Detoxing Fluoride With Tamarind

Tamarind Drink

Tamarind is exceptionally useful in the relief of quite a few common conditions and it is used in hot countries, like India, to treat parasites and worms!

It is reputed to ease stomach ache, improve digestion, and help with elimination. It is also used for fevers, sore throats, and sunstroke.

It improves heart health, helps with weight loss, protects the body from cell damage and ageing caused by free radicals, boosts immunity, and helps in the management of diabetes.

It can also treat the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism.

Most importantly Tamarind helps the body to detox fluoride, a very poisonous neurological toxin.

Detoxing Fluoride With Tamarind

Fluoride accumulation is concentrated in the Pineal Gland where it causes calcification. As the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep cycles and inducing a state of sleep at night, as well as controlling the timing and release of female reproductive hormones, it is, therefore, vitally important on a systemic level.

Fluoride is an extremely harmful neuro-toxin, that has now been removed from a lot of the municipal water supplies in the UK.

Fluoride Is Still An Issue In The UK

Unfortunately, even though Fluoride was removed from much of the UK’s drinking water some time ago, just like the contraceptive pill and antibiotics, these compounds remain intact, even after ingestion and excretion. This means Fluoride, the contraceptive pill and antibiotics are simply being constantly recycled by all those who drink from the public water supply.

Obviously, there are quite a few other toxic components which continue to circulate also, such as herbicides, pesticides and other really noxious chemicals that make their way into the water supply from industrial farming. (Some of the gravest pollutants enter the water supply from intensively farmed livestock.)

But, sadly, there are far too many toxic substances in our water supply to mention here. And, the focus on Fluoride is particularly important, so I don’t want the point to be lost amid a welter of other information.

Environmental Pollutants

For other dangerous elements in our drinking water, read articles like Optimal Toxicity On Planet Earth, so you can take the idea of filtering all of your water very seriously.

Other important articles include:

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Fluoride Exposure

The chances of over-exposure to Fluoride is great because because of the residual Fluoride in water, and because most of the toothpaste sold in the UK also contains Fluoride.

Tamarind will detox the Liver, which is the first organ to cleanse after healing the gut, if you are serious about detoxing heavy metals from your system.

Detox Drink Tamarind

Make a warm or cold drink using Tamarind paste, which you will get from your independent health food shop.

***Make sure the only ingredient is Tamarind to avoid bulking and thickening agents. Suma do a pure Tamarind paste.

Add a heap teaspoon of Tamarind paste to a cup or glass. Add warm water.

***Hot water can be used if preferred, but it’s important your water is nowhere near close to boiling.

Boiling water will destroy the healing properties of your Tamarind paste, thereby defeating the object of making the Tamarind Drink in the first place.

Sip gently over the process of a few minutes until finished.

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