Hormone His & Hers 

Hormone His & Hers

Hormone His & Hers is an hormone balancing blend suitable for both men and women. It is a recipe that you can make yourself, and can adapt to your own personal needs.

This oil blend may improve the quality of everyone’s life in the following ways:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Restoring a healthy libido
  • Restoring normal system functions within the body
  • Reducing anxiety & depression
  • Calming our nerves
  • Improving our sleep
  • Improving our relationships with ourselves and others!

Hormone His & Hers – How Does It Work?

The essential oils in this Hormone His & Hers Recipe are thought to help balance hormones in both men and women. Some of these essential oils are adaptogenic, which means they adapt to our unique bodily requirements and only deliver the specific support we need.

It is thought that adaptogenic essential oils work in the same way as adaptogenic herbs. To learn more about how adaptogens work I recommend you read this article all about Adaptogenic Herbs.

Unfortunately, both men and women are increasingly struggling with excessive Oestrogen, and have a tendency to be Progesterone deficient. Sadly, elevated levels of Oestrogen is pushing men to display more female traits, and it is responsible for increasing cancer risk in women in particular. Oestrogen dominance promotes the growth of fibroids, cysts, cervical dysplasia and tumours according to Dr. Axe. Read the full article: 

High-Estrogen Foods to Avoid + ‘Environmental Estrogens’ Hiding in Your Home

Women are increasingly suffering from elevated testosterone levels also, which can lead to conditions like PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

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Xenoestrogens & Hormonal Function

Environmental toxins that mimic our hormones, called Xenoestrogens, have been proven to be causing a lot of our hormone issues. Some of them are causing endocrine disruption, (hormonal disruption). And, some are over stimulating the production of hormones.

I have written a lot about Xenoestrogens throughout the series of articles on Hormone Health available on this website. The following article specifically focuses in on Xenoestrogens and what we can do about them:

Hormone Disrupting Substances & Cures

In addition, you can read more about this in a GreenMedInfo article Weapons Of Mass Femminisation as well as in the Dr. Axe article above

Hormones Are Chemical Messengers

Hormones are a key part of the body’s internal communication system. Hormones, along with neurotransmitters, are how the body self modulates and self regulates.

Messages, in the form of hormones, are sent to cell receptor sites throughout the body, where they deliver messages that influence how our bodies are moderated.

This is where the problems start if you you have a high Xenoestrogenic exposure. Unfortunately, Xenoestrogens lock onto receptor sites and refuse to let go, thereby preventing our natural hormones from docking and delivering their messages.

To learn how this works we recommend you read Hormone Health Part One.

To counter Xenoestrogenic hormonal disruption you may want to consider using Thieves Oil 2020 for hormone and EMF detox.

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Hormone His & Hers For Normal Bodily Functions

Stress in the form of excessively busy lives, insufficient sleep, dependencies on Caffein and high levels of sugar to survive the rigours of modern living all exact a toll after a time… The price we pay is mainly hormonal…

This Hormone His & Hers Recipe helps to regulate the production of hormones, maintaining healthy levels for our gender whichever it may be.

Because essential oils have an adaptogenic action they influence our hormones in a sympathetic way. This means that they adapt to what we need. So, essential oils work to support the supply of hormones where there is a deficit, and they work to reduce the level of hormones where there is an excess.

Hormone His & Hers Ingredients

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Hormone His & Hers The Benefits

Sandalwood Essential Oil and Spearmint Essential Oil are ideal for balancing Testosterone in both men and women, although, this blend is more aromatically pleasing when Sandalwood is used.

However, Spearmint Essential Oil is a lot less expensive than Sandalwood Essential Oil, and still works well aromatically within this recipe.

Clary Sage Essential Oil reduces stress, thereby lowering Cortisol as well as acting as an adaptogen for Oestrogen levels. Clary Sage Essential Oil is considered to be all round the most important hormone balancing aromatherapy oil.

Thyme Essential Oil helps balance Progesterone, an hormone that men and a lot of women are deficient in. Women use Progesterone to produce Cortisol which means that stressful modern lifestyles are very negatively impacting female hormone health. But men are suffering from insufficient Progesterone, so the inclusion of Thyme Essential Oil is important within this blend.

Oils like Ylang Ylang Essential Oil help with stress as well as more specific issues, such as erectile dysfunction.

To a certain extent Frankincense Essential Oil and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil are a little interchangeable as they both deal with stress. Frankincense also has the added benefit of being grounding and able to assist with mental focus, but if your budget is tight this blend will still work very well if you leave Frankincense out of the mix.

Both Frankincense Essential Oil and Spearmint Essential Oil are excellent for headaches, which often accompany hormonal issues. So, if you are on a budget then replacing Sandalwood with Spearmint Essential Oil also means that Frankincense is less necessary in this recipe.

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Geranium Essential Oil is an adrenal cortex tonic. The adrenals play a very important role in female hormone production, but they also affect male hormone health, albeit to a lesser extent also.

The adrenal cortex regulates the release of certain hormones. Geranium helps to support female hormonal balance at times of hormonal stress, such as :: puberty, periods of PMS, menopause, during periods of menstrual irregularities and after sterilization.  Geranium Essential Oil can even provide relief from symptoms of PMS, reducing breast tenderness and  fluid retention.

In a more general sense, because Geranium Essential Oil supports the adrenal system, it provides support for both men and women. Although adrenal fatigue is more common amongst women, men are suffering from it too.

Extended periods of screen time, either at the computer, or in front of the TV, coupled with longer working hours, often fuelled by large doses of caffeine, all rounded off by binge drinking and lots of late nights, all constitute the perfect recipe for male adrenal fatigue…

Geranium is especially helpful in managing exhaustion and chronic fatigue. The adrenals are directly related to conditions such as depression, anxiety and fatigue which are often symptoms of poor hormonal health.

*The gut governs much of our hormonal health. Read about this in Hormone Balance Part Two

*Hormonal imbalance causes anxiety and depression. Read about this in Hormone Balance Part Four.

Also if you know your gut health is compromised then this article is also essential reading: Gut Health

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Making Hormone His & Hers

The recommended base oil for this recipe is Organic Sweet Almond Oil, or Organic Sunflower Oil which is a little less expensive.

As you will be using Hormone His & Hers for local topical application the essential oil content of this blend can be concentrated at a 5% dilution.

Learn how to make an essential oil blend at a 5% dilution by reading Using Essential Oils.

You will need a sterilised bottle which closes firmly to place your oil blend in.

How To Use Hormone His & Hers

Apply two or three drops of Hormone His & Hers onto the pulse points of your wrist. Rub together, as though applying perfume, until the oil is absorbed. Rub your wrists together quite vigorously. The more warmth you generate the better your Hormone His & Hers will be absorbed.

You can also rub oil from your wrists into you Vagus points of your neck as described in Using Thieves Oil 2020 For Hormone & EMF Detox.

Reapply between five and ten times a day, as and when you feel the need.

We recommend you use Hormone His & Hers in conjunction with the intermittent use of Thieves Oil 2020 if you are showing signs of hormonal obstruction because the hormone receptor sites are blocked. Use Thieves Oil 2020 as described in Using Thieves Oil 2020 For Hormone & EMF Detox for this purpose.

Hormone His & Hers Contraindications

This blend of oils may reduce the ability of your blood to clot so it should not be used by Hemophiliacs and those on blood thinning medications.

Not to be used by children aged 14 years or younger.

Not to be used when pregnant.

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The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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