Antibiotic Use Is Evil :: & Why We Mustn’t Eat Farmed Fish

Antibiotics & Toxic Fish

Did you know that once created, antibiotics never bio-degrade? This means you and I can take a course of antibiotics, which we then pee out into the mains water supply, in pretty much the same form as when we popped those little cheerfully coloured pills into our mouths… Who knew…?

Well the short answer to that one is :: Big Pharma!

They know it all, but they’re defo keeping shtum about it!

Antibiotics Ruin Our Health

The first pill in a course of antibiotics destroy 90% of our gut flora.

Our gut flora accounts for upwards of 80% of our immune system.

Antibiotics, therefore completely compromise our ability to protect ourselves from pathogens and viruses, leaving us badly immuno-compromised.

But, they also expose us to the very real risk of hormonal imbalances, Acne outbreaks as well as Eczema etc, and they also exposes us to the risk of anxiety and depression.

Antibiotics, The Scorched Earth Approach To Healthcare

Essentially, antibiotics cause systemic disruption, because our gut health is the cornerstone of our overall health. This means every major system function within the body is compromised when we take antibiotics.

Antibiotics, as the name suggests, destroy all of the beneficial bacteria in our gut, which constitute 80% of our immune systems. They wipe out the good and the bad indescriminately, which essentially means they blanket bomb everything.

Eventually this will lead to our health spiralling out of control, which will be made obvious by unexplained weight gain, and weight loss resistance, chronic fatigue and brain fog etc…

Antibiotics Were Released At The Same Time As Improved Sanitation

We believe we have a miraculous cure-all in antibiotics, but, the reality is, no-one knows whether it was improved sanitation or the antibiotics which had more of an impact on bacterial infections. The same is true of all of the common vaccinations.

Improved sanitation clearly caused a very dramatic up-swing in outcomes, but, because these major pharmaceutical interventions were made available concurrently we will never accurately know which protocol reduced serious infection the most.

Prescribing Antibiotics Is The Height Of Irresponsibility

Prescribing antibiotics in this day and age is either the height of irresponsibility or the height of supreme ignorance in the face of all the facts.

There are many things we can do instead of taking antibiotics.

Turning to essential oils is one of the smart options. Read Essential Oil First Aid Kit to see why Oregano Essential Oil is going to replace antibiotic use, and how Oregano Essential Oil makes the idea of taking antibiotics look utterly ridiculous.

Find even more reasons to avoid antibiotics and what to take instead on :: Antibiotics: Side Effects and Alternatives

Antibiotics Are Routinely Fed To Millions Of Farm Animals Every Day Of Their Lives

Antibiotics are doled out in low dosages, which are the dosages deemed to be the most dangerous in terms of the potential for creating superbugs, because farmers are in the business of fattening up their livestock. Low doses of antibiotics fatten everything up very nicely!

This is because antibiotics are casuing systemic harm. Animals in nature do not get fat because they are not corrupting their systems like this. Now go figure why humans are suffering from an obesity epidemic!

Many people will find the concept of intensive farming offensive and distressing, but the images in the following video are not anywhere near as bad as it gets. Most people will be able to cope with the images used.

Farmed Fish Are The Most Toxic Thing You Can Put On Your Plate

As alluded to in Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth fish farms are fire hosing antibiotics into open water fish pens containing hundreds of thousands of morbidly sick fish. These fish are so diseased this is deemed necessary.

Within weeks they could very easily be on your plate!

Salmon being farmed in open water pens in Lochs and river estuaries, where they meet the sea, are also suffering from big ugly lice that are sucking the life blood out of them. And, because these kinds of infections are occurring in such close proximity to other fish, the cross-contamination figures are appalling.

But lice on 100% of the penned salmon is one thing, it’s the escapee salmon that are then infecting wild salmon with their lice and diseases that are potentially driving slamon to the boundaries of extinction.

It only takes ten lice on a salmon to induce death… as this short video reveals…

As well as antibiotics fish farmers are using toxic chemicals that are profoundly neuro-toxic.

The following long documentary, (approximately one hour), is very well made, and reveals the horrendous practices of the global farmed fish industry.

Farmed fish are increasingly frequently appearing in school dinner menus…

For example, the cheap, extremely intensively farmed Panga fish from Asia, which is actually the Pangasius Vietnamese River Cobbler, is doused in Polyphosphate to increase weights, and enable more efficient freezing of the fillets of fish for export.

Estimates suggest 25% of adults eat at least three times more phosphate than is recommended. In contrast to the 700 mg of phosphorus to which U.S. adults are urged to limit their intake, the limits in the U.K. are no more than 550 mg per day.

Currently, U.S. and U.K. laws do not require manufacturers to publish the amount of phosphate contained in processed foods,7 making it more difficult for people to monitor their intake and stay within recommended levels.

Phosphates May Make You Feel Lazy

But, this is the least of our worries where Panga are concerned. Strangulated waters provide insufficient oxygen to the Panga fish, which compromises their immune systems leading to all manner of shared diseases.

Farmed Fish Are Five Times More Toxic Than Any Other Food Source

To treat their Panga stricken by pollution farmers pour industrial quantities of drugs into the ponds

Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food

The drugs usually used are antibiotics, which spread from one farm to another.

This one hour documentary should be required viewing for everyone. I very much hope you will watch it. (You will never eat another factory farmed fish in your life, and you may even have strips torn off you in supermarkets whilst discussing the toxic hazards of these farmed fish with supermarket workers… On more than one occasion shoppers, looking to buy fish, in ear-shot of the discussion between myself and shop staff, have verbally attacked me… because, clearly, if you don’t know how deathly a food product is then it will be perfectly safe to eat… hurray for yet another victory of ignorance over scientific fact!

Root Cause Of All The Toxins

This long documentary goes on to to show a scientist who reveals that it’s actually the food pellets, being fed to the fish, that are even more toxic than the chemicals and drugs being used to treat the constant infections.

This is horrendous news! Especially as it is later revealed the eels, which are caught to make the fish pellets, live downstream from a paper mill churning out Dioxins. So, it’s chemical plants, and chemical using industries who are upstream that are killing us!

Well that’s a shocker! Who would have guessed!?!?!?

Weight Gain Revelation

Jérôme Ruzzin, one of the researchers featured in the documentary, corroborates what I have written about in :: Weight Gain & Weight Loss Resistance… that being, toxins make us fat!

You simply must avoid exposure to these toxins. By ingesting them you are exposed.

If organisms are exposed to different pollutants, some of these pollutants are going to make the organism accumulate more fat. So, a theory has been formulated which correlates obesity being a consequence of all of the pollutants we encounter in the environment.

Jérôme Ruzzin, University of Bergen, Norway

What Happens When Our Water Is Full Of Hormones?

What is true for antibiotics is also true for contraceptive hormones… these ubiquitous little Xenoestrogens are causing men to develop D Cups, and sending a lot of women completely haywire, (which means we all know at least one woman in her fifties who is pathologically suicidal due to appalling menopausal symptoms.

Yep, these dreadful menopausal onsets are getting worse for all women… the level of suffering is growing exponentially… and it’s all down to the ignorance of the consumer and the willful negligence of the profiteering manufacturers of synthetic hormones and allied corporations.

Where There’s A Profit There’s A Psychopath Chasing It…

It took decades, and a top scientific whistle blower, to finally expose the lies that the tobacco industry had been knowingly telling the buying public for a very long time, about how cigarettes weren’t in the least bit bad for you… But, regardless of this some people were wising up on their own, and knocking the habit on the head… even though it has been proven that the Tobacco Industry went to great lengths to keep us hooked. They artificially adjusted the level of nicotine in their tobacco so that it was optimally addictive.

Oh yeah, they knew alright… they knew that their filthy fags were carcinogenic, but it didn’t stop them from targeting women and children in developing countries when Western cigarette sales started to show a steady decline.

I was living in India in the early 1990’s and I saw billboard after billboard in very poor districts glamourising smoking. All with imagery designed to appeal to women and children, with some even depicting women smoking.

At the time I was astonished these hoardings were even permitted. I knew how little freedom women had in India at that time, and you certainly never saw a women smoking! A woman smoking would almost have been tantamount to openly revealing she was a wanton and depraved individual of easy morals!

And you know, in my naivety I though… Wow! They’re never going to get that one to fly.

But, with all these things the corporations are always in it for the long game. Sure, they’ll take the easy wins and short-term gains as quick as you like, but their gaze is always on the distant horizon.

I’m not sure of it, but I bet there’s plenty of women smoking publicly in India these days.

If We Brexit We Must Not Sign A Trade Deal With The US!

Many of my recent articles are littered with my fears around Britain being rendered easy pickings for the US after Brexit is achieved. To lose all of the environmental protections from the EU, which has banned 1,328 skincare ingredients, versus the 9 the US has banned, could potentially be devastating to our health.

George Monbiot was once again warning us about US trade deals earlier last year :: Resist a US trade deal. Your life may depend on it

In a more recent Independent article the potential for an even more disastrous trade deal with America, than previously feared, is clearly outlined.

A no-deal Brexit would force the UK to “submit” to Donald Trump rather than “taking back control” from the European Union (EU), experts have warned.

Any trade deal with the US would be “entirely on their terms” and would open up Britain’s health service, pharmaceutical industry and food market to American corporate interests, Professor Alex de Ruyter, director of Birmingham City University’s Centre for Brexit Studies, told The Independent.

We are potentially going to be in so much shit if we leave it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Up to our eyes in toxins and flab, just like so many poisoned Americans!

For more information on Monsanto read Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth

Heavy Metals also make us fat.

Mackerel is considered the safest fish for us to eat, providing us with those all-important essential fatty acids, without which our diets would be deficient, and our skin would be dehyrated.

***Stress also makes us fat, as does hormone imbalance.

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