell you the lab technician in question was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend and Jack Rubin declared that ‘they’ had just given him cancer the day that he shot LHO. Rubin was dead 28 days later. Really fascinating stuff…

(Dr. Tent is perhaps the only man with a mustache that I could ever love!)

But, if you choose not to watch it then know this. EMF is here to stay and it’s only going to become more invasive, and pretty rapidly, at that.

We need to figure out how to combat the ill effects, and we need to do it fast!

There’s another, perhaps more accessible video featuring an eminent surgeon, Jack Kruse, within the article about Shungite. I urge you to watch this one if you don’t get on so well with the video above.


There’s something very interesting about Electro Hyper Sensitivity, (EHS), which effectively means that the sufferer can’t cope with EMF, in that people with EHS are also ultra-chemically sensitive also.

Also, people with mold sensitivities are more prone to EMF.

EMF & Nutrition

Other things EHS sufferers have in common is that they are always Vitamin D deficient. (Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin at all – it’s a hormone!)

Also, there’s always Magnesium deficiencies as well.

EMF is known to negatively affect hydration levels which in turn negatively impacts Calcium absorption. With insufficient hydration, Calcium floods into the cells, overwhelming them as there’s insufficient magnesium to metabalise it.

Magnesium deficiency is practically a pandemic these days… so it’s probably a good time to start supplementing. (I like Magnesium Malate.)

Also, Cider Vinegar is thought to help assimalate Calcium. The older we get the less able we are to metabalise Calcium. So, it pays to drink a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, (ACV), on it, about 20 minutes before you eat.

EMF & Amalgam Fillings & Titanium Implants

Our metal fillings are acting as an antenna for EMF. (some days my two Titanium implants feel like they are positively broiling in my mouth!)

Not only does this increase the EMF exposure of those with amalgam and metal / conductive fillings, but it is also understood to exacerbate the rate at which Mercury leaches from metal fillings. This, of course, equals even more neuro-toxic heavy metals taking the fast track to traversing the blood brain barrier!

EMF & Women

Do you wear an underwired bra?

Perhaps you might want to consider taking it off…?

For good…!?

EMF & Melatonin

Guess what? EMF messes with your Melatonin! If we don’t have enough of it our health will suffer… significantly!

EMF Protocols

Definitely supplement with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium!

Stop being an antenna for EMF by reducing you metal burden.

*There’s a big Heavy Metal Detox series of articles coming to this blog very soon. Please subscribe to the blog if you’d like to be notified.

If you are aware of any great protocols for dealing with EMF then please mention them in the comments… email me, or mention them on social media.

(Clearly, I don’t want you to call me on your mobile about it all!)

Also, look out for my article about Shungite that’ll be published in the next week or so. Or subscribe to the blog to receive notifications of when new blog posts are published….

Until then, I wish you all the very best of health x x x

EMF Further Reading.

This article is part of a series of articles on EMF and 5G. You can see a full list of all of the articles in the EMF and 5G series by visiting the Household Toxicity page.

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  1. “The Internet of Things will require augmenting today’s 4G technology with 5G technology, thus “massively increasing” the general population’s exposure to radiation, according to a petition signed by 236 scientists worldwide who have published more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies and represent “a significant portion of the credentialled scientists in the radiation research field”, according to Joel Moskowitz, the director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, who helped circulate the petition. Nevertheless, like mobiles, 5G technology is on the verge of being introduced without pre-market safety testing.”

    The Guardian https://bit.ly/2Lq8qka


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