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Essential Oils UK

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Essential Oils UK is all about the importance of buying Essential Oils in the UK, from a UK based business.

The dangers of buying essential oils on Amazon and eBay are very real, and essential oils bought through these platforms could seriously damage your health.

Buying Essential Oils Online

There’s no problem in buying essential oils online, as long as you know where your essential oils are coming from. And, if they are not coming from a reputable UK essential oil business, then BEWARE!

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils are all exceptionally high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils, but sadly we are the exception, not the rule.

But, if you are new to Wild As The Wind please feel free to check us out before you make a purchase. You will find plenty of reviews in the Wild As The Wind Online Shop.

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Or, continue to read the advice in this article about how to identify the good UK essential oils from the bad…

Buying UK Essential Oils

Many essential oil vendors on eBay are of Asian origin, who are selling essential oils at extremely low prices. These essential oils may have ‘essential oil’ printed on the bottle, but the contents of the bottle aren’t anything close to an essential oil, in reality.

Essential oils are made from the essential healing constituents of flowers, plants and trees. These healing elements are contained in the oil content of the plants.

Essential oils are often extracted from plant matter by a process of steam distillation, like the incredibly healing, anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory Frankincense Essential Oil.

Other essential oils are cold pressed, from the outer layer of fruits for example, like the immensely uplifting, answer to oxidative stress, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

When these essential oils are kept in their natural state they are immensely healing. When they are adulterated (either thinned down or chemically manipulated), the essential oils lose their therapeutic potency and, in most cases, become toxic.

Adulterated essential oils are largely very harmful to our health, and in some cases can even cause cancer.

Could buying essential oils UK be the answer…? Read on to find out why this is the best policy, but perhaps not in the way you think…

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Buy Essential Oil UK

Are you determined to buy essential oil UK instead of buying essential oil from a worldwide source?

Then, here are the questions you need to ask concerning :: buying essential oil UK.

When I put buy essential oil UK in my search browser can I trust the results?

Does the term buy essential oil UK guarantee all of the results for essential oil will be made in the UK?

When I put buy essential oil UK in my search browser will the results only show essential oil made from plants grown in the UK?

Is it possible to exclusively buy essential oil that only comes originally from the UK?

The short answers to these questions are that you can’t trust the results in your browser to all be from the UK when you use the search term buy essential oil UK.


Does the term buy essential oil UK guarantee all of the results for essential oil will be made in the UK?

No! UK essential oil retailers source essential oils from all around the world. However, Wild As The Wind try and buy essential oils that are distilled in the UK as these are a lot more likely to be unadulterated. Our Frankincense Essential Oil is a very good example of this.

When I put buy essential oil UK in my search browser will the results only show essential oil made from plants grown in the UK?

Absolutely not. Plant materials for essential oils come from all over the world, owing to different climatic and growing conditions.

Is it possible to exclusively buy essential oil that only comes originally from the UK?

It would be possible, with a lot of technology to grow all plant varieties in the UK to make essential oil… but, this would require building hot houses and all sorts of constructions to protect plants and trees from warmer climes from the winter months in the UK. The same would be true for the plants and trees that like it colder than it gets in the UK.

The short answer to this question is, No! Even if it would be feasible, it wouldn’t be economically viable to make all essential oils in the UK from UK grown plants.

If Not Essential Oil UK…?

If we can’t trust our searches for buy essential oil UK then can we trust different types of searches…?

Like, searching for buy essential oil UK on Amazon or eBay?

Alternative Platforms Of Essential Oils UK

Amazon has revolutionised the way in which we shop. Even though reports appear regularly in the press about how badly Amazon treats it’s staff and how it is destroying independent retailing on our High Streets, we carry on shopping on Amazon.

As with eBay, a lot of businesses are selling essential oils in the UK via the Amazon platform, who are not actually based within the UK themselves.

Like with Amazon itself, businesses, (especially from the USA), have set up shop in Northern Ireland, where laws are allowing them to avoid paying tax on goods sold in the UK.

Essential Oil UK businesses have to pay the tax on earnings from essential oils sales in the UK.

However, the cost of shipping from the USA and the environmental cost of doing that, whilst often hidden by the essential oil importers to the UK, are still very real indeed. It’s only through UK tax avoidance that these companies can be in any way competitive with Essential Oil UK businesses.

But, being a UK taxpayer, and being ripped off by these businesses is not actually the worst of it. The leading Essential Oil Chemist, probably in the world, Dr. Robert Pappas, is making it part of his life’s work to bring Amazon Essential Oil vendors to task.

He is exposing how these US essential oil businesses are selling adulterated, potentially very toxic, essential oils via Amazon. Dr. Pappas is heading up a large class action against most of the essential oil sellers from the US on Amazon.

Do you really want to support the Amazon horror story? And, the inhumanity it breeds?

In the video SCAMAZON! – essential oil Scammers on Amazon, featured below, Dr. Robert Pappas names and shames the big US essential oil vendors who are selling horribly adulterated essential oils on Amazon… some of which he proves to be heavily carcinogenic.

UK Essential Oil Businesss

Sadly, even UK essential oil businesses sell adulterated essential oils online. But, if you buy an adulterated oil in the UK you have a better chance of receiving satisfaction as it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to contact the company to discuss any issues you might have with your order.

And, by the same token, you have an opportunity to actually get to know the essential oil uk businesses in person, within the real world, before you commit to becoming a loyal online essential oil customer.

Nothing actually beats meeting with the passionate owner of an essential oil UK business and then smelling, first hand, the gloriously aromatic essential oils they recommend.

As Dr. Pappas makes only too clear, in the video above, it’s very easy to identify adulterated oils by simply smelling them, in a lot of instances.

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Buy Essential Oils UK

Hopefully I have made it clear why buying essential oils from a UK business makes a lot of sense,,, but, perhaps I ought to mention why buying essential oils from Wild As The Wind is also very worth considering.

However, having just made a very sound case for not trusting what essential oil businesses say online, it’s probably best I leave the Wild As The Wind reviews to speak for themselves.

Almost all of the Wild As The Wind blended products use essential oils, and so reading about the efficacy of any of the Wild As The Wind products will reveal that the essential oils we use are of medicinal grade, able to cure what they are meant to cure, and not adulterated essential oils that are damaging to our health.

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You can read about the US law firm leading the class action against some of the leading US brands of essential oils here…

The essential oil scam artists days are numbered. Finally a law firm has stepped up to organize class action lawsuits against these rip-offs on Amazon and other sites that are falsely advertising products, selling synthetic fragrances as essential oils.

Dr. Robert Pappas

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