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This page is designed to pull together a number of resources to help you decide which Wild As the Wind products may be helpful to you, as well as providing supplementary information where appropriate.

Facial oils, along with an extensive range of essential oils, form the basis of what Wild As The Wind is all about. At the time of writing, facial oils are the leading Wild As The Wind products in terms of sales, closely followed by essential oils. 

Facial Oils

You may find the following information useful whether you are intending to use, or are already using, Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2 or FACIAL OIL No. 8 for rejuvenation purposes, or because you have a skin condition…

FACIAL OIL For Improving The Appearance Of Your Skin…

If you are using any of the Wild As The Wind Facial Oils for rejuvenating purposes there are several product pages, in the Facial Oils section of this website, and testimonial pages to read, in the Testimonials section… but, I also recommend the following articles to increase positive outcomes:

Muslin Cloth Exfoliator

Facial Oil Application

Hydrosol Toner (can also be used as a cleanser on make-up free skin)

Mineral Spritz

Makeup Removal Protocol

***Using the muslin exfoliator will improve absorption of your facial oils and improve outcomes.

Facial Oils For Imperfect Skin

If you’re using Wild As The Wind Facial Oils & you have Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis or Rosacea I advise you to read the suggestions above as well as the following articles, which provide information about the latest research into skin and digestive health. There is a very strong connection between digestive health and the condition of our skin.

What we eat, and what we are exposed to within our environments, has a very direct impact on the health of our skin… learn what to avoid and a whole lot more ==>

Acne Causes & Cures

Eczema & Psoriasis Causes & Cures

Gut Health

Morning Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols

Wild As The Wind Products

All Wild As The Wind products, Including Wild As The Wind Facial Oils, are made purely by hand from beautiful, natural essential oils, and nutrient rich carrier oils… and nothing else. There’s not one single nasty, artificial ingredient in any of them.

There’s a corresponding product page on the Wild As The Wind Info Website, (this one), for all Wild As The Wind products, detailing healing properties, usage & storage instructions & contraindications, if any.

If you have any questions about your Wild As The Wind products please consult this Wild As The Wind Info Website. Simply follow the links within this article… or, enter your search term in the red search box, at the top of the page, which invites you to “SEARCH THIS WEBSITE”, then press return if you are using a desktop.

Using Other Products

Please use the Frequently Asked Questions Section of this Wild As The Wind Information Website for product enquiries.

More specifically, you can go to the Product FAQ Section if you wish.

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