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This post contains some important EMF Videos, as well as list of all of the EMF and 5G resources on the Wild As The Wind website.

Some of you may think I’m obsessed with EMF… (and watching EMF videos), which isn’t entirely true… I’m actually obsessed with bringing the best and most varied information about EMF to readers of the Wild As The Wind blog so that you can make informed choices as to what to do to preserve your health, and that of your family.

EMF’s have been shown to cause

  • Oxidative stress in cells
  • Loss of mitochondrial function
  • Reduction in antioxidants
  • DNA damage
  • Cancer
  • Autism
  • ADD & ADHD

It deserves our attention.


Shungite is a carbon dense substance that has the ability to protect against immensely destructive microwave radiation, commonly known as EMF

One of the most important resources on this website is the page on Shungite. This uniquely formed stone is used for water purification and filtration as well as possessing the ability to protect us from the dangerous effects of EMF.

I’m a firm believer in Shungite after witnessing a lecturer in music sciences, who works with technology for 14 hours a day, stand at my market stall in Wells with a pendent sized piece of Shungite in each hand for half an hour – eyes closed, in silence – open his eyes and gently say:

I haven’t felt normal in decades… I feel normal now!

Head of Music Technology

Essential Oils

Rosemary Essential Oil is considered to be the most effective essential oil in dealing with the adverse effects of EMF. Organic Rosemary Essential Oil enhances bile flow, allowing for better digestion of nutrients and detoxification of things like heavy metals, thereby preventing toxic overload, and reducing our ability to be a walking antenna, although amalgam dental work, dental braces, surgical pins and plates, metal glasses frames, jewellery and underwired bras are all an issue also.

Rosemary Essential Oil also reduces excess plasma Liver enzymes, (our Livers are our primary detox pathway), and is proven to protect DNA.

EMF is considered to be detrimental to the integrity of our DNA, and is splitting cells within organic beings… so everything from trees, plants, insects, birds, animals to humans are at risk. This is why Rosemary Essential Oil is so important. It’s also as inexpensive as Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, which is another one I recommend in your anti-EMF arsenal.

As oxidative stress is one of the direct symptoms of EMF exposure Sweet Orange Essential Oil is also very beneficial.

Like Rosemary Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of the most affordable essential oils, and is probably the best essential oil for dealing with oxidative stress. Grapefruit Essential Oil is also very useful, as it also contains very high amounts of D-Limonene which is great for reducing oxidative stress / free radical damage.

Rosemary Essential Oil Science explains how Rosemary, as well as other ‘Mediterranean’ herb based essential oils, are great for DNA protection. So, essential oils like Clove Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil and Basil Essential Oil are also very useful for DNA protection, for example.

Hormone & EMF Detox is an ideal essential oil blend for protecting our DNA from wireless technologies.

Hormone & EMF Detox Ingredients

Also, read about the health benefits of Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil along with Organic Lemon Essential Oil and Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil. These essential oils are some of the best detox essential oils.

Detoxing Is Vital

Evening Detox Protocols helps you to figure out how to use technologies in such a way that they will have a less devastating impact on your health.

Plus, we need to detox our bodies of heavy metals, because we are walking antennas for EMF. There are heavy metals everywhere in our environments and within our food, etc.

A lot of the heavy metals in our environment are from burning leaded fuels, and leaded paint, as well as burning solid fuels like coal. These activities have coated the earth in heavy metals, and have even polluted our seas to the extent that many health practitioners advise against eating any fish at all.

Many believe heavy metals are also coming from chemtrails etc.

Even Organic food is not tested for metals, and it’s being grown with ‘humanure’ in Spain, which is full of Mercury from fillings and Vaccines.

I have long since stopped wearing jewellery as I am very sensitive to EMF. I also don’t wear underwired bras or metal framed glasses… I’m a bit of a canary in the coal mine.

There are many other Detox articles on this website… just search “detox’ using the site search box to find others…

5G Health Risk Video

5G is already a reality in Bristol and Bath. And this means…

  • Diabetes and renal failure are almost guaranteed in a 5G environment.
  • The risk of heart failure is also massively increased.
  • Also, mental health issues are almost guaranteed.

EMF Toxicity Series

Just hover over and then click on any of the article titles below to read more about EMF Toxicity.

EMF Videos

The following EMF Videos feature interviews with Oram Miller, a leading expert on EMF

*You may want to watch these EMF videos in sequence, so I recommend you go to EMF :: A New Manmade Evil first. This contains a number of EMF videos, but they are much shorter in length than many of the other EMF videos featured in this series of articles based on EMF in the Wild As The Wind blog.

Nerdy EMF Video

The following EMF video gets a little nerdy, but it’s brilliant if you want to see a step by step guide on how to set up your iPhone mobile devices, so your mobile phone and your iPad, to work within an ethernet, or hard-wired set-up, so that you can turn your WiFi off!

Hopefully, your Ethernet set-up will already be in place so that the expense of wiring up your mobile phone and Apple tablet will be minimised. You will need a few connectors along with a ‘powered’ USB Hub, that will essentially push a small amount of power down the connector from the Hub to your iPhone, so that the entire set-up will be powered and therefore enabled.

This only works with Apple devices that come with a lightning port, and the way that it avoids using WiFi… or, more accurately, the way to disable the WiFi connectivity of your device(s)that come with the lightning port… so, simply speaking, it’s the way to stop your devices ability to pick up a WiFi signal, is by putting the device(s) in Airplane Mode.

According to the expert interviewee in this video, Oram Miller, Airplane Mode mode really works. (I have read this is the case elsewhere, via other reliable sources, so I believe it to be true.)

Oram Miller has been featured in other EMF articles within this series.

I hope you enjoy the EMF videos on this page. If so, please leave your comments at the end of this article.

Other articles in this EMF series in the Wild As The Wind blog include:

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