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It’s interesting… and more than a little frightening… My posts about 5G and EMF are being shared more frequently on social media sites these days… especially on Facebook, and particularly within ecologically motivated groups.

Some of the people within these groups are already aware of the issues around 5G, but many are not. This is astonishing considering the impact to us and our environments, as well as to the insect populations around the world.

5G & EMF Awareness Is Poor Amongst Environmentalists

If 5G awareness is lacking amongst environmentalists, then what chance do we have of defending ourselves, our trees, our insects and even ultimately our world against these highly invasive, and potentially lethal technologies?

I have written a piece recently, which is thankfully one of my articles which is being more broadly shared on social media, which explains why we are being taken over with 5G by stealth.

The speed at which implementation is taking place, and the level of secrecy around a lot of it is quite scary. But that’s not what is actually frightening me the most at the moment.

It’s the wholesale intellectual heist that the 5G industry is managing to achieve, with their profoundly cynical maniacal Madmen-ish zeal, which mocks us all and silences many… a stupendously agile PR effort, that’s disarming so many who would surely be deadly opposed, if only they’d known…?

It’s the way in which highly influential institutions, like Glastonbury Festival, which are being co-opted by the media and tech companies, which concerns me most greatly… Those institutions who are considered to most fervently represent the interests of the people who would, most likely, be up in arms about 5G if they truly understood the full implications of the technologies.

The stamp of approval from Glastonbury Festival, which is advertising the use of 5G at Glastonbury 2019 as a complete and utter plus, will cause many to not even question the potential threat and dangers of 5G systems… and there are many, many dangers and very few pluses…

Ofcom, the telecommunications ombudsman, has also seemingly shifted it’s heavyweight powers to support telecommunications companies to act swiftly with impunity.

Every EMF & 5G Post Is Met With Jokes About Substandard 3G & 4G Delivery

If I had a living bee for every time someone has quipped about 3G and 4G being awful in their town, or in their house, I would be able to start an aviary!

And, these are people who are members of environmental groups!

Of course, some respond in all seriousness…

Some are shocked, as they are reading about the health risks of 5G and EMF technologies for the first time. Others are more aware, and echo the sentiments within the articles in their comments.

We Need To Educate Environmentalists… & Fast!

Hopefully the numbers of dissenters will grow to create a groundswell of opposition to halt these potentially horrendously dangerous technologies in their tracks.

But, what the people who joke about their poor Smartphone signal with 3G and 4G need to understand is that 5G will never be an issue for thick medieval walls in Wells, or from poor proximity to a mast on the outskirts of Bristol.

What these people need to realise is that they are never going to be more than approximately 100m from a transmitter and the frequency range will be ballistic!

My Response To The 3G & 4G Quips

Like this one…

Given that we struggle with 4G coverage in Wells, I struggle to get too worked up about 5G arriving on my doorstep

That’ll be the reason they’ll give you for implementing 5G, and I promise you, you don’t want it!

They will cut down all of the trees, put up the 5G network, and then people will start developing anxiety and depression, then cancer… please read more about it…

Brussels has banned it and EMF from radio-wave technologies is being cited as the major cause of Autism, which has gone from 1 in 10k to about 1 in 26 in 10 years, in the US.

(I’m afraid I don’t have figures for the UK, but there has been an explosion of Autism and ADHD here also.) Non-5G areas operate at 2.4 Ghz, whereas 5G operates at anywhere between 28 GHz and 300 Ghz, and can be weaponised for crowd control and even for targeted euthanisation.

There has been a 75% die off of insect life across the globe, believed to be due to existing radio-wave technologies… and when the pollinators die, hardly any food will grow, and it’s estimated we will have 4 years before mass extinction.

Satellite television is a service that delivers television programming to viewers by relaying it from a communications satellite orbiting the Earth directly to the viewer’s location. The signals are received via an outdoor parabolic antenna commonly referred to as a satellite dish and a low-noise block downconverter…

The satellites used for broadcasting television are usually in a geostationary orbit 37,000 km (23,000 mi) above the earth’s equator. 

A typical satellite has up to 32 Ku-band or 24 C-band transponders, or more for Ku/C hybrid satellites. Typical transponders each have a bandwidth between 27 and 50 MHz.


That’s Mhz folks!

Not the Ghz which 5G seems to require!

And, all that to transmit 100m into your home, versus the 23,000 miles from space, all of which is fuelled by a bunch of solar panels…

Yup! We really need to be asking a lot of questions about this technology… and what it’s really for!

***I read recently, (but neglected to tag the post, oopse), all it takes is the energy from two hair dryers to send satellite images back to earth.

More Feedback

Some people respond in ways that show they feel overwhelmed by the idea of 5G. And that they are hopeless to effect change. I feel for them. And, I believe it’s why we need to tread carefully, with compassion, and encourage people to feel more empowered within the situation.

It sounds terrible. Who do we believe? With so much fake news about and no one trusting anyone anymore it is very worrying.

Anthony, Wedmore

I absolutely agree… but there’s some certainties within it. The frequencies used are definitely going to kill insects in pretty much wholesale quantities, (which would mean we would be reliant on private entities controlling food pollination), and, because America is already seeing a massive rise in mental health issues etc.

Our 1 in 5 statistic of people suffering from mental health issues is going to increase dramatically. (I believe the current statistic for people in the UK on anti-depressants is between 21 and 23 million.)

One of the most highly recognised PhD’s in this kind of technology, Dr. Martin Pall, believes wireless technologies are already responsible for the Autism epidemic… currently anywhere between 1 in 58 or 1 in 26, are suffering from Autism in the US, depending on what study you read, (it was about 1 in 10k about ten years ago), and at the current trajectory will be 1 in 2 by 2025.

They currently don’t have enough people in the US to deal with the amount of people with Autism.

Whatever the case, we need to detox our bodies of metals, because we are walking antennas, and there is metal everywhere in our environments and food, etc, (many believe from chemtrails etc.)…

Even Organic food is not tested for metals, and it’s being grown with ‘humanure’ in Spain, which is full of Mercury from fillings and Vaccines.

I have long since stopped wearing jewellery as I am very sensitive to EMF. I also don’t wear underwired bras etc… I’m a bit of a canary in the coal mine.

Plus, and this is a big plus… because we are chemicalised and radiated beings, our immune systems are compromised, which, of course, can lead to cancers, which we are seeing… but it can also expose us to the risk of opportunistic infection from bacteria and viruses.

We really need to start asking whether the seemingly deadly flu viruses we’ve been contracting in recent years are any more deadly than before…? Or is it the fact that we are less resistant owing to our immune deficiencies caused by chemical and radiation toxicity etc…

There’s quite a few articles on the Wild As The Wind website on EMF, I hope you find the time to read some of them.

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