Acne Causes & Cures

Acne  Causes  & Cures

Acne has a lot in common with other skin conditions, like Psoriasis and Eczema. All of these conditions have their origins in the gut.

Acne Is Everywhere!

The cases of Acne, around the globe, affect well over half a billion people! And, the cost of treatment is immense!

The prevalence of acne vulgaris globally was 681.2 million in 2016. … Approximately 80 percent of people are affected by acne between onset of puberty and 30 years of age. In the US, the cost of acne in terms of treatment and loss of productivity is over 3 billion dollars per year.


Global Acne Market Report for 2016-2026

Acne Is Misunderstood

In the same Global Acne Market Report it states that emotional issues are a consequence of Acne, but the reality is, the same underlying issues that cause Acne are also causing the associated emotional and mental health issues.

More than 90 percent of world population is affected by acne at some point in their life. Although acne is a skin disease, it can lead to prominent emotional and psychological issues. 

Acne & Emotional Health

In Hormone Health Part Two I explain that problems with our gut, or deteriorating digestive health, are the root cause of Acne. But, deteriorating digestive health is also the root cause of emotional and mental health issues too… One does not cause the other… they are both symptoms of the same root problem!

These two outward symptoms definitely go hand in hand, but the deeper issue rarely gets a mention in medical literature… that being our gut health determines our skin health…! And, it’s only usually down to environmental and relationship circumstances that dictate which outward symptom shows up first…

Essential Oils Anxiety & Depression

If a person is very stressed and has little or no support, or they feel unable to talk about their problems, then the emotional issues are likely to precede the Acne break-out, or accompany it.

But, if a person feels well supported, and their stress levels are manageable, they may never have any overt mental health issues… Nevertheless, the best set of friends in the world, coupled with the most caring family, cannot protect a person completely from the emotional issues that a damaged digestive tract can cause.

Check out The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness for a much deeper understanding of the emotional issues affecting all conditions within the body.

Acne & Hormone Disruption

In Hormone Health Part Five I explain more about how gut health affects our skin health, so please read that article, as well as this one, for a complete understanding of what is causing your Acne and what you can do about it to clear it up for good.

Within the Hormone Health series of articles I also explain that the gut produces and regulates many of our hormones. Our gut health is of utmost importance to our overall health!

Hormones can be disrupted by many factors. Our diets play a significant role, as do our stress levels, but so do Xenoestrogens and antibiotics.

Xenoestrogens are synthetic oestrogens found everywhere in our environment. There’s not a person on planet earth that isn’t already affected by them. Xenoestrogens are never good in any circumstance, so we need to learn all about them and then learn what we can do to avoid them as much as possible.

Thyroid health is also something that influences our skin health. Quite often Acne as well as Eczema and Psoriasis go hand in hand with Thyroid issues.

There are essential oils that can really help heal the damage caused by Xenoestrogens.

Antibiotics destroy gut health, and so in my opinion, they are THE LAST THING WE SHOULD TURN TO FOR THE TREATMENT OF ACNE!

Further reading: Thyroid & The Skin Connection

Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Vitiligo Etc…

And, if you thought you could only suffer from one physical outward sign of a dodgy gut, then think again… Who knew Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Rosacea & Dermatitis etc, all have the same root cause?

Pretty much the singular root cause of all dermatological skin conditions is the same… a dodgy gut, which is more formally known as GUT DYSBIOSIS, is very much the guilty party… And, it’s STRESS that is usually the root cause of our gut problems!

Stress Causes inflammation

Whether it’s emotional or metal stress, or food intolerances, or toxic levels of heavy metals and nasty chemicals, and even antibiotics, which are tragically often used to treat Acne, any of these stressors cause inflammation and gut dysbiosis.

Inflammation means we are immune compromised, which means that opportunistic bugs on our skin will take full advantage.

80% of our immune systems are comprised of the microbiome in our guts. Taking antibiotics destroys the microbiome. So, instead of compounding the problem we should be looking to our guts, and our diets to try and build up our gut integrity and reduce inflammation.

This is why grains and dairy are usually the first food groups to have to go… they are inflammatory foods!

Dr Patrick Flynn has produced a brilliant video that deals with all of these issues. If you have Acne you need to watch this.

Root Causes Of Gut Dysbiosis

Stress is, unquestionably the biggest cause of ill-health the world over, and it’s the biggest cause of our gut issues as well. But, there are many different forms of stress, ranging from emotional, psychological and physical.

Toxic emotions, like jealousy and envy, and even hatred will impose a very real physical burden on the body. These toxic thoughts that create the associated toxic emotions will stress our systems out in very dramatic ways.

Our immune systems will be undermined leaving us vulnerable to infections. In fact, every single bodily function is undermined by these toxic emotions, which can lead to endless dysfunctions within the body.

Acne is actually one of the kinder malfunctions, because it is an unmissable outward sign that “something is rotten in the State of Denmark”.

Our toxic thought processes are compounded if our diets are also toxic.

Toxic food will stress out the body in much he same way a diet of toxic thoughts impacts the body…

Acne & Fluoride..

There is a strong connection between fluoride and Acne. But why is the incidence of Acne escalating when most regions in the UK have water which is now fluoride free?

The simple answer to this is that it’s still in toothpaste and being used by UK dentists. Try eliminating fluoride out of you life in every respect to see how your skin benefits.

Fluoride also interferes with Calcium in the body which leads to a serious condition… it calcifies our Pineal Glad which is a critical part of our endocrine system.

Learn more about this and how to detox fluoride for the body here :: Detoxing Fluoride With Tamarind.

Acne, Psoriasis & Eczema :: the Big Cover-Up

It is astonishing to me that most people turn to concealer and foundation cream in an attempt to cover up our Acne rather than attempting to understand the root problem.

I have a strong hunch that this is because Western Medicine is also taking a pretty superficial approach to dealing with the problem.

Western Medicine provides many topical applications for Acne, and it would be rare indeed if a conventional doctor would ever mention diet and nutrition as a primary cause of the problem. They are also unlikely to mention stress and emotional turmoil caused by toxic thinking as a root problem also.

Topical medications have been developed to sooth skin irritations, itchiness as well as bacterial overgrowths that occur in people with a dysbiotic gut. Sadly, these preparations do nothing to improve gut dysbiosis…

Probably the most tragic factor in the way Western Medicine prescribes for Acne is the countless prescriptions of antibiotics that are given on a long-term basis for people with Acne, which will only annihilate what good bacteria there was left in the gut!

Antibiotics utterly compounds the problems with the gut, even if the skin temporarily clears up.

I appreciate why so many people just want to cover up their Acne, and it makes perfect sense to do this as long as people are also willing to address the deeper problem at the root of their Acne.

There are several Wild As The Wind products to help get Acne under control & heal scars
FACIAL OIL No. 2 (Normal & Combination Skin)
FACIAL OIL No. 8 (Small Pores & Hot Weather Option)
100 Uses Make-Up Remover (For All Skin Types)

Acne Treatment First Steps

It’s imperative to address the toxic issues feeding your condition.

If you suffer from a lot of toxic thinking, and self criticism, you may want to turn to a family member or friend for support in finding ways to understand how to have a better relationship with yourself and others.

Or, if your family and friends are all part of the problem or the focus of the problem, as they so often are, then there’s a awful lot of self-help books out there designed to help. You may also want to see a therapist, but I personally believe that some therapists will do more harm than good. So choose well if you decide to go down this root.

It’s also imperative to clean up your diet. A good way forward on this front is to follow the advice provided in the comprehensive article about Gut Health.

Acne Resources

You may also find reading and watching some other articles and videos on this website very useful…

I recommend Hormone Health Part Five.

In fact, I advise you to read the whole of the Hormone Health series, and consider getting yourself some Hormone Supporting Essential Oils, or Wild As The Wind Hormone products.

Essential Oils Anxiety & Depression

Because Psoriasis and Eczema have the same root cause as Acne, this article will be very useful: Eczema & Psoriasis Causes & Cures 

Here’s two excellent video interviews with Dr. Patrick Flynn and Magdalena Wszelaki in Hormone Health Part Six

Morning Detox Protocols outlines lot of ideas on how to reduce the psychological, emotional and physical burdens our bodies are exposed to.

As you will see in Morning Detox Protocols, stress comes in many different forms. One ever-increasingly pervasive form of stress is from the technological gadgets we have grown increasingly addicted to. Evening Detox Protocols details how our technological devices are seriously impacting our health.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 For Acne explains how to heal the scars and discolouration caused by Acne.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 For Acne Testimonials lists all of the feedback from people who have successfully used FACIAL OIL No. 2 to clear their Acne.

Other Useful Wild As The Wind Products include:

Mineral Spritz

A very healing and tonifying product that delivers a lot of minerals into the skin. Great when used in conjunction with a Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL, all of which are formulated to help with the physical, hormonal and emotional symptoms of Acne.

Mineral Sprit will not only help to heal Acne, but it will also help with healing Eczema & Psoriasis etc.

Mineral Spritz also works as a dietary supplement, helping to increase bodily amounts of vital trace minerals, particularly Magnesium.

Shake-Up Makeup Remover

A makeup remover that has been specifically formulated to be used with Acne prone skin, which will actually help to eliminate the physical aspects of the condition.

Shake-Up Makeup Remover has been nick-named 100 Uses Makeup Remover because it is so versatile.

Acne & The Gut

Cassandra Bankson, whose video I’ve featured above, is pretty amazing. She’s a YouTuber with a squillion followers, a Model With Acne, Beauty Expert, Published Writer, Lifestyle Blogger, World Traveler & Student! (She’s studying dermatology, but says that what she’s learning on her course doesn’t describe how she mainly got to grips with her Acne… watch the video above for the full story!)

Topical Herbal Applications

Herbs mixed with the healing power of raw, unfiltered honey, can have an amazing impact on an Acne outbreak.

Holy Basil, or Tulsi powder, with a bit of water and honey (50/50), to make a dessert spoon of Tulsi into a paste, for application as a face mask is great for Acne.

Other herbs that are really useful are Cinnamon and Turmeric… but Turmeric will stain for a little while.

Acne & Diet

The following quick 8 minute video is an excellent quick insight into all the dietary changes you can employ to heal your gut…. and your Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Vitiligo, Rosace and Dermatitis…
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