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Wild As The Wind is all about making life better. Making it feel better. Making it smell better, And making it look better! This is the basis of our ethos.

But, most businesses are doing it differently. The majority are putting profit before people.

You know it…

And we know it!

Sadly, however, we’re not entirely convinced you know quite how bad things really are… so, it remains my sorry task to tell you… but, before I do… this is how and why Wild As The Wind are doing it differently…

Cruelty Free LogoWe feel it’s all about doing what needs to be done. We feel it’s all about caring. We feel it’s all about taking responsibility! If you feel the same way, then please join us in trying to make a difference! Read this article, and if you agree with it please share it with those you care about so they can know it too.

And, the sad truth is, the most compelling reason why making things better is central to the motivation behind Wild As The Wind’s ethos is because the balance very badly needs redressing.

We believe in being the difference we want to see!

All ingredients and finished products are cruelty free, and use a minimum of plastic packaging. All amber glass bottles can be reused or repurposed by Wild As The Wind customers.

I met you at the Shaftesbury Market last year. I really like what you’re doing, your ethos and also your very well written and informative articles.

Deborah, Shaftesbury, Dorset

The Skincare Industry

There are way too many people choosing to do what they do to simply make money. And, a lot of them are more than happy to do it at the expense of everyone else.

These are the people that will happily, and without compunction, sell you things that have a considerable negative impact on your health, on the health of defenceless animals that are exploited in the process, and the condition of this beautiful planet of ours… usually all three!

We are different…

The Wild As The Wind ethos guarantees that we will never knowingly use:

  • harmful ingredients in our products
  • products that have been tested on animals
  • products that have a harmful impact on the environment

The only corporation willing to improve the quality of their products and their environmental footprint is the one that has been placed under pressure from the buying public. This is why it is so essential for us to become much more aware of the health risks involved in using mainstream, mass produced products that are manufactured with optimal shelf life in mind, thus protecting the commercial interests of the producers at the expense of our health.

The Skincare and Cosmetic Industry

There are an extraordinary amount of harmful ingredients in skincare and beauty products.

Did you know that it’s still common practice to put lead in red lipstick? Yes… lead!!! Yeah, that ingredient in petrol that significantly improved performance, but was removed due to overwhelming public pressure decades ago!

Putting lead on our lips is a ridiculously dangerous thing to do! If the lead fails to be absorbed trans-dermally, (the skin absorbs approximately 60% of all substances it comes in to contact with), then we can simply swallow the lead down with our drinks and food, or every time we lick or bite our lips!

Are you shocked? You probably are… because, of course, like so many others, you are blissfully unaware of the dreadful liberties the cosmetic industry is taking with our health.

Of course, we presume that manufacturers will act responsibly and only develop products that are safe for public consumption… but, very sadly, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, large corporations have been proven to place profit motivations above the well being of the buying public and the welfare of their employees, time and time and time again. And, the reason they’re getting away with it is because many of the harmful ingredients in skincare products are often disguised or hidden, thus, preventing consumers from making informed choices.

Wild As The Wind Skincare

This is why Wild As The Wind is determined to be entirely clear about our ethos and about our fundamental motivations. But then, it’s easy for us to say… we have nothing to hide…

It’s easy to be open and up-front about everything when the key motivation behind setting up a business is to provide really healthful and effective skincare products, and to educate people about the dire practices of the mainstream cosmetic industry.

That kind of motivation makes you want to shout your message from the rooftops!

And our entry into this messy sector could not be more timely…

Big Skincare Brands Are Getting Increasingly Sneaky

Unfortunately, the companies who are intent on spinning massive profits at the expense of your health, as well as your hard earned cash, have cottoned onto the fact that people want to make the healthiest choices for themselves and their family.

They know many people will opt to buy organic over products made using man-made and synthetic ingredients. People, in the main, do not want products derived from petrochemicals.

Did you know fertilisers, herbicides, larvicides and pesticides are also from the petrochemical industry along with a lot of the ingredients used in the cosmetic industry?

And, how sustainable do you think all of these things are?

A lot of the food we eat has been sprayed with petrochemical contaminants… and yes, pesticide and herbicides really do contaminate our soils. Plus, the petrochemicals in our cosmetics also contaminate us as well as the planet. They are not good for the environment, and they’re simply not good for our health either.

What’s perhaps even worse, on top of everything else, petrochemical products are made using irreplaceable raw materials that are running out, which put carbon out into the world when the world is increasing less able to process it due to deforestation and the destruction of our oceans.

So, to answer the sustainability question, the clear fact of the matter is, none of this cosmetic production and food production is in any way sustainable… at all!

And, just in case you’ve missed the wider meaning of the words being used to describe these chemical constituents, anything with ‘icide’ at the end of it means they cause death. Just like the words homicide and suicide etc… herbicides and pesticides, are chemicals which kill plants and insects, (including our beautiful bees, who pollinate over 80% of our food, and without which we cannot survive beyond four years).

Do you think ‘icides’ that kill plants and insects can really be doing us, the soil and wildlife any favours at all!? … Can they…?

Skincare And Synthetic Ingredients

Another thing the cosmetic industry have wised up to is that people are growing increasingly conscious of the dangers of synthetically produced ingredients in our food and cosmetics. They know, given half a chance, we will choose to buy natural products rather than synthetic.

But, manufacturers of preservative laden products, which are also stuffed full of fillers, can still qualify for ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ labelling, if the producers play their cards right. And this, of course, means manufacturers can get away with stuffing their products full of cheap, nasty, and dangerous ingredients whilst charging a premium for their seemingly superior ‘organic’ products, allowing them to cash in on the ever expanding conscious-consumer market.

What is particularly offensive about this practice is the intentional deception of earnest people, who are trying to make healthy choices for themselves and their family, when they would be no better off using the cheapest, nastiest products out there… aside from being a whole lot better off financially, of course!

It’s ugly! And ironic! Who would believe such ugly practices went on in the beauty industry?

Skincare And Animal Testing

And, perhaps the most ugly aspect of all, is that a lot of the major brands are still using ingredients which are tested on animals.

There’s nothing good or necessary about animal testing. The only reason animal testing is required, at all, is because many brands are determined to create new ingredients so they can patent a product on the basis it is unique.

Patenting a product earns the producer the right to exclusivity over it, which can allow them to make massive profits if they are able to hoodwink the buying public into embracing the product on a large scale.

But, we don’t need more and more products, which always requires more and more animal testing. What we need is for the old products to work well and be good for us as well as the planet.

Cosmetic Key Offenders

We have compiled a list of the main disease-causing ingredients in conventional skincare products. You can read about them here: Skincare Ingredients To Avoid.

Manufacturers Of Misleading Skincare Products

The ‘greenwashing’ of toxic products, which are often made using cheap, toxic ingredients, but are then sold as healthy alternatives, are of course, being produced by profoundly cynical manufactures! Obviously, producing cheap products and then passing them off as higher priced, healthy alternatives, which will always command a premium, is an optimal method of maximising profits.. at the consumers expense.

So, to name and shame a couple of big producers who market their cosmetics in an intentionally misleading way:

Body Shop


Dr Organics

Faith In Nature




The Soil Association are running a campaign called Come Clean About Beauty, and they produce a league table which is continually updated so you can keep up-to-date with the producers who are being exposed:

Come Clean About Beauty League Table

What Can You Do To Detox Your Life?

  • Get educated!
  • Research online!
  • Join our blog! Wild As The Wind will be continually publishing free information like this to help you make healthier choices for yourself.
  • Let the beauty industry know that enough is enough! Sign the Soil Association petition

Once you know what is toxic in your home, start replacing it with healthy options.

It’s not just the cosmetic industry that are using really toxic substances in their products. If you are using convential cleaning products you can pretty much guarantee that that every single last one of them is really, really bad for you. And, to make matters worse, they will be even more dangerous

This is why it was such a Godsend when the Editor of The Ecologist Magazine, Pat Thomas, decided to collate an encyclopedia of all the nasties our captains of industry are inflicting upon us:

What’s In This Stuff :: The Essential Guide to What’s Really in the Products You Buy in the Supermarket

Other useful resources:

What’s In My Stuff Website

For a start, you could get rid of all of your chemical cleaning products and replace them with Bicarbonate of Soda, Distilled Vinegar, and the essential oils of Tea Tree Essential Oil and Organic Orange Essential Oil.

Then, get rid of all of your mass produced skincare products, if they appear in the league table, and replace them with natural oils. Using your Olive Oil from your kitchen would be better than using most of the products on all of the expensive skincare counters in your favourite cosmetics shops!

Share This Information

One of the best things you can do to change the dire situation of such widespread use of environmental pollutants and skincare toxins is by helping others to educate themselves. By sharing this information with five people you will have made a big difference!

Please share this article with your friends and family via social media or by copying and pasting the link into an email so that you can share the information privately.

This 8 minute video will make the toxicity of products, and the massive negligence surrounding the reason why these deathly chemicals find their way into our skin and healthcare products, a lot more real…

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