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Essential Oils For Anxiety & Depression

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At Wild As The Wind we believe essential oils are so suited to easing anxiety and depression that anyone would think this is what Nature had in mind when it scented all of it’s flowers and trees.

One of the main reasons essential oils are so exceptional at uplifting our spirits is because they have immediate access to the brain.

Essential oils can, therefore, easily access the endocrine (hormonal systems) as well as the nervous systems, and HPA Axis, (hormonal response system for chronic stress), where they are able to exert a calming as well as uplifting effect.

Gut health is also vital for mental health, and a lot of the essential oils listed in this article help to support intestinal health through controlling pathogenic / bad bacteria… none more so than Clary Sage Essential Oil

I advocate the use of essential oils for depression alongside the use of adaptogenic herbs.

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Anxiety & Depression

Please visit Hormone Health Part Four for a comprehensive explanation of the root causes of anxiety and depression.

Essential Oils For Easing Our Passage Through Depression

Depression is very much a part of life. There’s a lot of factors influencing how we arrive in a state of depression. But, not all of them are psychological.

I have covered the topic of Depression in Hormone Health Part Four, and so I will not repeat myself here, but suffice to say certain factors predispose us to developing depressive tendencies. It is worth mentioning them here as a lot of readers will, most likely, be shocked to read some of them…

  • Childhood trauma
  • C section birth coupled with being bottle fed, instead of breast fed leading to poor gut health
  • Poor diet leading to gut dysbiosis
  • Antibiotic use leading to poor gut health
  • Situational depression can be caused by poor living conditions, restricted opportunities in life and grief (hopelessness & despair)
  • Stress
  • Magnesium and other dietary deficiencies
  • Experiential depression as a consequence of abuse.

For further information about these factors please read The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness

Essential Oils For Chronic Depression

Essential oils for chronic depression don’t differ from essential oils for acute depression. The only difference with essential oils for chronic depression is that I recommend you keep on alternating the use of your essential oils with different essential oils.

Essential oils for chronic depression will become less effective if one essential oil is used consistently. Varying your essential oils for chronic depression will also mean that different parts of the brain will be stimulated by different essential oils.

It is also possible to blend several recommended essential oils. These blended essential oils for chronic depression can be infused in a base oil for topical application and massage, or they can be used in an undiluted form in a diffuser or oil burner.

The big difference between using essential oils for chronic depression and using essential oils for acute depression is that essential oils can reduce the severity of depression if used at the outset.

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Essential Oils For Acute Depression

Essential oils for acute depression can be used in a very different way to essential oils for chronic depression. If essential oils are used during periods of extreme stress, or during emotionally turbulent times etc, then a depressive episode can be avoided altogether, or the severity can be reduced.

Essential oils for acute depression are the same as the essential oils for chronic depression, the only difference being that they can be used in a preventative way as well as for alleviating the severity of a depressive episode.

Essential oils for reducing stress, especially when coupled with breathing exercises, or Yoga etc, can often avert or dramatically reduce the severity of a depressive episode.

Organic Essential Oils

I believe it’s very important to use Organic Essential Oils in most cases. It is particularly important to use Organic Citrus Essential Oils as these essential oils are likely to be more toxic than others because of the way they are made

Sweet Orange Essential Oil For Depression

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of the go-to essential oils for depression. Along with Rose Otto Essential Oil it has been clinically proven to be uplifting through simply being inhaled!

Great for anxiety and stress reduction Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of the essential oils that can help avert a depressive episode, or reduce the severity and length of a depressive episode.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory which also means it will have an anti-depressive influence on the brain.

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Frankincense Essential Oil For Depression

Frankincense Essential Oil for depression is another obvious choice. This immensely anti-inflammatory oil is amply able to effect stress-reduction and the ability to stop obsessing on depressive thoughts.

Although very similar, I would recommend Frankincense Serata Essential Oil for depression, as opposed to Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil. But, if you don’t have any Frankincense Serata then it’s fine to use Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil

I recommend placing a small amount of solid coconut oil on the soft pad of the thumb, where our finger print can be found, and then dropping a single drop of Frankincense Serata Essential Oil on it before pressing it into the roof of your mouth. Don’t remove your thumb until the coconut oil has all melted.

I only recommend doing this with Frankincense Serata Essential Oil and other resiod essential oils, like Myrrh Essential Oil and Elemi Essential Oil.

Please be aware that it is Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil and not Frankincense Serata Essential Oil in FACIAL OILL No. 2.

Geranium Essential Oil For Depression

Geranium Essential Oil for depression is a very wise choice. It is, in some respects, the more affordable form of Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Geranium Essential Oil helps to alleviate depression by reducing anxiety and by uplifting the spirts.

Like Rose Otto Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil heals the heart on an energetic level.

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Rose Otto Essential Oil For Depression

Rose Otto Essential Oil, like Sweet Orange Essential Oil, has been clinically proven to be uplifting when inhaled.

Rose Otto Essential Oil is considered to be the ultimate essential oil for treating anxiety and depression.

However, not many people can afford Rose Otto Essential Oil, or some of the the other expensive essential oils for depression, recommended in this article, like Sandalwood Essential Oil.

However, Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil, along with the majority of the essential oils in this list, can be found in FACIAL OIL No. 2 by Wild As The Wind.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 is an anti-ageing and anti-Acne face oil, but it has also been formulated to alleviate stress and exert a calming influence.

Many women tell me that they can’t sleep without it!

You can read all about the incredibly calming and healing FACIAL OIL No. 2 Ingredients and decide whether this is the product you’d like to use to help support you during very challenging times.


I also recommend:

Morning Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols

Dietary changes & a review of any medication you might be taking…

Sandalwood Essential Oil For Depression

I love using Sandalwood Essential Oil for depression. I love it’s mesmerisingly alluring aroma… and I sometimes use Sandalwood Essential Oil as a perfume by applying it to the pulse points of my wrists.

Modern perfumes are very toxic, and they are the one of last things we should ever be applying to our pulse points on our wrists.

Our pulse points are where our blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin, which means that whatever we apply to this area of the body will enter the bloodstream very quickly.

Modern perfumes definitely contain some of the skincare ingredients to avoid I’ve detailed in another article.

Conversely, applying Sandalwood Essential Oil to the pulse points is a great way of getting the healing properties of this oil all around the body.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing. It help clears the mind like Frankincense Essential Oil, which helps us to avoid dwelling on depressive thoughts.

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Chamomile Essential Oil For Depression

One of the big essential oils for depression is Chamomile Essential Oil. It is immensely calming and helps us sleep.

Sleep is so critical for our health. The body heals when we are sleeping. So, if we are not sleeping well, then our physical and mental health will definitely be impaired.

I prefer the beautiful blue coloured German Chamomile Essential Oil for stress-busting! Wild as The Wind carry an amazing Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil which we believe easily exceeds the quality of all other Organic German Chamomile Essential Oils found in the UK.

Clary Sage Essential Oil For Depression

Clary Sage Essential Oil for depression is an obvious choice for me.

I love the smell of Clary Sage Essential Oil, but I also know it is doing a lot to help restore hormonal health within my body when I use it.

Stress dramatically impacts hormonal health within women. Much more so than in men! I recommend that everyone reads about this phenomena in the Hormone Health Series in the Wild As The Wind blog.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is only one of several purple flowering plants that is excellent for depression because of their ability to reduce insomnia. Lavender Essential Oil is another, as is Hyssop Essential Oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is a soothing, anti-inflammatory, which is so abundantly anti-microbial it can treat bacterial strains that are already antibiotic-resistant, which addresses the issue of failing immunity and depression.

Our gut health is vital for our mental health. Th is is because the bacteria in our gut forms 80% of our immune system. As our guts produce 90% of the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter Seretonin and are responsible for producing and regulating the majority of our hormones, the control of pathogenic bacteria is vital for our mental health.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil For Depression

One of the age old essential oils for depression is Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. It is exceptional for people who have had a nervous breakdown as well as those who are experiencing acute depression.

Chronic stress will lead to a nervous breakdown, and so it is best to start using Ylang Ylang Essential Oil when experiencing anxiety and stress, thereby helping to avert a breakdown before it starts.

Vetiver Essential Oil For Depression

The main reason I would chose Vetiver Essential Oil for depression is because of it’s ability to support sleep. It is considered by many as the ultimate sleep essential oil, although I prefer Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil.

It is a very grounding essential oil that can be used in trauma to excellent effect. Vetiver Essential Oil also helps with issues of self-awareness, and exerts a calming effect.

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Lavender Essential Oil For Depression

The last essential oil I would advocate for anxiety and depression is going to come as no surprise for many. Lavender Essential Oil.

Many millions fo people turn to Lavender Essential Oil for depression each year.

Like the other purple flowered plant based essential oils, Lavender Essential Oil is brilliant for reducing anxietyand inducing healing sleep.

Mixing Lavender Essential Oil with others oils in this list strengthens the healing effects of these amazing essential oils.I always advocate using Lavender Essential Oil in essential oil blends for depression.


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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