Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto Essential Oil possesses many healing abiities and has been used to support and treat multiple conditions throughout the ages. In addition to it’s successful track record where common medical conditions are concerned, it has also been used in an array of natural beauty products. Rose Essential Oil is very much a Mind, Body, Spirit Essence, with scientific proof supporting it’s ability to heal us within all aspects of our being.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil

In January I went to Sophia to meet with the producer of my Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil… an unassuming man with a very big heart. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Price in 2016, for heading up a UN delegation to Afghanistan to plant Roses, he succeeded in providing a viable alternative to Poppy production in that war-torn country. He is a man of profound compassion, courage and conviction.

Whilst in Sophia I bought some phenomenal Organic Rose Essential Oil, along with some beautiful Wildcrafted Rosehip Oil, made from the Rosa Canina which grows wild throughout his organic estate.

I also bought some phenomenal Organic Pine Essential Oil as well as Wildcrafted Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil, the kind of which I had previously only ever dreamed of, alongside a goodly consignment of Organic Lavender Essential Oil which also beats comparison.

In my experience, it is vital to take this level of care when selecting ingredients.

Rachel Wild

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In This Article:

  • Health and Skincare Benefits Of Rose Otto Essential Oil
  • Rose Essential Oil Skincare Benefits
  • Rose Otto Oil Benefits
    Rose Otto Essential Oil Vibration
  • The Main Constituents Of Rose Oil:
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil Safety
  • Health Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil
  • Rose Oil & Mental Health
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil Is Profoundly Antibacterial & Antimicrobial
  • Rose Otto Essential Oil & Skincare
  • Rose Damascene Essential Oil
  • Rose Otto Oil Uk
  • FACIAL OIL No. 2
  • Rose Hydrosol Cleanser

Health and Skincare Benefits Of Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Oil improves Acne and other skin conditions. It balances hormones, boosts libido, fights infection, promotes circulation, aids digestion, relieves anxiety and fights depression. It also possesses tumour reducing compounds that are said to fight cancer.

Rose Essential Oil has also been shown to ease menstrual symptoms and promote healing in the body.

As with Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Rose Otto Essential Oil has been scientifically proven to promote a relaxing, and uplifting effect on the user.

Flavonoids in Rose Otto Essential Oil, including free radical-scavenging antioxidant compounds, when inhaled, have been shown to induce protective effects on oxidative stress caused by depression.

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Rose Essential Oil Skincare Benefits

Rose Otto Essential Oil possesses many important skincare benefits. As with Frankincense Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil contains the constituent Farnesol.

Farnesol [has] beneficial effects such as preventing cancer, stress relief, treating colds and flu, getting rid of pimples, and [providing] help for arthritis, wrinkles, and thinning hair.

Farnesol, an acyclic sesquiterpene alcohol, is predominantly found in essential oils of various plants in nature. It has been reported to exhibit anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects, and also alleviate allergic asthma, gliosis, and edema. In numerous tumor cell lines, farnesol can modulate various tumorigenic proteins and/or modulates diverse signal transduction cascades. It can also induce apoptosis and downregulate cell proliferation, angiogenesis, and cell survival.


Farnesol also promotes the production of collagen, which gives the skin a plump and youthful appearance.

Rose Otto Health Benefits

Rose Otto Essential Oil works on all levels; the body, the mind, and the spirit.

The energy of Rose Essential Oil is profoundly soothing to the heart, instantly imparting feelings of well-being, whilst the physical elements of this tremendously healing oil bring greater integrity to our physical bodies. The mind, betwixt the two, benefits from both directions, and relaxes into a state of ease and abundance.

Rose is the flower of abundance, our true state of being.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil Vibration

The vibration of Rose Otto Essential Oil is the highest of all essential oils.

It oscillates at 320 megahertz.

All illness oscillates at below 50 megahertz, which is probably why Rose Essential Oil is so healing for the body.

The Main Constituents Of Rose Oil:

  • Citronellyl Acetate :: Provides roses with their beautiful aroma.
  • Citronellol :: the constituent in Citronella Essential Oil that makes it an effective mosquito repellent.
  • Geraniol :: the incredibly potent phytochemical that makes geranium and thyme incredibly healing.
  • Nerol :: Also present in Hops and Lemongrass Essential Oil providing them with an antibiotic action.
  • Eugenol :: Probably the most powerful antioxidant substance in existence, with Clove Oil possessing the highest amounts of all oils.
  • Farnesol :: Also found in Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, and Orange Blossom oils which promotes collagen, and just happens to be an harmless pesticide!
  • Methyleugenol :: Provides local antiseptic and anaesthetic effects, and is also a component of Lemon Balm and Cinnamon Essential Oils.

Fragrance inhalation of patchouli and rose oil reduce sympathetic nervous system activity by 40%; rose oil reduces adrenaline concentrations by 30%.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil Safety

Rose Otto Essential Oil should not be used during pregnancy as Rose Oil is an emmenagogue, or abortifacient, which stimulates blood flow in the pelvic area. An emmenagogue is a constituent which promotes menstruation when consumed.

Health Benefits Of Rose Essential Oil

Surely the most healing elements of a Rose are it’s appearance and then it’s scent? I am utterly transported by the look and fragrance of some of my roses… they are utterly sublime. With every glance and every whaft I feel they are ecstatically telling me of their Divinity… and mine… singing about the absolute truth of hope, and being practically an embodiment of Love, one of it’s infinite incarnations… and, perhaps the most joyful… with me being yet another… and, in that moment, perhaps the most grateful…?

When I am infilled with it’s essence I am at one with creation itself… now, if that isn’t healing I don’t know what is.

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Rose Oil & Mental Health

It is little wonder that Rose Otto Essential Oil can treat depression. It does not require any imagination to envision how Rose Otto Essential Oil lifts the spirits and stills the mind. It surely can do this by simply flooding our senses with so much beauty, both visually and olfactorily, that it distracts from the dreary and terror-filled misery of that darkened state.

Anxiety is also lessened by Rose Otto Essential Oil, but as health is the Anglo Saxon word for whole, it’s vital to look at the complete picture and not depend too heavily on Rose Otto to do all of the heavy lifting… It is vital that we look to ourselves to take responsibility for the things that we are doing that may be detrimental to our health… even if we are presently unconscious of what these things may be…

Essential Oils Anxiety & Depression

One thing is almost certain, (but, the exception obviously proves the rule), and that is we, almost certainly need to heal our digestion by adapting our diet, (I advocate the Steven R Gundry Protocol with lots of bone broth, fermented foods and the occasional probiotics – the more the diverse the probiotic, the better), and I also advocate long walks in nature to sooth and tone the digestive tract, whilst also reducing our overall stress, which will do as much to heal our gut as the correct diet will.

Last, but certainly not least, we need SUNSHINE!!!

Rose Otto Essential Oil Is Profoundly Antibacterial & Antimicrobial

Scientific studies have shown Rose Otto Essential Oil to be a potent antibacterial agent, even at very minuscule dilutions. In one study conducted in China, at just a 0.25% dilution, Rose Otto was able to destroy 100% of the bacteria which causes Acne after only five minutes.

Thyme Essential Oil and Cinnamon Essential Oil also performed well, but I would only consider using these essential oils for Acne found on the body, and where Cinnamon Essential Oil is concerned, I would advocate using it very sparingly.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil & Skincare

In addition, Rose Otto Essential Oil has also been scientifically proven to improve skin permeation, which means that, when it is present in a skincare blend, it helps to carry itself and other substances into our skin. But beware, this offers a dark application as well as one filled with light!

If Rose Oil is added to preparations containing skincare ingredients that are best avoided, then it will definitely be a slave of the Dark Side, helping toxic substances to invade our bodies, disrupting our subtle and delicate systems, making us sick over time.

And that’s the thing… even if you feel fine today… and, in ten years time all appears okay… you’ve got to remember that all of those toxins are just adding a more weighty burden to our immune and lymphatic systems, until, one day, our bodies primary communication and elimination highways collapse under the sheer volume of these evil invaders… Which essentially means that our bodies fail…

But, the reverse is true when Rose Otto Essential Oil is employed by the Light Workers! Rose Oil raises aloft the beautiful natural ingredients in nature-filled preparations, and processes them into our bodies where they perform an orchestrated avalanche of healing. Quite a difference, huh?!

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Rose Damascene Essential Oil

There’s probably little resistance to the idea that Rose Essential Oil elevates the libido, and clinical research shows that Rose Damascene…

ameliorates sexual dysfunction in male patients suffering from both MDD and SSRI-I SD.

Furthermore, the symptoms of depression are shown to be reduced as well as sexual dysfunction being improved! That there’s a twofer!

Rose Otto Oil UK

Rose Otto Essential Oil, whilst readily available in the UK, is produced in countries like Bulgaria and Turkey and then imported into the UK.

Bulgaria is considered to be the best producer of Rose Essential Oil. Marocan and Turkish Rose Oils are considered inferior.

So, the preferred Rose Oil is Bulgarian Rose Otto, or Rose Damascene, as the Bulgarians have turned the extraction of Rose Oil into a fine art.


Cleopatra, who was once considered the most beautiful woman in the world, used Rose Otto Essential Oil, as well as Frankincense, Myrrh and Neroli as part or her beauty regime.

Wild As The Wind includes Rose Otto Essential Oil in FACIAL OIL No. 2, along with Frankincense and Myrrh, but, if you suffer from problematic skin, that is combined with emotional trauma, we advocate using FACIAL OIL No. 2 with FACIAL OIL No. 7 which includes Hyssop, and essential oil that can ease profound emotional trauma.

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Extra Benefits From Rose Hydrosol

The best way to introduce this beautiful, bacteria reducing, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, profoundly rejuvenating, deeply rehydrating, pH balancing, scar eliminating ingredient into your daily regime is to use the very affordable Rose Hydrosol Cleanser & Toner.

Rose Hydrosol is suffused with nano-particles of the Rose Otto (Rose Damascene) Essential Oil… It can be used as a facial cleanser before applying your face oil as it will clean and prepare the skin allowing your facial oil to be more readily absorbed.

Rose Otto Hydrosol can also simply be used as a spritz…

But, not all Rose Hydrosol Toners are created equal. Price is usually a good indication of quality, so avoid cheap imitations.

Don’t forget, Rose oil helps carry everything around it into the body, so if you are using an adulterated product you may be exposing yourself to some pretty nasty toxins.

Rose Hydrosol Toner

As it takes 1.2 million rose petals to make a small 10ml vile of Rose Essential Oil, the end product is extremely pricey.

If you are paying under £200.00 for a 10ml bottle, then you are almost certainly not getting what you’re paying for.

This makes Rose Otto Essential Oil prohibitively expensive for most mere mortals!

But, it’s collagen promoting, hormone balancing, Acne quashing, Rosacea restoring, Eczema eschewing abilities are just too important for us to leave it out of our daily regime.

Rose Hydrosol Toner, made with the hydrolate, or distilled water, (from the distillation process used in the extraction of Rose Otto Essential Oil), is one way of introducing these important qualities into our skincare protocol without exploding our bank accounts.

This uplifting cleanser delivers a lot of therapeutic benefits… and yeah… it smells amazing!

The Wild As The Wind Rose Hydrosol Toner is available in 100ml & 50ml spray bottles, and it is organic.

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A Foraging Take On Roses By Brigit Anna McNeill

Read what Brigit Anna McNeill has to say about the potent healing powers of this mystical, sensual plant. The rose is revered the world over, and the UK is no exception. The Dog Rose is our national flower, and is one of the most ancient and true forms of this beautiful flower.

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