Best Information About 5G

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It is important for us to share the best information about 5G with each other… and fast! But, trying to locate the best information on 5G is easier said than done…

So, where do we find it?

Best Information About 5G

Since the installation of 5G in Bristol and Bath I have felt compelled to share the best information on 5G that I can find.

This means I’m using my website as an aggregated news site for 5G.

News aggregation simply means a mix of news, just like construction aggregates are a mix of stones.

A news aggregation website for the best information on 5G, simply means the pulling together of the best 5G news sources and putting them all in one place. So, 5G news stories from around the globe can be collected and collated in a compendium. Or, they can be curated, as I tend to do, on the Wild As The Wind website.

Best Information About 5G On 5G Aggregated News Websites

Aggregated news websites can supply news about any topic… but, a 5G aggregated news website is one which predominantly, or exclusively, provides the best information on 5G available.

***Although, just because it’s a 5G aggregated news website doesn’t automatically mean it will be providing the best information on 5G. It just means it will be providing an assortment of information on 5G from different sources, which may, or may not, accumulate to be the best information on 5G available.

Aggregators Are Generally Really Good News

Having said that, news aggregation websites, with a specific focus, (like providing the best information on 5G), are very helpful, in most instances, because they take the leg work out of researching a subject for you.

Not only do they save you a lot of time… but because we are all being given ‘predictive results’ via the major search engines, this means the results we get within our search engine results pages will differ dramatically from the search engine results pages for the same keyword for someone else.

There’s a great video explaining this at the end of the 5G article, which uses the example of Glastonbury Festival to illustrate how news is being used to deliver commercial propaganda. It is based on the fact that, ‘he who controls the narrative, controls the outcome of a situation’.

Read the whole article to understand just how badly we are being manipulated, but learn more about predicative results in search engines by going to the end of the Glastonbury Festival Will Have 5G article, to the The Internet Tells Us What We Want To Hear section, towards the end of the article.

5G Aggregated News

So, whilst not all 5G aggregated news websites will be ideal, it is still better to use them in order to find the best information on 5G possible. At best, they will provide you with all of the information you need in a coherent manner, but, even at worst, they will provide you with information sources you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

Share Your Aggregated 5G News Outlets Here.

Please share your best information on 5G and 5G aggregated new websites in the comments on this page. This will permit visitors of this website to find even more avenues of information on 5G.

As is made clear in Glastonbury Festival Will Have 5G, we are being manipulated and lied to on a grand scale. This means we are all going to have to come together to share news in concentrated portals so that the majority of people will be capable of finding the best information on 5G possible… and quickly!

Time Is Of The Essence Regarding 5G

Sadly, the speed at which we need to get this information out is at light speed…! It’s imperatively important to act now.

Councils have been cutting down trees in our cities since 2015, to ensure a quick roll-out of 5G. There’s been over 5,500 trees felled in Sheffield alone!

As I made clear in 5G & EMF Feedback, most environmentalists are clueless about the damaging effects of 5G… and if the environmentalists are clueless, then what hope have we for the general public to be in any way aware of the horror show that is 5G?

All they know, and seemingly care about, is movie download speeds.!

Share Your Best 5G Aggregated News Websites Here

Just leave a quick link to your 5G news story, or aggregated 5G news website in the comments, or send a quick email.

Please do as much as possible in as little time possible.

Time really is running out!

This is the best aggregated news video I have seen to date. I hope you all watch it and share it as far and wide as possible.

With many thanks, Rachel x

And, what do you make of this as a means to halting 5G?

In Power

The 2017 InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.

Power Watch

Powerwatch is used as a forum for a small group of knowledgeable engineers, scientists and medical researchers who are concerned about the consequences of irradiated ‘blue world’ we are creating.
Powerwatch has been researching the links between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and health risks for about 30 years, and is completely independent of government and industry. We gather information from around the world about EMFs, in order to help the lay person understand this complex issue. We have designed a number of instruments so that the general public can find out what they are exposed to, and have written numerous publications on the latest research, what is understood and what is not known, and what you can do to minimise any high fields you may be regularly exposed to. These are sold by EMFields.

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  1. Provided by Deborah H Jennings on Facebook ::

    “I am affiliated with a powerhouse here in US. Who is facilitating the introduction of legislation on a few states.

    This is her site on the 5G.”

  2. “Australian Telcos Forced To Cancel 5G Rollout In Sydney

    This is a barrister’s advice… and is not light reading!”…/australia-barrister-ray…/

    “5G has been installed, but NOT yet activated in all major cities of Australia.
    A Tasmanian Barrister, RAYMOND J. BROOMHALL has brilliantly found a legal pathway to protect people from smart meters and phone towers.”

    Scarlet Glenn, Facebook :: We Say No To 5G In Australia Group

  3. Hi Rachel, I met you on Wells market last Wednesday, you told me about the article about 5G in the International Times well I have just read it and loved it. We were chatting so much I didn’t buy any of your oils so am going to treat myself now. You’re a lovely lady, thanks so much for the chat and the hug. Hayley x

    • Really my pleasure! It feels so good to help point people in the right direction to find the info they need… and the hugs are fab 🙂 Thanks so much for saying such lovely things x x x

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