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Essential Oil FAQ’s

Most of the product questions received by Wild As The Wind relate to essential oils.

So, this essential oil FAQ is designed to answer all of the main questions which have been asked about essential oils over the years.

However, when new, important questions arise, they will be added to this FAQ.

It is advisable to check within the FAQ’s and this article before you place a future order to see what has been updated and amended.

If you have a question about Wild As The Wind essential oils, or about essential oils in general, please feel free to ask it in the comments section at the bottom of this article.

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Wild As The Wind UK Essential Oils

First, a quick word about Wild As The Wind…

Wild As The Wind is a reputable UK Essential Oils Retailer, with well publicised credentials.

There are many UK essential oil retailers who do not hold to the same standard, usually because their knowledge and appreciation of essential oils is questionable. Sadly, there are too many retailers and customers who believe fragrance oils are the same as essential oils.

Sadly, this very much is not the case.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils

Wild As The Wind essential oils are of the utmost quality. We do not, however distill any of the essential oils ourselves.

Why Doesn’t Wild As The Wind Make It’s Own Essential Oils?

The two main reasons why it isn’t feasible for Wild As The Wind to distill it’s own essential oils are as follows:

  • It takes huge quantities of plant matter to make very small amounts of essential oil. This would mean Wild As The Wind would need to be a massive farming operation to make a good range of essential oils. Instead, Wild As The Wind is a small artisanal business which sources excellent quality essential oils from reputably growers and distillers.
  • The reality is that essential oils stocked by Wild As The Wind, and all other essential oil retailers, come from all around the world because the plants used in making the essential oils can only grown in suitable environments. For example, Frankincense Essential Oil only comes from Boswellia trees which grow in desserts or arid landscapes.

Why Call Them Wild As The Wind Essential Oils?

Wild As The Wind essential oils need to be collectively known as Wild As The Wind essential oils so that people know they can trust them.

Wild As The Wind has a reputation for excellence, and so any product carrying the Wild As The Wind name can be trusted.

Wild As The Wind work very closely with the farmers who produce the plant material used in the making of the essential oils, which will ultimately end up for sale to the public on Wild As The Wind shelves.

Only essential oils of considerable quality can deliver the healing power experienced by Wild As The Wind customers. This is why our facial oils and other blended products work as effectively, where other products fail.

Are Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Organic?

Yes, Wild As The Wind essential oils are generally organic. However, we also sometimes stock small amounts of wild crafted essential oils, which tend to be incredibly potent, as well as essential oils which never come with an organic label.

Some countries have never moved away from traditional farming methods and so the plants used in essential oils made in these regions have no need for an organic label. The essential oils made in these parts of the world are simply naturally organic.

The UK grown, Home Office approved, Hemp Essential Oil stocked by Wild As The Wind is grown without pesticides, but cannot be classified as organic as it hasn’t been in production for the required number of years in order to be considered for an organic license.

Are Wild As The Wind Essential Oils British?

As mentioned above, certain plants and trees only grow in countries with very different growing conditions that are found in the UK. Our Frankincense resin comes from the desserts of Somalia and our Sandalwood Essential Oil comes from South India, where the best Sandalwood Essential Oil comes from. (Australian and West Indian Sandalwood, aka Amyris Essential Oil, do not compare to Mysore Sandalwood.

However, there are many UK essential oils…

What Is A UK Essential Oil?

A UK essential oil is effectively and essential oil whose plant matter has been grown in the UK. And, whilst that sounds straightforward enough, it can be actually rather confusing when we look at the variety of plants used to make British essential oils.

We grow varieties of plants which originate in other countries here in the UK. It is possible to source French Lavender Essential Oil grown in the UK, just as much as we grow the German Chamomile in the UK used to make the gorgeous blue German Chamomile Essential Oil.

However, just because it is possible to grown the plants needed to produce UK essential oils, this doesn’t mean that the UK has the ideal growing conditions to produce premium quality UK essential oils. This is why, despite our desire to support UK producers wherever possible, Wild As The Wind opts to source non-UK essential oils in certain circumstances.

Our primary remit is to source and supply the finest quality essential oils possible. If we can do that in the UK, then all well and good. But, it isn’t always possible, and so we have to look to other countries in certain circumstances. Wild As The Wind is primarily interested in essential oils which have the best healing potential possible… The UK are excellent at producing British essential oils which are immensely healing, but sometimes they do it better abroad…

One of the farms in the UK we work closely with produces German Chamomile Essential Oil, but the Wild As The Wind German Chamomile mainly comes from a beautiful organic Bulgarian estate as the oil is far superior. Our Clary Sage Essential Oil comes from Russia, and much of our French Lavender Essential Oil comes from Bulgaria also, although we do sometimes stock a UK grown French Lavender Essential Oil when we can.

The reason why essential oils grown on the continent are often superior to wholly UK produced essential oil is because the weather conditions are generally more conducive, (more sunlight), and the soil is often better quality, (more nutrient rich as there’s been no, or little, intensive farming).

Are Wild As The Wind Essential Oils Always The Same?

Wild As The Wind are only one of a few UK essential oil retailers who still stock Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil, the immensely superior Sandalwood Essential Oil which comes from South India.

There is a world shortage of Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil, hence it not being available from most UK essential oil retailers.

But, there are other reasons why certain essential oils are in short supply and availability cannot be guaranteed…

Wild crafted essential oils, which tend to be incredibly potent healers, can only be made in small amounts, and so we can only stock these wild crafted essential oils when they are available.

Wild As The Wind, therefore, stock UK essential oils wherever possible without compromising quality, and we stock essential oils sourced from around the world which deliver optimal healing abilities, whilst stocks last.

Wild As The Wind Essential Oils FAQ’s In Detail

Wild As The Wind are asked more questions about certain essential oils than we do about others. For this reason there is a devoted page to specific essential oils… not least the ever-popular UK grown Hemp Essential Oil…

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