Yarrow Essential Oil In Brief

Yarrow Essential Oil, like Hyssop Essential Oil, is a potent emotional healer. Fragonia Essential Oil is another profoundly emotionally healing Aromatherapy Oil. Also see German Chamomile Essential Oil for emotional support.

Yarrow Aromatherapy Oil restores equalibrium during times of upheaval, and supports us as we pass from one phase of life to the next.

It is also a potent physical healer, exerting considerable benefits on the major systems of the body.

In addition, it is immensely potent when it comes to skin health.

Yarrow Essential Oil Health Benefits

Yarrow Essential Oil is :: abortifacient + anthelmintic (heals wounds and strengthens the circulatory system) + anti-inflammatory + anti-rheumatic + astringent (contracts skin cells)+ antibacterial + antispasmodic, antimicrobial + antiulcer + cicatrisant (skin-healing, wound healing or cell regenerative) + carminative + choleretic (increases bile production) + contraceptive + digestive + diuretic + emmenagogue + expectorant + hepatoprotective + hypotensive  (lowers blood pressure) + tonic + vulnerary (wound healing).

Yarrow Essential Oil Main Uses

  • Emotional pain relief
  • Cleanses blood + aids circulation
  • Hemostasis: stops bleeding
  • Heals broken capillaries
  • Respiratory infections
  • Muscle & joint pain
  • Arthritis + Rheumatism
  • Muscular And Menstrual Cramps
  • Improves gut health :: reduces intestinal gas + alleviates chest pain + indigestion (promotes digestive juices & bile) + soothes stomach ache
  • Eliminates excess water & salt from the body
  • Hemorrhoids

Yarrow Essential Oil For Skincare

  • Wound healing
  • Scar healing
  • Acne
  • Eczema + Rosacea + Non-Allergic Dermatitis + Psoriasis + Atopic Dermatitis
  • Rashes
  • Burns
  • Improves skin tone + lifts sagging skin
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Improves gum health
  • Improves skin tone, integrity & brightness
  • Clears skin infections
  • Skin fungal infections, including athlete’s foot
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INCI :: Achillea millefolium

Yarrow Essential Oil Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Active Constituents in Yarrow Essential Oil :: Sequiterpenes, (esp. Chamazulene), Sabinene, B-Myrcene, Germacrene D, B-Pinene, Camphor, Camphene

Cautions: May cause drug interactions if using drugs metabolized by CYP2D6. Neurotoxicity is possible if excessive amounts are used. Please refer to Using Essential Oils for information relating to the safe usage of essential oils.

Always use a carrier oil to properly dilute Yarrow Essential Oil.

Yarrow Essential oil is broadly used within Medical Herbalism and within the skincare industry.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Combines well with: Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, German Chamomile Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, Pine Essential Oil, Palmarosa Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil, Thyme linalool Essential Oil, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

Substitute oils: Copaiba Essential Oil + Frankincense Essential Oil + Ylang Ylang Essential Oil + German Chamomile Essential Oil + Lemon Essential Oil + Cinnamon Essential Oil + Thyme Essential Oil

Yarrow Essential Oil Interesting Fact :: Yarrow Essential Oil, according to Greek mythology, was used to speed up the healing of the wounds of Achilles when he was injured in battle. He is even said to have covered his body with a tincture made from Yarrow leaves to stay invincible against flying arrows.

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