Essential Oils For Anxiety & Depression

Essential Oils For Anxiety & Depression

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Wild As The Wind is regularly approached by those who need additional emotional support. Essential oils can provide much needed relief from anxiety and depression, and this article is written for all of you, with much love. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

We all have periods of emotional discord. No-one is spared the rigours of anxiety and depression. This is because sometimes depression is the most natural response we can have to a situation. And, it’s why it is so completely coded into the human experience.

We have much to learn from depression if we see it as an opportunity to grow and understand ourselves at a deeper level.

Sadly, many of us get stuck in an unhealthy cycle of depression, unable to free ourselves from it’s excruciating clutches, until, at some point, and without any apparent reason, it seemingly begins to miraculously lift of it’s own accord. In these instances, when we appear locked in the ‘dark night of the soul’, we need all the support we can get.

Thankfully, the natural world offers an abundance of support to those facing a period of anxiety and depression, and can, for many, help avert a descent into a long-term, chronic episode of depression as long as essential oils are used soon enough in conjunction with other coping mechanisms.

Essential oils address the energetic and physical aspects of anxiety and depression, but they can’t do all the work. Eating well, exercising and applying discipline to how we relate to ourselves are all key to our recovery.

Accepting that everything is perfect in it’s imperfection, and that we need to forgive ourselves for our shortfalls, our mistakes and our judgements, is all important. It will allow our feelings of discomfort to guide us to a deeper appreciation of our humanity, as well as our divine origins.

Our mistakes are the best teachers on our path to ultimate fulfilment. We are simply here to truly be who we are. We cannot fail unless we choose to, because being who we are is the one thing we can all accomplish, for sure.

We are already all that we need to become, but self-limiting belief eclipses who we really are… we just need to get out of our own way and allow ourselves to blossom. Mostly our mistakes will lead the way, but sometimes our successes will offer us a guiding light also.

And know this: We do not need to have earned the right, nor do we have to prove we are worthy. We are simply here, and able to put one foot in front of the other, and that is enough!

It is hoped you enjoy reading all of the resources offered in this article, and that they help you to be more who you are. It is also very much hoped, if you are feeling vulnerable and low, that you can see this article was written and inspired by an immense love… for you. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Essential Oils Offer Deep Emotional Support

One of the main reasons essential oils are so exceptionally uplifting to our spirits is because they have immediate access to our brain. The volatile molecules, which make up aromatherapy oils, are so small they glide straight through the blood brain barrier, entering our brain cells and delivering relief.

This intracellular interaction within our bodies is relatively unique to essential oils. Pharmaceuticals and even herbal remedies cannot do this, although research into this field is ongoing owing to the many benefits it intracellular action yields. *Liposomal supplements have a similar action, and are, therefore, much more bioavailable than conventional alternatives.

But, of course, essential oils do not need to be manipulated into working intracellularly, they innately have this ability in their natural form.

The intracellular availability of aromatherapy oils means they can easily access our chemical messengers which regulate the health of our bodies. This includes our hormones and neurotransmitters, both of which have a very direct impact on our emotional health.

Essential oils also directly impact our nervous system, and our HPA Axis, (hormonal response system for chronic stress), where they are able to exert a calming as well as an uplifting effect.

Choosing Your Essential Oils

There’s an extensive list of essential oils for anxiety and depression towards the end of the article. The specific benefits of these essential oils for anxiety and depression are outlined so you can choose the most appropriate aromatherapy oils for you as an individual. 

Because there’s are quite a few aromatherapy oils mentioned in this article, all of which possess anti-anxiety and anti-depressant capabilities, you certainly don’t need to invest in all of them. The oils you choose will ultimately be down to personal preference as well as budgetary constraints.

There is no single set of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant essential oils. We are all different, with varying needs. Plus, certain individuals respond better to a specific essential oil than others, but will receive less benefit from alternative oils that may prove incredibly helpful to their peers. So, the oils which will help you will be different to those which are equally beneficial to another.

This is great because there’s no right or wrong when it comes to choosing essential oils to help support you through your anxiety and depression.

One of the best ways of choosing oils is with your nose! You will always be drawn most to the oils you need in that moment. And, obviously this will change over time. Our needs change when our circumstances change. When one aspect of our emotional life is healed another area needing attention will emerge. Different essential oils will support the various emotional needs you have over time.

In all likelihood, you will need a combination of oils for each phase of your emotional life.

Essential oils become more potent when blended, and a blended oil can also create a more expansive healing potential than if the oils are used individually.

There’s links to how to use essential oils later on in this article. 

Essential Oils & Gut Health

Gut health is also vital for mental health, and a lot of the essential oils listed in this article help to support intestinal health through controlling pathogenic / bad bacteria… none more so than Clary Sage Essential Oil. They also support digestive health by lessening the stress burden of our emotional lives which exact a heavy toll on digestive health.

Emotional disturbances directly impact the health of our gut. It is where we experience much of our anxiety. It is, therefore, vitally important to read the Wild As The Wild article on Gut Health and follow the advice there also.

Unfortunately, the damage done to our gut health through anxiety states then goes on to further exacerbate the condition of our mental health. This is because the good bacteria in our gut forms 80% of our immune system and our gut produces 90% of the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter Seretonin. Plus, our gut and is responsible for producing and regulating the majority of our hormones, and so maintaining a healthy microbiome is vital for our mental health.

Essential Oils & Adaptogenic Herbs

The benefits of essential oils for depression and anxiety can be made even more effective if they are used alongside adaptogenic herbs.

Adaptogenic herbs also interact with the HPA Axis and have an incredible ability to reduce anxiety levels.

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Essential Oils & Our Vagus Nerve

Our Vagus Nerve controls our stress response within our body. It essentially performs the role of an ‘on and off’ switch between our fight or flight response and our relaxation response, aka our rest and digest response. These two different states are called the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses.

In the article Using Thieves Oil 2020 For Hormone & Immune Support I explain how to self-regulate our stress response. Thieves Oil 2020 is a Wild As The Wind blended oil which can be used for this purpose, especially as it helps to eliminate Vagus Nerve infection, which so many of us are suffering from. However, you can use many different combinations of aromatherapy oils to perform a Vagus Nerve massage if infection isn’t an issue.

Learning how to interact with our Vagus Nerve is one of the best means of self-regulating anxiety.

You can learn even more about regulating your Vagus Nerve in an article on this website entitled The Ultimate Cause Of All Illness.

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Essential Oils For Averting A Major Depression

More often than not it’s ongoing anxiety which leads to major episodes of depression. This is because chronic anxiety interferes with every major function of the body. Using essential oils in conjunction with the advice in the various linked articles can help bring anxiety back to normal levels.

All of the essential oils listed below are excellent for managing and mitigating anxiety. However, some oils really shine in this respect, including; Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Copaiba Balsam, Gurjum, Vetivert, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lavender and Hemp Aromatherapy Oil.

Essential Oils For Easing Our Passage Through Depression

If you are currently experiencing a depressive episode, then the following essential oils will also provide you with immense support.

They are just as helpful for acute depression as they are for chronic depression.

For example, if you suffer from acute or chronic anxiety and depression or you are struggling with trauma, fibromyalgia or CFS, (chronic fatigue syndrome), Cananga Essential Oil will help to provide symptomatic relief from all aspects of these conditions.

Cananga Aromatherapy Oil is also helpful for chronic stress and insomnia.

Essential Oils For Chronic Depression

Essential oils for chronic depression don’t differ from essential oils for acute depression. The only difference with essential oils for chronic depression is that it’s even more important to alternate the use of your essential oils, regularly switching to different essential oils to keep them all optimally effective.

Essential oils for chronic depression will become less effective if one essential oil is used consistently. Varying your essential oils for chronic depression will also mean that different parts of your brain and body will be stimulated by different essential oils.

It is also possible to blend several recommended essential oils. These blended essential oils can be infused in a base oil for topical application, or they can be used in an undiluted form within a diffuser or oil burner.

The biggest difference between using essential oils for chronic depression and using essential oils for acute depression is that essential oils can reduce the severity of depression if used at the outset.

Learn about the different uses of essential oils and how to blend them for diffusers and topical use in Using Essential Oils.

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Essential Oils For Acute Depression

Essential oils for acute depression can be used in a very different way to essential oils for chronic depression. If essential oils are used during periods of extreme stress, or during emotionally turbulent times, then a depressive episode can be avoided altogether, or the severity can be reduced.

Applying properly diluted essential oils topically to the pulse points of your wrists and Vagus Nerves points in your neck can significantly reduce anxiety episodes. This will mean you can avoid the major systemic upheavals caused by protracted anxiety episodes.

As mentioned above, essential oils for acute depression are the same as the essential oils for chronic depression, the only difference being that they can be used in a preventative way as well as for alleviating the severity of a depressive episode.

To learn about the different ways of using essential oils and how to blend them for diffusers and topical use please read Using Essential Oils.

The citrus essential oils, particularly Organic Sweet Orange and Bergamot FCF Essential Oil are exceptional for staving off a depressive episode.

Neroli Essential Oil, made from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, is also exceptional, but it is a lot more pricey.

Essential Oils For Trauma

There are several excellent essential oils for trauma. The following are some of the best…

Hyssop Essential Oil is exceptional for healing trauma, and it blends profoundly well with *Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil. This combination of oils has been a life-saver for me at certain times of my life!

*It’s important to use Organic Essential Oils wherever possible, but it is not critically important in most cases. However, it’s imperative to use Organic Citrus Essential Oils because they are likely to be toxic when made using conventionally grown fruits because of the way they are made. Citrus oils tend to be cold pressed rather than steam distilled, like so many other essential oils.

Yarrow Essential Oil is another profoundly healing oil for those suffering from trauma related depression and anxiety. I love the smell of this uniquely aromatic blue oil, and can’t seem to get enough of it after I have started inhaling it.

All of the blue oils are excellent for trauma and depression. This includes German Chamomile Essential Oil and Blue Tansy Essential Oil.

A lot of aromatherapy oils which are made using purple flowers are also excellent for depression and trauma. Hyssop is a purple flowering plant, as is Lavender and Clary Sage.

Long term trauma responds best to Hyssop Essential Oil and Yarrow Essential Oil, but recent traumas will respond well to all of the oils listed in this section.

As with Hyssop and Yarrow, Fragonia Aromatherapy Oil provides profound emotional support, facilitating the dispelling of emotional scars within our psyche / emotional energetic body.

Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of the go-to essential oils for depression. Along with Rose Otto Essential Oil it has been clinically proven to be uplifting by simply being inhaled.

Great for anxiety and stress reduction Sweet Orange Essential Oil is one of the essential oils that can help avert a depressive episode, or reduce the severity and length of a depressive episode.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory which also means it will have an anti-depressive influence on the brain. This is true of all of the anti-inflammatory essential oils in this list.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, when added to a glass of water, also supports digestive health and helps to detox our Liver and Gall Bladder. Follow the link provided to learn more about adding Sweet Orange Essential Oil to your drinking water.

It tastes AMAZING!

Lemon Essential Oil and Grapefruit Essential Oil are also excellent for anxiety and depression and can be taken internally like Sweet Orange. Learn how to use all three oils together in Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss + Digestive & Liver Health.

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil is similar to Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil and so it will not be given a full section within this article. However, it is important to mention this profoundly healing oil as it’s the preferred choice of those suffering from PTSD.

Bergamot FCF Essential Oil shares many as the same benefits of Sweet Orange, but it has a deeper scent which is less sweet, but very alluring.

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Frankincense Essential Oil

The above link is for Frankincense Serrata Essential Oil, but Wild As The Wind caries several Frankincense essential oils.

Frankincense Essential Oil is another obvious choice for depression. This immensely anti-inflammatory oil is amply able to reduce stress and helps those who use it to stop obsessing over depressive thoughts.

Although very similar, I would recommend Frankincense Serata Essential Oil for depression, as opposed to Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil. But, if you don’t have any Frankincense Serata then it’s fine to use Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil instead.

However, if you prefer the aroma of one variety of Frankincense over the other, then always trust your nose, and go with what you prefer. This will lead to the best outcomes.

Like Hyssop, Frankincense also blends incredibly well with Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

Frankincense is another aromatherapy oil which can be taken internally. Read Essential Oils For Internal Use for more information.

Please be aware that it is Frankincense Carteri Essential Oil and not Frankincense Serata Essential Oil in FACIAL OIL No. 2.

Gurjum Essential Oil

Gurjum Aromatherapy Oil is the second most affordable essential oil on this list. Palmarosa Essential Oil is the most affordable.

Gurjum Essential Oil, (aka Gurjun Essential Oil), is a lesser known aromatherapy oil which is well known for the support it offers those with anxiety and depression. 

A great anti-inflammatory oil, Gurun Essential Oil is also one of the most affordable in this list. It is, therefore, the ideal choice for those wanting powerful support for little outlay.

Palmarosa Essential Oil is another very affordable option, as is Organic Sweet Orang Essential Oil.

One of the great benefits of Gurjum Essential Oil is that it’s very aromatically neutral. This is really helpful for those who find some oils too aromatic. It also means Gurjum mixes well with all other essential oils as it’s neutrality doesn’t present aromatic conflicts within a blend.

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Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa Aromatherapy Oil is the most affordable essential oil on this list along with Gurjum Essential Oil.

Palmarosa Essential Oil provides profound emotional and systemic support. This means that it addresses many of the issues which allow anxiety and depression to spiral out of control making this less likely to occur.

Palmarosa Aromatherapy Oil is also known as Indian Geranium Essential Oil, and has a somewhat similar scent to Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Fragonia Essential Oil

Fragonia Aromatherapy Oil is a very special oil…

Fragonia Essential Oil is thought to carry an energetic imprint of love, although some would argue that all living things, and even non-living things, also have this.

According to Robbi Zeck ND, & Aromatic Kinesiologist, “Fragonia carries a unique energy pattern bringing the gift of the power of love. In each of us love is already in place. Perhaps you can simply, let love, love you.”

According to Zeck Fragonia Essential Oil is particularly potent for emotional issues relating to family.

Canada Balsam Essential Oil 

Canada Balsam Essential Oil is a very diverse healer with a rich, fresh, vibrant but gentle balsamic aroma. It is analgesic  and anti-inflammatory as well as being anti-anxiety and anti-depressant.

Canada Balsam Aromatherapy Oil blends well with many other essential oils, in particular citrus, floral, mint and herbaceous oils.

Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium Essential Oil is really helpful for depression and anxiety. It is, in some respects, the more affordable form of Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Geranium Essential Oil helps to alleviate depression by reducing anxiety and by uplifting our spirts. It is certainly one of the best loved oils aromatically, and is more floral, and less ‘tangy’ than Palmarosa.

However, this is a very sweet, pungent floral oil which some find too intense. Mixing it with a resinoid essential oil helps to anchor the scent of this oil. (Frankincense, Benzoin, Canada Balsam and Copaiba Balsam are good examples of resinoid essential oils.)

Like Rose Otto  and Fragonia essential oils, Geranium Essential Oil heals the heart on an energetic level.

Geranium Aromatherapy Oil is an important ingredient in FACIAL OIL No. 2

Cananga Essential Oil

Cananga Essential Oil is an exceptional aromatherapy oil with a truly delightful aroma. It smells like a toned down version of Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. This is because it comes from the same plant as Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, but, being a different variety of this plant, it has some unique healing benefits.

Cananga Essential Oil is profoundly anti-inflammatory and so it is great for people with autoimmune conditions like Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Arthritis.

There is a direction connection between inflammation and depression.

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Damiana Essential Oil

Damiana Essential Oil is a hugely impotent aromatherapy oil for those of a nervous disposition. It is profoundly supportive of those with anxiety and depression as well as those with a lot of nervous energy.

Aromatically it’s a bit like an earthy hug, which is immensely grounding. It helps people to breathe out and allow the tension to leave our bodies.

Copaiba Essential Oil

Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil is another anti-inflammatory resinoid oil which is comprehensively healing. Like Frankincense it is very safe to use with children, and is often used to soothe babies, especially those which struggle to sleep well.

Copaiba Essential Oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in much the same way as Hemp Essential Oil, but Copaiba is a third of the price of Hemp Essential Oil, and less is generally needed to achieve similar results.

Aromatically Copaiba is very mild, and although it’s not quite as aromatically neutral as Gurjun, it is most definitely a lot less strong than the potently aromatic Hemp Essential Oil.

Copaiba mixes well with almost all other aromatherapy oils. It’s advised for you to include either Gurjun or Copaiba as one of your key aromatherapy oils in your essential oil collection for anxiety and depression.

Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Essential Oil is a very popular oil for anxiety and depression because of it’s CBD content. However, Hemp Essential Oil contains many cannabinoids, making it a more comprehensively supportive oil than a single isolated component.

The good forms of CBD are isolated and extracted from Hemp Essential Oil which has been grown without pesticides, but CBD isolate acquired from plants grown with pesticides is less desirable and potentially toxic. Synthetically engineered CBD isolate, of which there are many, should be avoided as they are known to cause anxiety rather than quell it.

Learn more :: How Do Hemp Essential Oil & CBD Isolates Work?

*Wild As The Wind Hemp Essential Oil is grown without pesticides.

Rose Otto Essential Oil

Rose Otto Essential Oil, like Sweet Orange Essential Oil, has been clinically proven to be uplifting when inhaled.

Rose Otto Essential Oil is considered to be the ultimate essential oil for treating anxiety and depression.

However, not many people can afford Rose Otto Essential Oil, or some of the the other expensive essential oils for depression recommended in this article, like Sandalwood Essential Oil.

However, Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil, along with several other essential oils on this list, can be found in Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2.

The oils from this list in the facial oil No. 2 blend include; Sweet Orange, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Geranium, and of course, Rose Otto.

FACIAL OIL No. 2 is an anti-ageing and anti-Acne face oil, but it has also been formulated to alleviate stress and exert a calming influence.

Many women tell me that they can’t sleep without it, and that using it twice daily has a very uplifting effect on them!

You can read more about how incredibly calming and healing this face oil is in FACIAL OIL No. 2 Ingredients and decide whether this is the product you’d like to use to help support you during very challenging times.


Sandalwood Essential Oil 

Sandalwood Aromatherapy Oil is excellent for anxiety and depression as well as a tendency towards over-thinking.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is an aromatically seductive essential oil with many healing benefits. Not only does it help to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it also helps to focus the mind in much the same way Frankincense Aromatherapy Oil does. (Both oils are made from the sap of trees.)

As mental clarity is one of the things which falls victim to an episode of depression, improved mental focus is a real blessing. Plus, in helping to clear the mind it helps us to avoid dwelling on depressive thoughts.

Sandalwood Essential Oil is also anti-inflammatory, as well as calming and relaxing.

If the idea of using Frankincense, Sandalwood and Rose Otto Essential Oil appeals to you, then I strongly recommend you consider getting yourself some FACIAL OIL No. 2 as all of these oils are present. 

Plus, it contains a good number of hormone balancing essential oils, which as we know, are one of the first things to suffer when we have a period of anxiety and depression.


Author’s note…

I love using Sandalwood Essential Oil for depression. I love it’s mesmerisingly alluring aroma… and I sometimes use my Mysore Sandalwood Essential Oil as a perfume by applying it to the pulse points of my wrists. (I properly dilute it before doing so.)

Modern perfumes are very toxic, and they are the one of last things we should ever be applying to our pulse points on our wrists.

Our pulse points are where our blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin, which means that whatever we apply to this area of the body will enter the bloodstream very quickly.

Conversely, applying Sandalwood Essential Oil to the pulse points is a great way of getting the healing properties of this oil in and around our bodies.

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Chamomile Essential Oil

***The above link is for Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil, but there are different variations of Chamomile Essential Oil, such as Wildcrafted German Chamomile Essential Oil, and different forms of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil.

One of the big essential oils for depression is Chamomile Essential Oil. It is immensely calming and helps us sleep.

Sleep is so critical for our health. The body heals when we are sleeping. So, if we are not sleeping well, then our physical and mental health will definitely be impaired.

I prefer the beautiful blue coloured German Chamomile Essential Oil for stress-busting! Wild as The Wind carry an amazing Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil which we believe easily exceeds the quality of all other Organic German Chamomile Essential Oils found in the UK.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil is a great choice for supporting you during anxiety and depressive states. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s considered to be the most important aromatherapy oil for restoring hormonal health.

Stress dramatically impacts hormonal health within women. Much more so than in men! I recommend that everyone reads about this phenomena in this Hormone Health article.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is only one of several purple flowering plants that are excellent for depression because of their ability to reduce insomnia. Lavender Essential Oil is another, as is Hyssop Essential Oil. *The blue essential oils also help with sleep issues, as does Gurum, Copaiba and Hemp.

Clary Sage Essential Oil is a soothing, anti-inflammatory oil, which is so abundantly anti-microbial it can treat bacterial strains that are already antibiotic-resistant. This directly addresses the issue of failing immunity and the depression connection.

Aromatically Clary Sage Essential Oil is herbaceous. It is like a more floral form of sage. It blends well with many of the oils within this list and benefits from the addition of more floral notes. It is also greatly enhanced by the addition of Rosemary Essential Oil.

As it is one of the most affordable aromatherapy oils for anxiety and depression, Clary Sage Essential Oil should be viewed as a very strong contender for inclusion in your selection.

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind carries six different Yang Ylang Aromatherapy Oils  if Cananga Essential Oil is included in the list.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is one of the age old essential oils for depression. It is exceptional for people who have had a nervous breakdown as well as those who are experiencing acute depression.

Chronic stress will lead to a nervous breakdown, and so it is best to start using Ylang Ylang Essential Oil when experiencing anxiety and stress, thereby helping to avert a breakdown before it happens.

Another really important oil for this is Rosemary Essential Oil, but there are several others. Some of these are listed in the Averting A Major Depression section of this article.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Wild As The Wind carries three different versions of Rosemary Essential Oil :: Rosemary Cineol, a slightly milder smelling essential oil, Rosemary Camphor, the best form of Rosemary Aromatherapy Oil if grief is a component, plus the ethically sourced and organic versions of this exceptional oil.

Rosemary Essential Oil is profoundly healing. Known as the oil of remembrance it exerts a gentle but consistent influence, enabling those who use it to recollect the things we need to remember for our growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil has been scientifically proven to be profoundly rejuvenating, this is largely due to it’s ability to mitigate stress.

This is another very affordable, exceptionally potent oil, which originates from a purple flowering plant. It is aromatically very pleasing, clean and fresh with a complexity which instills faith in those who smell it.

Rosemary blends very well with most of the oils in this list and has a particular affinity with Sweet Orange and Geranium. (These three oils are the ones used to scent the most popular Wild As The Wind Bath & Body Oil.)

Vetiver Essential Oil

*Vetiver is also known as Vetivert Essential Oil. Wild As The Wind carries three different versions of Vetivert Essential Oil. It can be bought as an ethically sourced or organic aromatherapy oil as well as a wildcrafted essential oil. 

Vetiver Essential Oil is considered by many as the ultimate insomnia essential oil. Even those who fail to obtain a decent night’s sleep when using Lavender report very positive results from Vetivert.

It is a very grounding essential oil that can be used in trauma to excellent effect. Vetiver Essential Oil also helps with issues of self-awareness, and exerts a calming effect. It is particularly beneficial for anger issues, combating exhaustion, as well as coping with fears and insecurities.

Vetivert Essential Oil is deeply relaxing, grounding and is very well suited for spiritual development applications.

This is a potent oil aromatically. It is a base note in perfumery, and whilst good Vetiver oils are very complex, the scent is predominantly governed by earthy, woody tones, that strike you as almost ancient in their fullness.

This is a strong oil which benefits from being blended with other oils, although some prefer to use it on it’s own. It has a particular affinity with Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Oil and some citrus oils.

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Lavender Essential Oil

The above link is for the Wild As The Wind Ethically Sourced Lavender True Essential Oil. However, Wild As The Wind carry six different types of Lavender Essential Oil and a couple of different Lavandin Essential Oils.

The last essential oil I would advocate for anxiety and depression is going to come as no surprise for many. Lavender Essential Oil.

Many millions fo people turn to Lavender Essential Oil for depression each year.

Like the other purple flowered plant based essential oils, Lavender Essential Oil is brilliant for reducing anxietyand inducing healing sleep.

Mixing Lavender Essential Oil with others oils in this list strengthens the healing effects of these amazing essential oils.I always advocate using Lavender Essential Oil in essential oil blends for depression.

Anxiety & Depression Further Reading

In this article it’s important to concentrate on the essential oils which provide emotional support rather than discussing the whys and wherefores of depression itself.

There are a number of other articles on this website which address the underlying causes of anxiety and depression, and offer other means of returning to wellness. It is hoped you make good use of all of them, where appropriate.

The most important articles are as follows:

Hormone Health Part Four for a comprehensive explanation of the root causes of anxiety and depression.

Inflammation Causes All Illness – Here’s What You Need To Do About It – scientific research has discovered the very direct connection between inflammation and depression.

Stress Is The Cause Of All Illness & Dysfunction

Stress Quick Fix

Obviously there’s a lot of factors influencing how we arrive at a state of depression, and, of course, not all of them are psychological.

Certain factors predispose us to developing depressive tendencies, some of which can be environmental or dietary in origin. It is worth mentioning some of the key precursors here as a lot of readers will, most likely, be shocked by some of them…

  • Childhood trauma
  • C section birth coupled with being bottle fed, instead of breast fed, which leads to poor gut health
  • Poor diet and sugar addiction leading to gut dysbiosis
  • Antibiotic use leading to poor gut health
  • Situational depression can be caused by poor living conditions, restricted opportunities in life and grief (hopelessness & despair)
  • Chemical stressors
  • Magnesium and other dietary deficiencies
  • Experiential depression as a consequence of abuse

Eating For Hormonal Health also deals with important nutrient deficiencies which often need addressing if you are depressed.

Energy Healing With Essential Oils explains how aromatherapy oils can be used to shift energetic blockages which make us unwell.

These three articles are also very important reading…

Morning Detox Protocols

Evening Detox Protocols

Gratitude Heals addresses the spiritual dimension of our malaise and offers us a way out of our emotional prisons from a psychological perspective. 


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The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

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