It’s Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back!

This article is the companion piece to We Know We Are Being Lied To, which I published just before the news around Coronavirus started to get scary…

In that article I concluded with the video of Naomi Klein presenting a lecture on Shock Doctrine. To understand this article it would be helpful to read We Know We Are Being Lied To, and even better if you have watched the concluding video.

The next article in this series is entitled :: Part Three :: We Are Being Played & Vaccines Will Be Our Reward

It’s Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back!

You know that already… right!? Here’s more reasons to persist in your outlook.

But, if you’re on the fence, this article is for you!

And, if you don’t agree… this article is most certainly for you!

Signs Things Are Going In The Wrong Direction

Today the government announced the highly unpopular policy of badger-culling is going to be replaced by vaccinations. This is how Shock Doctrine really works folks. ‘They alarm us, then they scare us, and, whilst in a state of panic, they mess with our minds!

But badger culling is so inhumane, I hear you cry. And, I don’t deny it. Yes. it is! It’s utterly horrible. But, badgers get TB ONLY due to human actions… so why the vaccines?

TB in cattle is caused by bacterium Mycobacterium bovis. It is thus a bovine condition… this is why it’s also called Bovine TB. It proves to be contagious when animals are in close proximity to each other. Animal density is, therefore, a major factor in the transmission of Mycobacterium bovis, because bacteria released into the air through coughing and sneezing can spread the disease to uninfected animals.

Wrong Thinking Or Profiteering?

So, why aren’t we altering our farming methods to mitigate these risks? Wouldn’t it simply make more sense to keep cows in open fields, and not in such close confines, instead of permitting the inexorable trend of huge intensive farms where Bovine TB is only one of a whole slew of immensely disgusting health and animal cruelty issues which are completely overlooked in the sheer pursuit of greed…?

Instead, we are using this highly emotive issue to introduce more vaccinations. But why now, after doggedly pursuing the culls despite massive unpopularity, and animal rights activities against them?

Well, one way of looking at it, is this…

We are traumatised, and the news of badgers no longer being cruelly culled will come as a salve… a real balm, upon our soul. Some GOOD NEWS!

But sorry, no it’s not! Not when you add context!

Vaccines Waiting In The Wings

Big Pharma is one of the most powerful industries in the world, and they are ravenously pursuing profit at the expense of our health. Compulsory vaccination in the US has been a reality for a while, with children of parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated being taken from them by the state and forcibly inoculated.

Compulsory vaccination is BIG, BIG MONEY! And, for sure, it’s coming here if ‘they’ have got anything to do with it!

I have been writing about how Brexit has been all about getting the trade deal done with the US for a couple of years now.

I am someone who fought, like my life depended upon it, against TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership, which was a US/UK trade deal set up to allow corporations to sue the UK government for loss of income if their toxic products were deemed too poisonous to be retailed, making a big win situation for corporations, come what may, and a big loss for tax payers like you and me.

We reached a tipping point with public awareness, leaving TTIP dead in the water.

Imagine how gutted I was with the Brexit vote… I knew it meant the UK faced the same assault, and this time we would be defenceless to fight off a US trade deal which was going to make UK citizens really, really sick…

If You Voted Brexit This Is What You Voted For

Trial Vaccines For Cows & Badgers

So, a trial vaccine will be unleashed on cows, and badgers will be vaccinated also… ker-ching!

Thus, we’ll all potentially be exposed to the results of an untested vaccine being trialed on the cows, while Big Pharma rakes in the money from a double deal.

Subtle Use Of Shock Doctrine

This is how it’s done! The public breathe a sigh of relief, grateful for some good news amid all of the bad… no more badgers will be harmed… isn’t the government wonderful?

Well no, it’s not. What it actually is, is a thinly disguised funnel of taxpayer money, (think: your money) to the super rich, their mates and corporate interests, which provide career politicians (think really inadequate custodians of the public purse… like alcoholics providing security in a distillery), with the opportunity to earn big (think millions), when they leave office, as long as they consistently make the right decisions for Big Pharma whilst they are in office.

So, what is going to happen is the government will hand over loads more taxpayer money to Big Pharma, making them even more powerful, and us less wealthy, instead of addressing the utterly insane levels of animal cruelty inflicted by intensive farms, and our centralised abattoirs, which allows Bovine TB to proliferate.

We Are Being Poisoned By Stealth Tactics

‘They’ are doing everything through the back door to acclimatise us to the idea of what they plan on doing to us… and not just vaccinations…

British livestock has routinely been fed GMO corn for years now, even though cows, with their four stomachs, can’t cope with this digestively disruptive feed… But, never mind that… it all makes sense in an intensive farm set up… doesn’t it? It’s cheap, nowhere near as messy and unmanageable as hay, and, whilst I don’t know if this is true, I bet there’s a government subsidy somewhere for farmers to use GMO grain for all livestock.

So, the majority of British people are eating GMO by default… because what goes into the animals goes into us if we eat them!

America is GMO central… they’ve been eating GMO foods for about 25 years now… AND, they have compulsory vaccination.

**In Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth, I discuss Monsanto, the leading GMO Corporation, and how they have been pursued in the courts, and have lost to the tune of billions in payouts… because GMO causes cancer).

US Health Stats

Have you seen the health stats for the average American? It’s not looking pretty, (think morbidly obese and on so many medications they rattle when you shake them like a family sized pack of M & M’s).

Yes, that I can tell you with a lot more certainty!

Microchips In Pets

So, what about chipping our pets? Do you think this may have divested us of a lot of the fears we have around the idea of putting tracking devices inside living beings? I mean… look at the benefits!? Aren’t our pets so much more safe now?

So Subtle We Don’t Feel The Shock

Remember what I said, in We Know We Are Being Lied To, about trading off our freedoms for the false sense of security we get in return…? Well, this is a biggy! And, this is how it all works…

We become desensitised, things become commonplace, all of the emotion wrapped up in our resistance to these ideas gets washed away, making us more prone and susceptible to doing what ‘they’ want us to do…

And, in case anybody is still wondering who ‘they’ are… they’re the corporations, the banks, the government and mainstream media, which are effectively the same beast!

They are all working in a symbiotic relationship to engineer our consent for them to become more wealthy and powerful… by the day…!

Why Can’t We Trust Mainstream Media?

However, this has not always been so. A couple of decades ago our mainstream media was owned by over 500 different entities, but is now owned by only six billionaires. Although, the Berkley twins, the 19th richest people in the UK, who own Boris Johnson’s old home, the Telegraph, are reported to be in financial trouble and are looking to sell off the paper… but, why do they need The Telegraph when they’ve got ‘their boy’ in No. 10???

***Financial trouble for rich people isn’t quite the same as financial trouble for us. The Berkeley twins are disputing a number of things in the High Court, one of which is :: one of them being willing to sell The Ritz for less than one billion £GBP, whilst the other will not countenance such a ludicrous idea!

Telegraph Update :: 15.03.20

The health secretary used a column in the Tory-supporting Sunday Telegraph to update the public on what the government was doing next to tackle the COVID-19 disease.

But as he posted a link to the story, which revealed its next phase of its plans, it appeared behind a newspaper paywall which followers could not read without subscribing.

Learn more about how the mainstream press is being manipulated by corporate interests :: Freedom Of Speech Is Dead, Long Live Medical Tyranny

Media Sources We Can Trust :: Real News Sources: The best online news resources

The Covid-19 War

I wrote We Know We Are All Being Lied To last Friday, and by Sunday I was imagining Boris Johnson drumming up patriotic zeal and the idea of us all coming together to fight a common foe, with ‘we’ll fight them on the beaches” style speeches… and by Monday they announced a WAR ROOM had been set up to bring together a centralised task force to deal with Covid-19.

I intimated the direction in which this thing would go in We Know We Are Being Lied To, when I referred to Covid-19 as a rather “militaristic” sounding name. A strange move by the World Health Organisation, (aka WHO), because we all knew, by then, it was called Corona Virus, and even the most tongue-tied amongst us can generally get their chops around that!

But. the creation of a common foe to deflect away from those who are really not acting in our interests (think all of the aforementioned corporate, governmental, media and banking institutions), is a very tried and tested method of getting us all on board, chanting patriotic nonsense (think British Empire, and how ashamed we should actually be about our recent past), and then, quite beggaring belief, often dobbing in our neighbours to precisely the same entities…

There was the war on drugs, the war on terrorism the war on cancer, and smoking, and drink driving and sex before marriage etc, etc, etc… You get the picture…

And, before long, we are going to declare war on Covid-19.

My God, how they must mock and pour contempt upon us behind closed doors…? Because largely everything ‘they have done since the 80’s has been contemptible.

It’s The Same Tactic For Implementing 5G

In an article I wrote last year for The International Times about how ‘they’ were going to convince us to adopt ever more dangerous and invasive technologies, I wrote this:

The inducement for all of this technology and expense, will ultimately be, you mark my words, the fallacy of increased security and safety… a formidable ‘saving of the day’ in the ‘eleventh hour’ by our heroes… a tech giant in an immense cape and his side-kick AI boy, having effected it’s own aquatic upgrade before chewing it’s way out of it’s watery grave.  But remember, we can only be saved if our lives are in danger… which is why we have been fed the politics of fear, the war on terrorism and why nationalistic spirit has been whipped up into a fetid frenzy, causing xenophobia and an ugly distrust of anyone who doesn’t look like, or sound like, a complete clone of ourselves!


There’s nothing like a good war, which Margaret Thatcher knew all about, as mentioned in the companion piece to this.

Australia is way ahead of Europe when it comes to implementing 5G and draconian state control… and look what they plan to do about Covid-19

Australia’s coronavirus pandemic plan: mass vaccinations and stadium quarantine

Anyone getting chills from this one? If not, you need to look at Chile after Allende was murdered and Chile was thrown to the wolves under Pinochet and his military regime… Political dissenters were detained and tortured in stadiums, many of whom were never seen again…

Debunking Some Of The Nonsense We Are Being Fed

Contactless Will Protect Us

We are being told to use contactless card payments…

But, money is being handled by the cashiers who are handling all of the items you are buying… So what’s the game here?

Well, ‘they’ want us to stop using cash because ‘they’ want a cashless, totally traceable society! Just like they have in China! Did you know the Chinese have not only progressed beyond cash, they don’t even use credit cards any more? They all use their mobile phones to make payments, (think personal tracking device and audio visual information capture device).

***More than 23 million Chinese people are in “Smart” prison.

60% Of Us Are Scared

“A recent YouGov survey found that 60% of British people see coronavirus as a major or moderate threat to the country”. What’s to say 59% of respondents felt it was a major threat? Or the opposite… 59% of the respondents feeling it was only a moderate threat. Do you see how we are being misled?

This statement ultimately makes it most probable we will infer that 60% of the nation is scared!

But, people need to understand, Corona Virus is only marginally more likely to cause death than the average flu virus, and that it will be the old and infirm who will be most affected.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself!

Why? Well, fear completely shuts down our immune system, so panic and hysteria are going to guarantee this virus becomes a pandemic! Instead of panicking, breathe deep and tell yourself everything is going to be fine… And, it will be.

We Have To Wait For A Vaccine


There’s loads of essential oils and herbal protocols we can use to stay safe. (And don’t buy the absolute bunkum plant medicine, in the form of herbs and essential oils, are no defence against a virus. The truth is, they are! And have been clinically proven to be anti-viral in peer reviewed research. Why else does modern medicine base 70% of it’s prescription drugs on plants?

Here’s all the anti-viral advice you need, (includes herbal and supplemental advice as well as lifestyle advice. AND, the all-important therapeutic doses of Vitamin C protocols, which will doubtless save many lives if adopted…)

Here’s all you need to know about anti-viral essential oils.

This information is being suppressed by ‘them’ for purposes of commercial gain. The crimes against humanity being committed on this planet, in this present time, are as grotesque as they are mind blowing to anyone with a conscience.

So, What’s The Deal With Vaccines?

All of the information suppression of the natural methods of treating viral infections is to make us believe vaccines are our only option. Vaccines are going to save the day! They are going to win our war on the deathly virus, (think marginally more life-threatening than your average flu). Big Pharma, our saviour… hurray!

And, with such an immense victory under it’s belt, the proposition of compulsory vaccination will be embraced by the masses… thus, we can look forward to the same level of poor health endured by the Americans…

The tragedy is there’s absolutely no need for these interventions, and all they are doing is creating super bugs, which keep on mutating to outsmart our interventions.

But mandatory vaccination is very, very big money for Big Pharma… They have about 60 vaccinations in the US starting with babies at 6 months of age, which is such an gratuitous offence against humanity…

The tragedy is, it’s money for old rope… they don’t even have to wait for us to get ill before they’re out there administering their trumped up cures, for crying out loud!!!

Here’s what an esteemed doctor has to say about the safety of vaccines…

Dr. Toni Bark Doctors For Accountability In Medicine

Why Do ‘They’ Like Surveillance So Much?

Shoshana Zuboff, a Harvard Professor, is the author of The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism, in which she illustrates how the constant monitoring of a population is very lucrative… This documentary is as alarming as it is creepy.

There’s a few scenes which are narrated in Dutch / German, but really don’t let that stop you watching this really important video. It’s going to astonish and infuriate you… and probably frighten you too.

Our fears are being targeted and democracy bites the dust… watch the video and find out how…

This video is shorter, and quite entertaining… but it’s definitely going to frighten you!

And, these pro-5G-ers discuss where we are all going to be in ten years time with one of them almost gleefully saying it looks like China has adopted the Orwellian, 1984 approach to moulding society, whereas the West has opted for the Huxley, Brave New World treatment, with it’s Soma for the people! WTF!?!?!?

He says it in such a self-satisfied way that you can just imagine how clever he thinks he is for coming up with this point… but, to anyone who has read both of these novels, or who is aware of the main themes, this is not a moment to sit around self-congratulating for coming up with the idea that the two most abhorrent outcomes for humanity are actually coming true!

This very interesting video makes the connection between Covid-19 and 5G. Whether you are a lover or hater of 5G, wireless technology has now been proven scientifically to be undermining our immune systems by a whopping 40%.

Is This The World We Want?

In 5G The Big Picture I really paint the picture starkly of how we are being manipulated into adopting ideas which, very much, go against our best interests. For those of you familiar with this blog, you will know how I campaign against the introduction of 5G on the basis it is weaponised technology with horrific capabilities which will, simply through it’s transmission, harm us all profoundly, and will kill and maim many…

I hope you read these articles, which have been written for free to help you to get the information you need to make an informed choice… and then ask yourself… Is It Time To Keep Calm & Take Our Power Back?

During the writing of this article I came across this: Hancock: compulsory vaccinations being seriously considered

But let’s not forget :: It May Only Take 3.5% Of The Population To Topple A Dictator

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