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Anti-Viral Essential Oils FAQ’s

Not surprisingly, I am receiving a lot of requests for information about anti-viral essential oils to help with Corona Virus / Covid-19… as well as Thieves Oil 2020, and about Corona Virus in general, as well… especially based on new understandings of how the virus is behaving, especially for those with respiratory issues etc… (There’s some great news for the latter in this FAQ.)

Up until mid March I have just been updating the comprehensive article dedicated to anti-viral essential oils , as well as adding information to the article Corona Virus Prevention & Cures, but, this is not an ideal solution for those who have read these articles already. Hopefully this FAQ section will be!

Thieves Oil 2020

I have also adapted the information about Thieves Oil 2020, which contains a number of anti-viral essential oils, that are also antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic.

Even the base oil in Thieves Oil 2020, Nigella Sativa, is immensely healing, and is known as the “cure for everything but death”.

Directions For Use

A lot of these questions I’m receiving relate to information which was already on the Thieves Oil 2020 product page, but, in fairness, the information was a little buried, so I’ve placed it closer to the top of the page. ♥

Usage instructions and contraindications are always presented on Wild As The Wind product pages, or on a separate dedicated ‘directions for use’ page which will be linked to from the main product page.

Answering Anti-Viral Essential Oil Questions Etc Going Forward

So, the information is getting a bit scrappy, and I’m forgetting what information is being placed where, making it time consuming to provide people with the correct links. Clearly, adding information in an ad hoc manner to exisiting articles isn’t serving anybody particularly well…. especially as we are being told we have many months worth of Corona Virus to get through if the worst case scenario plays out…

So, instead of continuing to update existing articles, I have decided to have a single place where updates will happen from now on… HERE!

Product Availability

Wells Market

If, following the updated advice from the government last night, Wells Market is cancelled, would you mind, just as a one off if I could pick them up from you in Winscombe? I fully appreciate you wanting to keep your home separate from business so I understand if not. Thanks.

Miranda, Axbridge

As of Tuesday 17th March I am glad to say Wells Market is is still open to the public every Wednesday and Saturday from 9.00 am till 3.00 pm / 4.00 pm until further notice.

Any cancellations will be notified within this FAQ page.

If / when Wells Market is closed you can still order online and have your items sent to you via the Royal Mail.

I am sorry, but it is in the interest of everyone that I do not permit collections in person at the workshop, which is next to where I live.

So please make it to Wells Market before it closes or order online. Thanks x

If you have a large order, or want unusually large sizes of products please message me at least 24 hrs before hoping to purchase these items at Wells Market.

Your Anti-viral Questions Answered & More…

I have added main headings to help people identify relevant information for their query, but there are subheadings within each main section which you should look out for as you are scrolling down…

For example, I write about essential oils which are not in the Thieves Oil 2020 oil blend, because of the way in which Covid-19 is being said to be mutating.

I am now advocating for people to use Lavender Essential Oil or Frankincense Essential Oil in conjunction with Thieves Oil 2020, for example.

Asthma & Other Respiratory Infections

My brother, in Dover, has coronavirus. He said that it’s not ‘until you try to do something’ that you discover you can’t breathe very well at all. So for people with lung conditions, like me, if you get the virus, carry your inhaler all the time even though you’re in the house.

Linda, Wells

Cytokine Storms

The reason for the poor breathing is because Covid-19 creates cytokine storms in the lungs, and steroids are not considered helpful. However, Olbas oil, and other essential oils like Frankincense Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil and Rosemary Essential Oil etc.) can be very helpful.

There’s also a fair amount of evidence anti-viral essential oils can help stop the spread of flu too

cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs.

Science Daily :: Deadly immune ‘storm’ caused by emergent flu infections

Thieves Oil 2020 Questions

Ingesting Oregano Essential Oil

Hi lovely,

Thanks for delivery today, my boys loved the smell of thieves oil.
Can you ingest your Oregano oil? It’s been highly recommended to take oregano internally so thought I’d check yours is the edible kind!!

Many thanks xx Victoria

Victoria, Bournemouth

Hi Victoria,
Yes, you can take up to a teaspoon [of Thieves Oil 2020] internally per day as an adult, and less if you’re not. The base oil, Nigella Sativa, is known as ‘the cure for everything but death”… you can read more about taking it internally here… along with Oregano… it’s important you read it before proceeding to take Thieves Oil 2020 internally…

Hi love
Thanks for this info… my boys are 11 & 14 so I’ll dilute a little in a oil. Would you say that thieves is better than Oregano to fight viruses etc? Xx

Victoria, Bournemouth

Hi Victoria,

There’s not need to dilute Thieves Oil 2020 any further for your boys as they are both over the age of 10, but I would advise diluting it further, in a dessert spoon of Olive Oil for example, if they are taking it internally, and limit it to half a teaspoon, along with a dessert spoon of Olive Oil per day.

This can only be done for a maximum of 10 days and then there should be a one month break.

Cytokine Storms

I would say Thieves Oil is better than Oregano on it’s own because it’s more broad spectrum. However, I would also strongly recommend adding a little Lavender Essential Oil to it, or having some on hand in case of cytokine storms when infected. It is often these cytokine storms which are killing people who are infected with Covid-19.

Lavender Essential Oil & Frankincense Essential Oil

The cytokine storms, (massive immune response), occur in the lungs, and Lavender Essential Oil or Frankincense Essential Oil are great for this.

Inhaling Essential Oils

Inhalation directly from the bottle of either of these two essential oils will be helpful in an emergency, but they are much better used in large bowl of boiling water, (approx. 5 drops), with the subject inhaling the steam with a towel over their head, extending to the outer edges of the bowl to keep the steam in. You are essentially making a tent around the subject and the bowl.

Lavender Essential Oil & Frankincense Essential Oil

Plus, Corona Virus is now being shown to affect the Central Nervous System… This is really not a good development. Lavender Essential Oil and/or Frankincense Essential Oil are excellent for this also.

Anti-Viral Essential Oils Limit Spread Of Covid-19

Interestingly, there’s also a fair amount of evidence to suggest a number of essential oils can help stop the spread of flu too… I’ve updated the Corona Virus Prevention & Cures article to mention this…

I’ve read to put [Thieves oil 2020] on children’s feet instead…is this right?!

May, Shaftesbury

Absolutely, applying blended oils, at the right dilution for children, on to the base of the feet is a great way to apply them… but not always practical. The best time to do it is before bed, because the feet are exposed and a foot massage is very relaxing. First thing in the morning is another good time from an access point of view. But, not so easy when in socks and shoes etc…

For other application advice please read ::

Thieves Oil 2020

Essential Oil Safety For Babies & Children

Hi, I have had Thieves Oil before which I was able to take a teaspoon of orally, mixed with fruit juice to soothe a sore throat. Can your oil be used in the same manner?

Catherine, Hampshire

Hi Catherine,
Yes it can. The essential oils are at a 5% dilution, and the base oil, Nigella Sativa is food grade and immensely healing for the gut.
I would limit internal consumption to one tsp per day, but you can also add to warm water to gargle. [*Stop after 10 days if consuming internally, allowing for a one month break.]
Cider vinegar is also an excellent gargle for a sore throat, and will take the pain away.
Wishing you well,

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