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Some of the most active ingredients in the best natural face oils are derived from essential oils. In fact, I would go so far as to say that Facial Essential Oils are vitally important for anti-ageing, scar healing, Acne preventing and wrinkle removing… and, of course, the amazing aroma they lend to a face oil blend.

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Facial Essential Oils By Wild As The Wind

I set up Wild As The Wind after I became really ill and then clawed my way back to half decent health. I’ll tell this story in full detail before the year is out, (see above link), but for now suffice to say I was in a bad way.

I relied heavily on essential oils during my recovery, and I have used my own facial essential oil recipe intermittently since my twenties, so the decision to set up Wild As The Wind when I was restored to good health, has been, in many ways, a journey that has brought me full circle in my life.

Wild As The Wind supply many of the facial essential oils we use in our own products and even some that we don’t. We are completely open about the ingredients we use because we believe that patenting and copywriting only serves the manufacturer and not the consumer.

Concealing the recipes of healing blends of essential oils, and anything else for that matter, deprives the population of the world the chance to heal. I don’t believe that anything else has retarded societal advancement as much as people’s determination to turn a profit for every new insight and innovation we have ever had…

That’s why I’m happy to reveal all the best facial essential oils Wild As The Wind use in our products. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Best Facial Essential Oils

It is impossible to define the ultimate best facial essential oil because everyone has different skin.

If you are ageing and want to boost collagen, then Rose Otto Essential Oil and Geranium Essential Oil along with Frankincense Essential Oil are probably the three best essential oils for helping with this.

But, if it’s age spots and fine lines you’re targeting, then you would most likely turn to Frankincense Carterii Essential Oil first, as these amazing essential oil will help diminish these for you. However, some of the citrus essential oils are excellent for diminishing the appearance of age spots, although…

*Wild As The Wind refrain from using any citrus essential oils, aside from Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Bergamot FCF Essential Oil, in our skincare range as they are photo-toxic and can lead to the burning of the skin if it’s exposed to direct sunlight. You can read more about this in Organic Orange Essential Oil along with how to recognise photo-toxicity if you have it, and what to expect and what do about it.

The burns from citrus essential oils can be very severe, so we believe it is better to be safe than sorry.

That’s not to say all citrus essential oils are off limits. The very beautiful Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil is the only citrus essential oil that is natural not photo-toxic, and we rely on it very heavily.

The reason for this is that it has more D-limonene in it than Lemon Essential Oil, and so it is an antioxidant powerhouse!

We include Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil in our top selling face oil: FACIAL OIL No. 2 Anti-Ageing Ultra, and we also include it in another big selling pain relieving product: Easy Peasy Oil to mitigate oxidative stress.

***The Bergamot FCF Essential Oil has been altered slightly to remove the photo-toxic constituent, making it safe for use in direct sunlight.

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Frankincense Serata Essential Oil accompanies the Sweet Orange Essential Oil in Pain & Inflammation Vanishing Oil because of it’s profound ability to reduce inflammation.

There’s no surprise that both Orange Essential Oil and Frankincense Essential Oil both appear in FACIAL OIL No. 2… not only do they reduce the signs of ageing, but they also reduce the appearance of puffiness, especially around the eyes.

Facial Essential Oil Of Choice

I personally would choose Rose Damascene, or Rose Otto Essential Oil as my preferred essential oil in any facial oil blend. But this isn’t surprising… I’m in my 50’s!

However, Rose Otto Essential Oil is brilliant for curing Acne and reducing scars, so it is likely to be one of the most popular essential oil ingredients all told.

You will become better at using essential oils the more you do it.. your blends will become more elegant and efficacious the more you work with and read about the oils.

I personally hope that I can contribute to inspiring you to do this. Not only is blending essential oils a beautiful thing to do, it is becoming increasingly critical for our health, also.

Just a quick run through the article on Essential Oil First Aid Kit will show you how essential oils are poised to take over from the failing modern medicine model.

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Facial Essential Oils Do’s & Don’t’s

Just because you know an essential oil is a facial essential oil in many commercial facial oils, it doesn’t mean you have to use it!

Besides, a lot of the facial essential oils used in commercial blends are not all that they’re made out to be. Essential oil adulteration is common practice, because some facial essential oil is so expensive it would mean that some commercially available facial essential oil blends would cost the earth.

It is common practice to use Geranium Rose Essential Oil and pass it off as Rose Otto Essential Oil, and it is also common practice to use Rose Maroc Absolute (a very inferior Rose Oil To Rose Damascene (Otto), which has had all of the healing qualities stripped away to achieve aromatic consistency.

When an oil is an Absolute it means it has been adulterated for the perfume industry. Read why this is only the tip of the iceberg when it come to toxicity levels of branded perfumes.

Facial essential oil adulteration is a massive problem, and is actually down-right dangerous!

Certain facial oils really don’t blend well. It is always best to consult an essential oil compatibility chart before making your own blends at home.

As mentioned, citrus essential oils are also best avoided in face oil blends, unless of course, you are only ever going to use them in winter.

Don’t over-do it! You don’t need every essential oil in your cupboard to go into your facial oil. A lot of oils share similar qualities and healing abilities. Choose the one you prefer from an aromatic standpoint, and from a compatibility perspective, and keep things simple.

If you blend a face oil that is profoundly healing, but smells awful, you won’t use it!

And, of course, it goes without saying… do not exceed an approximate 2% dilution of essential oils to carrier oil!

Most Popular Facial Essential Oil

Perhaps the most popular facial essential oil is Rose Oil. This is because it not only has anti-ageing, anti-blemish and anti-acne capabilities, but it is also capable of going very deep into the layers of the skin. In addition, it draws all of the other facial essential oils and carrier oils within the blend deep into the skin too.

This is a blessing and a curse!

If, like the Wild As The Wind Rose Facial Essential Oil that we use in FACIAL OIL No. 2, the Rose Otto Essential Oil is pure, then this is a real blessing. However, if the Rose Essential Oil has been adulterated, as it has been in the vast majority of commercially available facial oil preparations, then this is a curse. Adulterated Rose Facial Essential Oil means that toxic substances are drwn deep within the skin where they are more able to enter the bloodstream.

As 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed by the body this is particularly bad news.

And don’t think that you will be spared from this risk if you pay an arm and a leg for your face oils.

High end facial oils are broadly made using adulterated ingredients and facial essential oils.

And, the same applies to an awful lot of the ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ products out there…

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Facial Essential Oil Cost

But why?


If you think about it there’s only one good reason to adulterate a beautiful healing Facial Essential Oil… PROFIT!

We advise you to read the article essential oil adulteration on this website before you buy any essential oils.

Facial Essential Oils Used By Wild As The Wind

We believe we select all of the best Facial Essential Oils for our FACAIL OIL blends.

You can read lengthy descriptions of all of the healing properties of the Facial Essential Oil ingredients on the FACIAL OIL No. 2 and FACIAL OIL No. 7 pages.

And, you can read testimonials about how effective these lovely oils are. Here’s one about FACIAL OIL No. 2 I received today:

When you buy creams and lovely smelling lotions from a market stall you never really know what you’re going to get till you’re at home and you try them. When I met Rachel at Wells market there was no doubt she’s incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about her topic – but being honest I thought I’d try her products mainly because they had the most tantalising aromas.

I reluctantly admit in the past I’ve been a bit of a ‘beauty snob’, buying items because of their brand or the labelling – which I now realise is all a bit of a swizz.

Since using Rachel’s products there are many small victories I’ve noticed – including my pre-bed cleansing ritual has reduced in time significantly – it’s a quick spritz with the cleaner and a warm rub and pat of her amazing oils – I even look forward to doing this before bed as its so relaxing, and it sets me up for good sleep. My face next day feels nourished and glowing – but never greasy. My friends, family (and even other half) have commented that my skin looks great at the moment.

But more than all that lovely stuff people have said to me – I FEEL so much better for using these products. They’re gentle, comforting and yet still incredibly effective – I don’t understand all the special powers all these aromas have – but I have noticed I’m a lot less stressed and more chilled lately. I have since used lots of Rachel’s other products – all of which I’ve been impressed with – even down to her simple lip salve.

Katrina, Wiltshire

Buying Facial Essential Oils

We stock most of the facial essential oil ingredients listed in our facial oils, and we will also source some of the more expensive facial essential oils for you if you would like us to.

Just send us an email requesting facial essential oil prices and then confirm via email which oils you would like to purchase along with the PayPal email address you use. We will then send you a PayPal invoice and will dispatch your facial essential oils on receipt of payment.

If you don’t have a PayPal account we can arrange for another means of payment.

Other means of buying facial essential oil can be found on our Buy page.

Please remember to share this article with those that will find it useful. Thanks.

Facial Essential Oil was written by Rachel Wild

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I recommend GreenMedInfo as one of the best resources for further research into Facial Essential Oil.

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