Organic Essential Oil Health Benefits

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This article explores the health benefits of organic essential oils on three levels of our being… our mind, body and spirit.

Organic essential oils heal on every level… energetically, physically and emotionally

Organic Essential Oil Health Benefits

Health is an Anglo Saxon word meaning whole or wholeness.

The more whole we are the higher our vibration. Healing is a process through which we remove energetic impediments, allowing our bodies to function freely, unencumbered by energetic stockades and barriers. Only when our energy runs freely will our vibration become elevated.

Physical blockages will always represent energy stagnation points, and these will, in turn, reflect restrictive thought patterns such as judgements and self-limiting beliefs.Fixed thought processes and fear based ideas, stultify and strangulate instead of feeding growth and expansion.

Love liberates all. There’s no room for judgement and narrow mindedness within unconditional love. And, it’s the unconditional loving energy of Organic Rose Essential Oil which helps us to heal our hearts.

Organic Essential Oils & Unhealthy Diets

Organic essential oils can go a long way towards helping us heal, but, even the most pure essential oils can’t make up for a bad, consistently nutrient deficient diet.

Gut health is critical for our wellbeing… and poor gut health will lead to health issues in all aspects of our being. This means we need to keep our microbiome as diverse and well populated as possible.

Gut health is compromised by fear and judgement.

Stress is the ultimate killer.

Energetic Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils

The true health benefits of organic essential oils can be felt on every level; mind, body, spirit.

As already mentioned the health benefits of organic essential oils on our energy bodies go onto impact the rest of our being.

***The energetic essential oil health benefits are the spiritual health benefits of organic essential oils.

All essential oils exert different energies and health benefits. For example, Rose Otto Essential Oil, like Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil are both clinically proven to be uplifting simply through being inhaled. But, they work very differently…

Rose Otto Essential Oil is very sophisticated, but retains it’s clarity, whereas Sweet Orange Essential Oil is the epitome of simplicity, which achieves an easy clarity.

The vibration of Sweet Orange Essential Oil is similar to that of a child. It is filled with optimism and innocence, especially one which is endlessly inquisitive. There’s nothing more life affirming than the outlook of a child.

The healing benefits of Sweet Orange Essential Oil are therefore profound for the world-weary and jaded soul.

Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils For The Mind

We live in a very rational world, where everything must be deduced.

We spend endless hours de-liberating on matters of great import… After all, ours is a world that scoffs at the intuitive, somehow raising the burden of proof aloft, like some crazy-heavy trophy, which would so easily crush the flimsy, ephemeral, intuitive insight into etheric, quantum mush…

The mud-thumping, clod-hopping Newtonians have seized the microphone, and the intuitives know, intuitively, they won’t be quieted until they’ve yelled themselves totally hoarse.

We have perhaps not needed the wonderful soothing influences of Frankincense Essential Oil or Elemi Essential Oil so much, as we do now, to cool our overtaxed minds.

Also useful for the mind are Helichrysum Essential Oil and Vetivert Essential Oil.

Health Benefits Of Organic Essential Oils For The Body

Essential oils lend themselves very well to Massage and other physical therapies, like Osteopathy, etc…

The more pungent oils like Peppermint Essential Oil and Wintergreen Essential Oil exert a very physical healing influence on our overtaxed bodies.

Wintergreen Essential Oil is the active constituent in Deep Heat from sprains and pulled muscles, and Peppermint Essential Oil is brilliant for digestive health as well as for it’s cooling properties.

All Organic Essential Oils confer healing benefits on the body.

Our hormonal health can benefit greatly from essential oils, and there are quite a few essential oils which will help with all manner of pain, from the use of Organic Lavender Essential Oil for migraines and Frankincense Essential Oil for inflammatory conditions like Arthritis.

Inflammation is the precursor to every serious, (read terminal), condition we will ever contract, and inflammation always stems physically from the gut.

The quarrelsome mind and disturbances of the spirit have a negative impact on the gut, so it is important to heal the emotional and spiritual elements of what ails us if we wish to physically improve the condition of the gut.

This is why the healing benefits of essential oils are so potent. Because they work on all levels, organic essential oils possess many healing benefits for a great many conditions.

Grief Goes To The Lungs

Essential oils for the respiratory system are vitally important. Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil and Frankincense Essential Oil are just a few of the healing organic essential oils which will address respiratory conditions.

Fear & Anger Go To The Liver

The citrus oils are great for Liver health. In fact, I refer to Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil as the Torso Trio, in my article entitled Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss + Digestive & Liver Health, because they are so adept at supporting the Liver as well as gut health.

It is nigh on impossible to have gut health if we do not first have good Liver health.

Organic Essential Oil Health Benefits Vs Conventionally Grown

Organic essential oils are made from plants which have been grown in soil that is alive with microbes. A teaspoon of healthy soil has more microbes in it than there are people on planet earth.

Crops grown in soil repeatedly dowsed in petrochemicals: herbicides, fungicides, lavicides, pesticides etc, are growing in soil that is dead as a doorpost.

Also, Organic farmers replenish their soil, feeding nutrients back into it which will be absorbed by the next lot of plants to be grown in it.

Plants that have the natural nutrients they need to thrive will be happier, whereas the plants grown amid all of the toxic chemicals will be stressed.

Stressed plants will have different energetic profiles to those grown more naturally.

Organic Essential Oil Health Benefit Limitations

Organic essential oils are not screened for heavy metals. Some organic essential oils are cold pressed from the skins of the fruit, and so these essential oils may be contaminated with heavy metals.

Heavy metals are extremely toxic. They are especially neurotoxic, which really isn’t great.

However, cold pressed conventionally grown essential oils are going to also contain a very high percentage of chemical pesticides and such… So, organic essential oils are certainly the better choice.


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Penny Price.

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