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I’ve been monitoring the financial situation since 2008, and even a bit prior to that, if truth be known. I was aware that something has been rotten in Denmark all of my adult life, although it took until around 2007 before I began to truly get a sense of just how bad things were really getting…

But, to tell you the truth, even I was shocked when 2008 happened. Shocked and appalled…I knew things were bad, but even I hadn’t anticipated, until that point, we were playing the ‘last man standing’ version of economics, which is absolutely what I believe is the case today.

The current form of economics is some kind of gladiatorial fight to the death, originally sugar-coated in hedonism and now flanked on all sides by addiction… opioids… gaming… gambling… food…. alcohol… the list goes on…

This notion of the last man standing, and the ensuing bedlam that will occur if everything goes down, like many are now saying it will, is well articulated in the second half of this very important episode of the Keiser Report. Not only does the first half deal with the economic considerations of 5G, which is, in itself, thought by many to be a potentially life threatening development, (it being a weaponised technology which will be used for total surveillance, as well as delivering punishments), but this episode also covers the situation with regards 5G within the context of our economy and the implications this has…

And my view on it all, for what it’s worth, is… the reason 5G, total surveillance and universal crowd control technology are needed is because they plan of taking everything away from a lot of us, and they will need these technologies to defend themselves against those who finally wake up to what is happening and decide to do something to stop it. That’s when the 5G and wireless tech nightmare will really become complete.

I love what Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity has to say.

He, like myself is tentative around Bitcoin, but importantly, especially for a financial pundit, he says investing in land is important. This is my view also. I believe we should buy land and plant food producing trees and shrubs, establishing a completely autonomous food supply to protect us against the ultimate worst case scenario of a completely corrupt financial and corporate world.

I also believe that people ought to be looking to club together to buy land collectively. More hands the merrier for when this shit show goes down! Land with it’s own water supply is the optimal choice!

I truly believe forest gardening is the way forward presently!

Chris Martenson doesn’t hold back in saying things are going to get superbly messy before too long and that we need to

be physically, mentally, financially, emotionally prepared because there’s some really big changes coming…

Even the best outcomes of this situation are going to involve what he calls “really big changes “… but the worst case scenario is going to be horrendous, in my opinion.

It’s why all of the big money is buying lots of land in the middle of nowhere as far away from you and me and the rest of us as possible. Even governments are buying land like there’s no tomorrow.

We are living in a time where the biggest heist in history has been proliferated against the people… It’s nearly 50 years since Nixon signed away the last stock of gold which underwrote the dollar. It was known as the gold standard.

The dollar is the de facto currency which we use to trade internationally! And, we’re in the final phase of a massive crash. The dollar is worth less than 1% of it’s value from when it was originally issued.

I reckon we have five years before the UK economy completely tanks, and the currency will be declared bankrupt.

For anyone who doesn’t know what this looks like, check out the video below. But, suffice to say, creating money and deploying tactics like quantitative easing delivers benefits to the rich, who get the money first via the banks, giving them the purchasing power to buy gold and huge tracts of land in the middle of nowhere… But, it also creates inflation as you and me watch the price of land and gold increase, whilst simultaneously debasing the currency, because the more money you make the more it instantly devalues the currency in relative terms.

It’s a system which is heaven for the rich, who know that a fiat currency, (a currency without a unit of true value backing it, like gold), will not last long in the wild… so they are mopping up the last of the assets before everything goes belly up.

Dare to declare capitalism dead – before it takes us all down with it by George Monbiot

I also advocate watching the great feature length documentary by Ross Ashcroft, Four Horsemen, at the end of this article, to understand the situation more fully, but I also advocate the embracing of your spiritual journey like you have never embraced it before.

Hopefully, if enough of us choose to do this we may avert the worst outcomes of the worst case scenario, and carry hope of a better future forward with us… So…

It is time to start living life in accord with Universal Law.

It is time to start living our truth and being who we truly are.

It is time to stop squirming, to stop manipulating, to stop blaming and realise, in other words MAKE REAL, the liberation from suffering which taking true responsibility for ourselves entails.

It is time to start coming at life and ourselves from a truly loving perspective.

And, it’s high time we replace the male principle of competing to the death with the female principle of collaborating until everyone feels, warm, fed and loved.

It’s also high time we stop investing in corporations who poison our planet and leave us feeling spiritually bankrupt.

The Americans are doing nothing about the situation in China because they are doing precisely the same themselves…

What Can We Do?

Buy local, create community, learn how to share and SAY NO to a surveillance state by fighting the biggest threat to humanity we have ever faced… that of the weaponised, cancer-giving technology :: 5G.

Aren’t you relieved to learn, courtesy of the first video, that China is decades ahead of the rest of the world in this highly weaponised, infinitely capable technology, which they can use to control the rest of the world?

No? Me neither!

Having thought about it, railed against it, felt depressed by it and even wanting to forget all about it, I have realised that growing up, taking responsibility and working toward spiritual enlightenment is possibly the only thing which is likely to change the outcome… And, on a practical basis, the only way forward is to divest from the corruption and start becoming self-reliant.

I originally thought that getting rid of the financial incentives for the corporations to institute these technologies would bring an end to this madness… but actually, the corporations and our corrupt governments have really stolen a march on that particular angle.

They are going to buy up the land and then bankrupt our economies, and you and me will be put to work, if useful, but, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll happen if we’re deemed to fall short of what they consider useful… although, it’s highly likely there’ll be a lot less people left guessing after the event!

The worst case scenario is being played out already in China, and Australia seems to be fairly well along the road to a dystopian nightmare also. The US are not far behind and then the UK isn’t without a good amount of dodgy tech as well.

Remember when Teresa May got rid of thousands of policemen and women…? Well, that’s why… who needs people on the beat when you have eyes everywhere in the form of a camera at the end of every street?

5G will be able to 3D map your home, and you won’t be able to sneeze without the rest of the world potentially knowing about it.

So, isn’t it time to spiritually awaken and grow the hell up? Isn’t it time to stop feeding the beast and take our lives back?

Know this… there’s enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed…

If we wake up in time to topple greed, before the ability to do so has passed, we can start sharing our resources in much more life affirming ways.

Our news is being censored too… shock horror! The search engines are stopping us from seeing the real story around what is happening to us… so it’s important to be aware of the sources of real news

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I’ve already watched the preliminary interviews with leading research scientists. They are incredibly compelling, and they explain why 5G is deathly.

Sign up and watch the interview with Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH straight away… She is an an amazingly courageous woman with her head firmly screwed on, who relates all of the salient facts!

5G Crisis Seminar

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