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The Stress Quick Fix list is a super quick reference list for the best remedies for stress, anxiety and depression.

It lists  quite a few different protocols from essential oils to herbs and flower essences… but it is not an exhaustive list, by any means.

Use it as your launchpad into your own complementary cures for anxiety and perhaps even depression.

Please feel free to add your own remedies and essential oils in the comments.

And don’t forget to share it with those who need it. Thanks!

***You can read more about the causes of stress in Stress is The Cause Of All Illness

STRESS Quick Fix :: Essential Oils

And then there’s essential oils with sequiterpenes like Frankincense Essential Oil and Sandalwood Essential Oil.

Sequiterpenes help carry oxygen to the brain where they stimulate the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that’s responsible for emotions. This then calms anxious thoughts and quiets the feelings of anxiety.

There are more than 10,000 types of sesquiterpenes which are constituents in a number of essential oils.

May be it’s the sesquiterpenes in Black Pepper Essential Oil that help to alleviate the desire, or need, to smoke…? But, I would have not been able to quit, after 41 years of committed filterless roll-up smoking if it weren’t for Black Pepper Essential Oil!

Sesquiterpenes effectively calm anxious thoughts and reduce feelings of anxiety.

It is the Terpines along with the endocannabinoids in Hemp Essential Oil which means this incredibly healing essential oil is so beneficial for stress and anxiety.

Essential Oils With Sesquiterpenes

There are other essential oils with sesquiterpenes in them, but all of the ‘big hitters’ are in this list.

STRESS Quick Fix :: Gratitude

Gratitude heals… and having the ability to stop the flow of negativity in our brains when we are stressed, and remind ourselves to look at life through grateful eyes, will go a long way to calm the stress response going on in your body.

Read full article here :: Gratitude Heals

STRESS Quick :: Fix Flower Essences

Have you ever heard of Rescue Remedy? Well, this is a flower essense that helps with abrupt shocks, but there are 48 remedies in total, all of which can help with worry, anxiety and depression.

We don’t recommend the widely available Bach Flower Remedies as these are not made in the way that was intended. Instead we recommend the International Flower Essences, which are made exactly as intended.

STRESS Quick :: Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is one of the best ways of reversing anxiety and depression, as well as stress.

Sleeping before midnight is considered to be more restorative that after midnight. The hours between 10.00pm and midnight are considered especially beneficial.

If we find ourselves waking up at particular times of night reasonably consistently, then there are specific stressors at play. Learn more in Sleep & The Mineral Connection.

STRESS Quick :: Exercise & Fresh Air

Exercise and fresh air are vitally important for keeping stress in check. A nice long walk or bike ride do us the power of good.

Dancing is another great way of de-stressing.

STRESS Quick :: Socialising

Over-work and isolation are two of the most damaging things for our health.

Making a determined effort to socialise more is the best way forward.

No-one has ever been know to say, “Oh, how I wish I’d done more overtime”, on their death bed. Life is for living!!!


EFT, aka as the tapping solution, or Emotional Freedom Techniques, (EFT), draws on various theories of alternative medicine like Acupuncture, energy healing, NLP, and Thought Field Therapy.

The tapping technique, or EFT, helps us build new neural pathways, due to the fact our brains are capable of neuroplasticity.

STRESS Quick :: Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is very useful for reducing stress because it’s an energetic medicine.

Bathing In Mineral Baths Or Using Mineral Spritz

Using Mineral Spritz is the best way of delivering minerals into the body. Most minerals prefer to travel transdermally, especially when we are stressed. Stress negatively impacts the gut, making it less able to absorb minerals. This is why transdermal absorption is so important, and it is why Mineral Spritz is such a convenient product.

Bathing in Epsom Salts, or Dead Sea Salts & Himalayan Pink Salt does wonders for the mind and body. these restorative baths, or foot baths, can relieve nervous tension and help lift anxiety and depression by providing the body with vital nutrients.

Epsom Salts are particularly ideal for those that are deficient in Magnesium.

STRESS Quick Fix :: Herbs

Kava – calms anxiety, stress, as well as restlessness. Also aids to reduce insomnia.

*Certain proponents advise caution with this herb due to perceived negative effects.

Hawthorn – which is also great for the heart! I personally feel this is a very female tree, and it’s certainly one of my utmost favourites. I feel it is a tree with the ‘crone’ energy coarsing through it… but, I am sure your own research will give you different ideas around this marvellous tree.

Damiana – used to treat headache, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation (which is the metaphysical signal that we are unable to ‘let go’), as well as boosting and maintaining mental and physical endurance. it also assists with bedwetting.

Adaptogenic Herbs – amazing for anxiety and depression and hormonal issues. See more information below.

STRESS Quick Fix :: Vitamins & Minerals

B Complex


Fish Oil

STRESS Quick Fix :: Adaptogens

Adaptogenic herbs really heal the adrenals cope when under acute or chronic stress. One of the side affects of this action is to remove the physical feelings of stress… but they don’t stop the stressful thoughts from happening. You need to work on those.

Worry never had a positive outcome. In fact, the only outcome from worrying is that you compromise your health!

So! It’s time to get disciplined and stop those worrisome thoughts by adopting amore philospical outlook.

It’s important to remember that there are many outcomes to a difficult situation. One of them will be the worst outcome. But, believing that this is the outcome you will achieve is folly… because…

May Be Yes

May Be No

Only time Will Tell

***Use methods in Morning Detox Protocols to get your mental stress under control.

My favourite Adaptogenic herbs:


Rhodiola Rosea

Siberian Ginseng

Tulsi, or Tulasi :: Holy Basil

There are more adaptogenic herbs…read about them all to find the best one for you…

*My personal top two favourites are Ashwaganda and Tusli.

STRESS Quick Fix :: Foods

Good fats, like the Essential Fatty Acid, Omega 3 are vital for a healthy nervous system. If you don’t eat enough good fats you will suffer from anxiety.

Coconut and Avocados are good sources of good oil. I cook all my food either in Coconut oil or animal fat. I only use the good fat Olive oil cold. It is not good to cook with Olive oil because of it’s low smoke point, which makes it go toxic quickly. Animal and Coconut oil have high smoke points.

Too much sugar and caffeine cause anxiety, so cut them out or reduce their consumption.

Alcohol can cause anxiety and depression, as can Canabis. Whereas Hemp Essential Oil has the opposite effect.

Root vegetables are grounding and help sooth frayed nerves.

Greens, especially green leafy veggies are brilliant for nervous stress. They have magnesium in them, amounts a bunch of other vitamins and minerals, that help to restore balance to our systems.

*Avoid comfort foods! Sugar and dairy will make you more stressed!

STRESS Quick Fix :: Breathing & Vagus Nerve Activation

Check out the amazing breathing exercises towards the end of the article entitled Morning Detox Protocols to learn how to get out of the ‘fight or flight response’, and get into the parasympathetic nervous response, where we are clam and peaceful and enjoy uplifting thoughts.

The science around breathing properly.

Learn about the Vagus Nerve which governs the relaxation response.

STRESS Quick Fix: EMF Reduction

Electromagnetic fields are engulfing us. They are a tremendous source of stress, and they are making us ill.

Please read the series of articles on EMF and 5G if you aren’t familiar with the dangers of being constantly zapped by radio-waves.

For ways of reducing EMF, please read Evening Detox Protocols


The information provided is not intended to replace the medical directives of your healthcare provider. This information is not meant for the diagnosis of health issues. If you are pregnant, have serious or multiple health concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before using essential oils or associated products. If you experience any complications or adverse reactions contact your healthcare provider.

Deepen your knowledge by using the Wild As The Wind Recommended Resources

Another resource you may find useful can be found by following the link below. *Please note, I use sources from the Recommended Resources list as well as sources from the Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources list when researching articles for the Wild As The Wind Blog.

Best Healthcare and Skincare Information Sources.

Wild As The Wind use a number of resources when deciding which essential oil formulas to put together for optimal healing and efficacy, as well as to support any health claims we may make.

We use the industry ‘bible’ on essential oil safety: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals [2nd Edition] by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, to establish the safety of the Wild As The Wind formulations.

We owe a particular debt to GreenMedInfo, and, of course, the teachings of Penny Price and Patricia Davis.

Many of the scientific studies used to inform the claims made on this website are via GreenMedInfo, as well as via Dr. Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger on the Truth About Cancer website as well as, on the odd occasion, Dr. Eric Zielinski

Other resources include:

  • PubMed
  • WebMD
  • Robert Tisserand
  • Dr. Robert Pappas
  • AromaWeb

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