Hormone Health Part Seven


Hormone Health Part Seven covers the full spectrum of hormonal information… and offers natural ways to counter symptoms.

It highlights hormonal conditions such as; Thyroid problems, PCOS, (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), Infertility, diet-resistant weight issues, dietary related hormone deficiencies. mental stress, and of course, menopause etc… but it also offers you coping mechanisms and healthy non-synthetic, non-pharmaceutical methods of restoring hormone health.

It also deals with cyclic changes and challenges, even down to how to exercise properly within your cycle. There’s also lots of great advice regarding nutritional requirements for hormone health, and it also touches upon the essential oils which help with hormone issues.

Very critically it reveals the importance of Flaxseeds in Oestrogenic deficiency situations, and the associated symptoms of vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse etc.

Find links to the six previous articles in the series, along with subequent episodes on the Hormone Health page.

Mint Essential Oils For PCOS

The essential oils in spearmint and peppermint have been shown to reduce PCOS symptoms. These very cooling oils are great in the summer, reducing temperatures when applied topically in a body oil, as well as helping maintain hormonal health.

Some studies have found that mint tea benefits polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition in women that is characterized by excess levels of male hormones. This is because it has anti-androgen effects, helping to reduce testosterone levels to keep hormone levels in balance.
One 2010 study published in Phytotherapy Research showed that drinking spearmint herbal tea was able to significantly decrease testosterone levels and improve subjective assessments of hirsutism, or irregular hair growth, in women. An animal study also showed that drinking peppermint tea led to a reduction in testosterone in rats compared to a control group, suggesting that it could be beneficial for those with PCOS

Dr. Axe

Hormone Issues In Men & Women

Both men and women can face menopausal syndrome in varying degrees. But hormone replacement therapy is riddled with risk, from heart disease to cancer. A recent clinical study finds flaxseed beats out HRT therapy in overall effectiveness for menopausal syndrome.


At a minimum, I take Linseeds, or Flaxseed every day. One way of doing this is getting into the routine of soaking them overnight and then knocking them back first thing in the morning.

I take up to a good sized tablespoon per day in this way, although many sources recommend up to three tablespoons per day.

This is why I add Linseeds to smoothies, in greater amounts, either soaked or unsoaked. There is definitely a strong argument for taking Linseeds in this way. Smoothies will smash open the Linseeds and release all of the goodness inside.

Wherever possible I take my soaked Linseeds in a ‘cracked’ form by adding them to a smoothie. Releasing all of the nutrients inside also releases all of the menopause balancing benefits from the Linseeds.

Flaxseed clinically tested for menopausal symptoms

Women & Flaxseeds For Hormone Health

Flaxseeds are phytoestrogens that not only restore sanity during Menopause, but also help to restore vaginal health as well. Vaginal dryness afflicts up to 50% of women during Peri-Menopausal, Menopausal, and Post-Menopause, making sexual activity uncomfortable, and quite often painful.

Vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis) is thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to your body having less estrogen. Vaginal atrophyoccurs most often after menopause. For many women, vaginal atrophy not only makes intercourse painful, but also leads to distressing urinary symptoms.

Mayo Clinic

Vaginal Dryness & Urinary Symptoms

Vaginal dryness can happen at any age if there is an Oestrogen deficiency.

Oestrogen keeps the lining of the vagina lubricated, robust, and elastic.

As Oestrogen levels decrease the lining of the vagina becomes thinner, with less integrity, and therefore with less elasticity than before. Depending on the severity, the medical profession term this as being Vaginal Atrophy or Atrophic Vaginitis.

The lining of the urinary tract also thins with a reduction in Oestrogen in the system, which increases the need for urination and can be responsible for an increase in Urinary Tract infections.

These symptoms are collectively called Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, or GSM. With GSM, women may also experience bleeding after sex or vaginal burning and itching during sex, or at any time.

Unnatural drops in Oestrogen can be caused by Chemotherapy and Radiation for treating Cancer, Surgical Menopause (Ovary removal), and Oestrogen reduction therapies / meds.

Some Anti-Depressents can cause Vaginal dryness, as can Antihistamines.

Women who smoke tend to go through Menopause earlier than non-smokers.

Sea Buckthorn Oil has been proven to improve vaginal elasticity and tissue integrity in a recent study.

Here are some natural ways of treating Vaginal looseness

Hormone Health 101

The first featured video interview, in Hormone Health Part Seven, is brilliant for myth-busting when it comes to things like the cholesterol issue, as well as whether women should have six packs!

It really covers a lot of ground hormonally, and so everyone should watch this video interview…. including men… and in some ways, especially men!

It explains how men are progesterone deficient, and what to do about it… (and, it’s the same advice for women as we are all tending to be progesterone deficient too…)

Featuring Patrick Flynn with Josh Axe, this video interview is just under forty minutes long, but can be consumed piecemeal as it covers ten hormone related topics.

It’s a must for everyone seeking to understand their hormone health.

How To Naturally Balance Our Hormones

Here’s another Josh Axe and Patrick Flynn interview that really is well worth watching…

Hormone Health Tests

However, like the video discussion above, it starts by saying we need to have a thorough set of tests done in order to establish the complete picture of where you are at hormonally… But, good luck with that! With the NHS on it’s knees, you’ll be lucky to squeeze any form of tests or referrals from your GP unless you’re wheeled in on a gurney!

Besides, I personally prefer to steer completely clear of all Western Medical involvement. As the first video makes clear, Big Pharma, (the pharmaceutical industry), have brought such an immense influence to bear on Western Medicine as it’s practiced today that healthcare has been replaced by profiteering. This means that you can very quickly be sent barreling off in a really unhealthy direction. A tragic example of this is the regular misdiagnosis of Thyroiditis.

In Hormone Health Part Four we deal with :

Hypothyroidism or Thyroiditis can sometimes be misdiagnosed as Clinical Depression, in which case it is highly usual for anti-depressants to be prescribed.

In Hormone Health Part Two there’s a section devoted to :: How To Heal Your Thyroid & Adrenals… where I explain that Iodine and other mineral and vitamin deficiencies cause Thyroid dysfunction…

…which leads to widespread thyroid problem misdiagnosis, followed by a lifetime on Thyroxine, usually accompanied by yo-yoing weight and emotional states.
The thyroid and adrenals are revisited in Hormone Health Part Four, where reverse T3, RT3, is discussed alongside the issues of anxiety and depression.

Bio-Identical Hormones

The very emotive and controversial subject of bio-identical hormones is covered in the following video. Dr. Patrick Flynn supports my view, that unless you have had a full hysterectomy, bio-identical hormones are entirely unnecessary.

It also makes it clear that, as well as being entirely unnecessary, the consumption of bio-identical hormones is wrecking everyone’s health by fouling up our water supplies…

Human and Synthetic Hormones Now Contaminate Fresh Produce… Hormones and/or hormone-mimicking chemicals are omnipresent environmental contaminants.

We are all consuming that shit!

Peri-Menopause Does NOT Exist

I love this! Patrick Flynn says that Peri-Menopause does not exist!

He says that the medical profession had to make up a term to describe the widespread hormonal dysfunctions being experienced by women… but that it really isn’t a thing…

He’s brilliant on this topic, and you should watch the following video for this reason alone…. but there’s plenty more good stuff in the video to make it worth your while also…

Stress Is Death To Women But Not Men

Not least, the coverage of Flynn’s oft repeated mantra that stress is a killer for women, because of what it does to our hormones…

Stress kills us and sugar kills men… find out why…

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