Inflammation Causes All Illness :: Here’s What You Need To Do

Inflammation & Grounding

There are various external factors, like EMF, toxic food, violently disturbing movies, pollution, money worries etc… which cause inflammation in the body. And, once the body is inflamed, this inflammation will lead to all manner of illnesses.

The way in which inflammation expresses itself within our body is dependent on a number of things, all of which are determined by who we are as an individual. However, there are certain foods, like refined sugar, and grains, mainly because grains are usually stored in environments where mould proliferates. (Mould is a super-toxin that we all respond badly to.)

Plus, there’s a lot of environmental toxics which are also universally bad for us.

If you suffer from an inflammatory condition, especially if you are on Methotrexate, you suffer from Migraines, or have Arthritis, Rheumatism, Fibromyalgia, or any other physically debilitating autoimmune disease, or inflammatory condition, this article is an important read for you….

Essential Additional Reading

Since writing this article I have written an article specifically devoted to all of the stressors which make us ill, and because it’s these environmental, physical and emotional stressors which cause inflammation, this article on stress is another very important read:

Stress Is The Cause Of All Illness

I then went even deeper, and began to focus more on our emotional lives, as this is the key to healing. For example, Fibromyalgia always starts with trauma of one kind or another, and when I mention this to the many Fibro sufferers who come to me in person, they ALWAYS know which trauma they experienced that started their raging inflammation and bodily pain. We intuitively know these things.

This article is a MUST READ if you have chronic pain:

The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness

Inflammation Ages Us

People with inflammation age faster. And, this isn’t just about losing our looks… it’s about our entire body ageing more rapidly, which ultimately leads to debilitating symptoms which negatively impact the quality of our lives. But, it doesn’t have to be this way…

Ageing can be slowed down by what we do and think and, just as easily, ageing can be speeded up by… yes, you guessed it… what we do and think…

So, what we do and think matters… quite literally!

Physical Manifestations Of Inflammation

So, how does inflammation work?

On a physical level the way in which inflammation presents itself is dependent on the inherent weaknesses within an individual’s body. So, inflammation may go to the heart and cause heart disease. Or it might go to the brain and cause any number of issues, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s etc. In the Liver it’s Cirrhosis, and the Kidneys it’s Nephritis, and so on and so forth…

Metaphysical Manifestations Of Inflammation

In a curious kind of a way our inflammation is funnelled around the body, to our weak points, by our own thought processes. This is what doctors mean by a condition being Psychosomatic.

But, it is often used by doctors in such a way as to blame a patient for their illness. This is usually when one of two things are at play…

  • When they don’t want to waste valuable funding on expensive procedures for a particular patient. Only those that shout the loudest are getting what’s left of the dwindling resources within the NHS.
  • When they haven’t got a clue what they’re on about and their professional veneer, (read arrogance), won’t allow them to admit it. It’s a lot less embarrassing for them to blame you, even if it might emotionally scar you for life!

Thoughts Manifest Materially

Thoughts which cause grief land in the Lungs, and thoughts which inspire fury end up in the Liver. Lower back issues are about feeling unsupported, either financially or by our nearest and dearest, and knackered knees and dodgy feet are usually about being reluctant to move forward.

There are quite a few books on the subject of metaphysical causes of illness if you are interested in interpreting your own weak spots, and there’s a whole bunch of methods we can use to heal ourselves.

Thoughts cause emotions, and emotions stress the body. So, learning how to manage our stress is the way forward.

It’s thoughts that cause stressful emotions which prompt us to mount the fight or flight response. This means our bodies will produce the stress hormones Adrenalin and Cortisol.

Adrenals help reduce inflammation – Cortisol is the best anti-inflammatory there is.

Some Thoughts Manifest Experiences

Sometimes our thoughts don’t cause illnesses in the body. instead, they manifest specific experiences in our external world, which indicate we need to heal a certain aspect within ourselves.

The most obvious example of this is when people consider themselves to be victims… The victims of the world create all manner of situations in which they feel victimised… even if no-one is victimising them.

But, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there’s no-one out there to get you!

Sometimes the victimisation is real.

It’s as though there’s a chink in our armour… or some kind of weird pheromone we’re giving off… But, when we fall victim to a bully, it’s because the thought processes telling our body we are a victim are what’s actually weakening it in some way.

It’s actually happening within our invisible energy field, or Aura, and the energy field of any predators in the vicinity will pick up on it, just as sure as a Jackal will pick up the scent of a baby wildebeest.

The lesson we’re usually trying to learn is something along the lines of needing to love ourselves more. That means relating to ourselves with kindness instead of judgements and harshness. It also means feeding ourselves things that will nourish us… the right mental inputs, and the right nutrients etc.

But, most importantly, it’s about self acceptance.

Inflammation Causes All Illness

Ultimately, if we prove unable to learn from our experiences we will manifest the issues within our body.

The knee bone may be connected to the thigh bone, but, if we haven’t got our heads on straight in a metaphysical sense, it might as well be connected to your twelve year old high-school persecutor who stole your lunchbox and ridiculed you in front of all your friends.

It’s incidences like these that create pretty deep neural pathways, which means we are likely to replay them again and again in our consciousness. They will become evermore entrenched until we no longer need the original stimulus or experience in the forefront of our minds, instead we just start beating ourselves up and shaming ourselves instead.

Who needs the middle man?

We can heal ourselves of this kind of stress!

Especially with the tapping technique, mentioned in the link above. The tapping technique, or EFT, helps us build new neural pathways, which is entirely possible because our brains are capable of neuroplasticity.

I will be writing about neuroplasticity and how damaging childhood trauma is soon… so subscribe to the blog or check back in, in a couple of weeks or so…

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Inflammation Causes All Illness :: Here’s What You Need To Do

In order to reduce the inflammation in our body we need to reduce our toxic and inflammatory inputs.

We especially need to remove heavy metals and Xenoestrogens & Obesogens which are causing us to suffer from weight gain & resistant weight loss, and of course, all manner of inflammatory conditions.

PQQ & Co Q10 supplementation has been shown to restore homeostasis to the gut and the rest of the body, thereby de-stressing us in the process. PQQ actually protects us from the damaging effects of heavy metals and restores our energy levels and clarity of thought. It also reduces inflammation!

But, we still need to get more negative ions and start earthing ourselves back to the planet we live on.

Too many of us are locked in some kind of technological bubble, getting ever more distant from our roots. It’s time to download the radiation, which is making us so sick, down into the earth where it will dissipate and not do anyone any harm…

Stress Causes Inflammation

Stressors to the body cause inflammation. But not all stressors to the body are mental and emotional.

Chemical stressors from our environments, and heavy metals as well as food which cause allergies are major stressors to our bodies also.

Top 10 Most Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

In this amazing interview Dr Osborne explains how food causes inflammation and how we can cure ourselves from all sorts of life threatening illnesses, as well as chronic pain, just by adjusting our diets.

Placebo & Nocebo Can Cure & Kill US

15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods


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