Regenerate & RestoreRegenerate & Restore Recipe

The Regenerate & Restore Recipe is another incredibly healing preparation which you can easily make at home.

This is because it’s made using a very simple combination of Neroli Hydrosol and Aloe Vera, at a ratio of 3:1

The Regenerate & Restore Neroli Hydrosol and Aloe Vera recipe can be used in conjunction with Wild As The Wind products  like Mineral Spritz and will soothe the skin of those who have a slightly uncomfortable response to it. 

Itching is a perfectly normal response to Wild As The Wind Mineral Spritz and usually indicates you will receive even more benefit from it than those who have no reaction at all. However, the Regenerate & Restore recipe can calm the itching from the minerals in Mineral Spritz, as well as prompting cell regeneration, courtesy of the Aloe Vera within this recipe.

In addition to the Neroli Hydrosol and Dead Sea Brine found in Mineral Spritz, which have a nourishing and smoothing effect on the skin, Aloe Vera also leaves the skin looking very polished and healthy in appearance.

Mineral Spritz and the Aloe Vera in the Regenerate & Restore recipe may have the ability to reduce the appearance of scarring and enliven dull, under-nourished skin.

Aloe Vera promotes cell regeneration.


How To Make Regenerate & Restore

Simply mix 3 parts Neroli Hydrosol Toner (or any other hydrosol toner of your choice), with one part Aloe Vera.

Store in an air tight container, preferably amber or blue glass, and use within three months.

The Period After Opening of hydrosol toners is 3 months as there are no preservatives used.


Place a small amount of Regenerate & Restore onto your fingertips and massage the light, hydrating formula into your skin.

Can be applied to face and body.

Do not wash off.

Allow to dry naturally.

Once dry apply, facial oil or body oil can be applied.

Both FACIAL OIL No. 2 or FACIAL OIL No. 8 are recommended for all skin types, including both oily and dry skin. They are both ideal for combination skin, also.

Avoid contact with eyes at all times.

For external use only.

Buy Neroli Hydrosol, as well as Geranium, Rose Otto etc…

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