Your Feedback Keeps Your Favourite Products Affordable

Who knew you would profit from your review…? But you do. And, you profit in several ways, not just one… here’s how…

Your Feedback Keeps Your Favourite Products Affordable

Review Letter

Have you ever thought what writing a review about your favourite Wild As The Wind product would actually mean? Did you know that it could save Wild As The Wind thousands of pounds, which ultimately means Wild As The Wind products stay affordable for everyone?

Well, that’s exactly how it works.

Any cost incurred by a business has to be allocated to the product in the form of production costs.

Production costs are added to all of the other costs of making the products, then the profit margin is applied. This determines the unit price of a product.

So, it’s hardly going to be a shocker for anybody to learn that the higher the cost of making a product the higher the retail price will have to be.

In this article I explain how one FACIAL OIL No. 2 review could save Wild As The Wind £4,000 and will cover all of the other benefits of writing reviews, of which there are many… I also explain how to write a meaningful review which will have a completely positive impact on everyone… including yourself!

Plus, I really spell out what the costs of relying on mainstream medicine are to you and your family in terms of the horrendous financial burden as well as the very severe cost to your health. Yes, we are paying through the nose for a healthcare system which is making us really sick!

Why Write A Review?

Have you ever thought that writing a product review could have a massively important impact on you, and others, as well as Wild As The Wind as a whole?

Obviously, I’d be immensely pleased if you’d write a Wild As The Wind review. And, potential customers would also really appreciate the improved understanding your insights would provide. It would help them decide which Wild As The Wind products could be really beneficial for them, ultimately making their choices so much easier.

And, get this, your feedback also provides me with invaluable insights about the scope of the healing potential within Wild As The Wind products.

I would NEVER have guessed FACIAL OIL No. 2 was capable of healing Raynaud’s and Chill Blains until Natalie wrote in and said this is precisely what it’s done for her.

I am grateful to every single person who’s taken the time to explain how FACIAL OIL No. 2 and other Wild As The Wind products have been so beneficial on a personal basis.

It’s very personal accounts of what happens when using Wild As The Wind products which reveal the full extent of the healing potential these products possess.

I would estimate that nearly 50% of all of the known benefits of FACIAL OIL No. 2 have come from customer feedback.

Thank You

Sadly A Lot Of Reviews Aren’t Very Helpful

It makes me sad when I receive a review which is largely unhelpful. This is because it means someone has gone to all the trouble of writing in, but, in all likelihood, there will be no way in which I am able to use what they have written because they haven’t explained why their products have worked so well.

This is so deeply disappointing as I know the motivation behind providing the review has been to help others, as well as Wild As The Wind and me… But, unless the reviews provide new insights into the healing properties of Wild As The Wind products, then, sadly, they are of the non-useable variety, and it breaks my heart a little…

Reviews Which Don’t Relate Very Much

Today I received a 5 star rating on Google with no supporting information, and I got another review via email which read…

I have to say how good your number 2 & 8 [FACIAL OILs are]. I have used none of the sun screen only your oils. They are wonderful and natural, thank you for introducing them to me. Jenny x

I love that Jenny took the time to write in. She lives in Clevedon and is a regular at Well Market. She’s one of my most devoted Wild As The Wind customers, and she’s really lovely, and also great fun. I really enjoy it when she, and her friends, pay me a visit. We have a giggle.

Jenny and her friends have also been a trove of information for me. Particularly Jenny.

When she first came to the Wild As The Wind Wells Market stand she gingerly showed me something on her hand explaining all her friends had been telling her to go to the doctor about it.

I told her I agreed with her friends. But, it was clear she was resistant to see a physician. With doleful blue eyes she asked me;

Haven’t you got anything for it?

Clearly Jenny was as skeptical about doctors and Big Pharma as I am, and so “I tuned in”, and gave it a little thought before answering.

FACIAL OIL No. 8 For Skin Abnormalities

Well, you could try this new face oil I’ve been developing, FACIAL OIL No. 8 . It’s immensely healing, and it might help. But, you have to promise me if you decide to get it, you’ll use it for a couple of weeks and then go to the doctors if there’s no improvement.

She agreed, and off she and her friends went.

Two weeks later a very smiley Jenny reappeared at Wells.

It’s gone, she announced.

I was amazed. The growth had been the size of something just a little smaller than a twenty pence piece, was raised with a crystalline appearance, and was multi coloured… some parts white and cloudy, others yellowish or brown, even looking a little black in a couple of places.

Since then I have seen several women present with these kinds of growths on their hands and have told them about my first encounter and what Jenny opted to do about it. They also chose to invest in some FACIAL OIL No. 8 and most have faithfully come back to show me their growths have also disappeared.

This is truly immense!

And… Just see how important a little bit of celebratory feedback has such an important knock-on effect…!

FACIAL OIL No. 2 Sun Protection

As for the bit about sunscreen…

This summer Jenny appeared with the most fabulous sun tan. She was glowing and still all abuzz from her holiday in Crete. Even though there had been a heatwave during her stay she reliably informed me that all she had used for protection against the sun was FACIAL OIL No. 2.

I was a touch horrified by this news, but I was also immensely pleased. Jenny had such confidence in FACIAL OIL No. 2 she believed it would provide her with adequate protection even under such extreme conditions. And, I couldn’t quite believe she was brave enough to try it… but, I’m so grateful. Not once did she burn in the slightest, she told me.

This was such important feedback, as was what had happened to the unusual growth on the back of her hand. So, of course, I implored her to write in about her experiences explaining I am unable to make any claims about the SPF factor of FACIAL OIL No. 2 myself, or about what FACIAL OIL No. 8 had done for her.

My Costs Also Cost You

The truth is, I would have to pay about £4,000 for the privilege of making any SPF claims about FACIAL OIL No. 2. To pay more than £4,000 to make a single claim about such an immensely diverse healing face oil would change absolutely everything for everybody….

And… Just imagine how much it would cost to cover all of the healing abilities of FACIAL OIL No. 2!!!

This is why your feedback is so very much needed!

If I am going to keep the price of Wild As The Wind products within an affordable range for everyone I need to avoid all of these kinds of charges.

And, because £4,000 is only one of the costs involved in claiming the SPF value of FACIAL OI No. 2, the real cost of making a single SPF statement about FACIAL OIL No. 2 is much higher… I would also have to pay a Chartered Chemist to analyse FACIAL OIL No. 2 for the specific SPF value, and as it has has 14 ingredients the tests alone would amount to a lot of expense also.

New labels would need to be designed and printed, which would cost about £500 for the initial order… and so on and so forth…

These are just a few of the costs which would be added to FACIAL OIL No. 2, but already this hand blended beautiful face oil would be rendered so expensive that quite a few regulars would struggle to continue buying it.

It would simply be out of their price range.

Repositioning FACIAL OIL No. 2

I could easily reposition FACIAL OIL No. 2 as a high end facial serum, and market it in this way, thereby justifying the cost…

But, I just don’t want to.

I set out to make the most exquisitely healing products available to everyone, because I know how profoundly important this is.

Now, more than ever, we need to be our own doctors!

Big Pharma Makes Money From Your Suffering

We are being lied to about health in the mainstream media, and doctors, a lot of whom genuinely want to help, are being starved of the tools in order to do so. Big Pharma makes money whilst we are unwell, so they are determined to provide us with products which mask our symptoms, but don’t treat the root condition.

This means pretty straightforward conditions go untreated, turning into life threatening disorders further down the road.

It’s criminal, and we need to make sure it doesn’t happen to us!

This is why I am so determined to ignite within people the interest and an appetite to learn what they need to know about how to maintain their health.

Big Pharma Is Going To Get Even Worse In The UK

I have been writing repeatedly about my fears about the UK being sold down the Swanee in post-Brexit Britain. I knew we were going to be swallowed up whole by a US trade deal, which now looks inevitable and will be disastrous in every-which-way we look at it!

More specifically, the EU has protected us against profiteering corporations when it comes to 1,328 banned substances in cosmetics, as opposed to the NINE which the US has found against.

But just look at this short video to see how Big Pharma has tripled the cost of prescription drugs over the last ten years or so… Big Pharma giants are as unscrupulous as corporations come… and they have already ransacked the NHS in order to make us sicker so they can make their big profits…

In the video you’ll learn things like why private healthcare and the medical insurance based system that’s coming here from the US is totally rigged…

That’s why costs in Europe tend to go down because they demand better mates rates, [read bulk-buying discounts], but in America each individual insurance company does the negotiating so they get no mates rates at all, because they’ve only got piddly-arsed requests, [read NO bulk-buying discounts]… so that means even if you have health insurance you still get stitched up…

And how about this for an admission from the Ex-Vice President of Pfizer, the largest drug company in the world…

We Need To Be Our Own Doctors…

The need really has never been greater for us to take care of ourselves, and the tools to bring about healing have never been so broadly available. In many ways, we are living in very privileged times.

And, I very much hope you are one of the ones who is taking full advantage of the natural ways in which you can help support your health… Not least recognising “prevention is better than a cure”.

Because the latter is very much the case, I have written an awful lot of articles for people to read about how to avoid ill-health, and how to stop a downward spiral before it becomes serious. They are all in the blog and they are all published without charge. I hope you make full use of them.

How You Are Helping Yourself

Sooo… the long and short of it is, if you write a great review the following will happen

  • Product prices stay affordable (even though Brexit is going to undoubtedly cause a series of price increases for Wild As The Wind, they will be nothing like the massive price increases we will see within mainstream medicine.)

By helping other s make informed choices you help to support my efforts to ensure Wild As The Wind product sales, which means I can continue to afford to publish free health advice. This means…

  • You will continue to have access to an increasing amount of information which helps you understand how you can use essential oils to treat most common medical conditions, because I will continue to produce it for free for you.
  • You will be able to use essential oils to treat serious medical conditions, as I will also provide information about this too.
  • You will also have access to the growing amount of information provided by other customers which will show you what the essential oils and blended products are good for and which different conditions they can help eliminate and alleviate… like FACIAL OIL No. 8 being good for anomalous growths, for example.
  • Ultimately what will happen is that I become better at what I do… more informed… more confident… more experienced, and therefore more able to help support you and your health and beauty needs…

What About Those Apples?

Anyone who knows me knows i think Matt Damon rocks… and they also know that Goodwill Hunting is one of my all-time favourite films. I can’t imagine how Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had the insight and confidence to write such a consummate screen play in their early 20’s, and that it sadly took involvement from Harvey Weinstein to make the film happen.

Anyway… The title of this paragraph is stolen from that film!

For this reason…

If I responded to your question;

How good is that apple?

… by saying…

It’s good!

How likely would you be to want to have one yourself?

`however, if I responded by saying;

This apple is exquisite. It’s the best apple I have ever tasted. It is crunchy. firm and fresh, with the most incredible flavour. The tartness of the taste is perfectly matched by it’s sweetness. It’s tangy and sweet and juicy as ever. Utterly delicious. And, I can just feel how it’s doing me the world of good. It’s quenching my thirst and the vitamins are making me feel more alive than I’ve felt all week. I would eat ten if I could!

Yeah, I’d be a whole lot more willing to try THAT apple too.

Now do you see how we need to start approaching writing reviews!?

Then, what if I added;

A good friend told me where to get my apples because I had practically stopped buying them because they were such poor quality. And believe it or not, this apple cost me less than the last squishy, soft old tasting apple I got from the supermarket, and it cost thirty pence less. Can you believe it?

Want to know an interesting fact about apples?

The ones we buy from a supermarket are stored in massive hangers for a minimum of four years…!

Write A Wild As The Wind Review

Are you feeling inspired to write a unique Wild As The Wind review explaining how a product you use is helping you personally?

I would love to hear from you.

You will find all of the help you need here:

Write A Wild As The Wind Review

Thank You

More information also available in Affordable Natural Skincare

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